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Alternative Miniatures for Bloodbowl

Many independant retailers have minis suitable for use in Bloodbowl (but if you intend to go to an official tournament, most of them insist that you use GW figures!)

Shadowforge - based in Australia, specialises in female figures, and is famed for both it's Nun and Bunny Girl teams.

Heresy - based in England, featuring the 'Deathball' range of figures, which includes a head coach model, Boris, the signature character of the company in both player and referee guises, multi-part Ogres and a Minotaur. The range also features plenty of other figures with great conversion possibilities. Note that many of the figures require assembly, so are best suited to experienced modellers.

(link not responding) Goblin Forge - based in France, currently a very small range, but the depiction of an Orc thrower, female Ogre, Elf wide receiver and a couple of Goblins are top drawer. The Workshop section has greens of some fantastic forthcoming evil Dwarf and Dwarf Centaur miniatures.

Comixininos.com - based in Spain, apparently now has the Goblin Forge figures, and apparently carry figures from several other manufacturers. It appears they have complete team sets for every official team and then some, and they ship world-wide.

Impact! Miniatures - based in both the UK and USA, Impact! take a co-op approach to making miniatures, by paying individual sculptors for their work and selling the castings. They have a Snow Troll, Wizard, Deadlings, Imps (similar to Snotlings) and Reptiliads, a Dark Elf Runner, Egyptian mythos models, Big Guys and teams made in resin to reduce costs, all designed for Fantasy Football.

Phil's Phigs (now sold by Impact! Miniatures) - featured a very good Valkyries team, amongst others, and produced multi-part Human models not long before ceasing operations.

Iron Golems - based in Spain, currently offering a Dwarf, Dark Elf, and Human team, and some interesting box stadium/terrain. (A Wood Elf team should be released in 2017.)

Neomic Miniatures (Italy) - some alternate Human and Orc fantasy football miniatures; the Orcs are especially good.

Roll Jordan (Royal Art Games) - based in Italy, features a wide variety of miniatures for sale. Offered teams include: Horned Frogs, Necro, Norse, Silvania (female wood elf), Tengu (Japanese themed skaven/goblin/ogre), Volamrian (chaos dwarf).

Willys Miniatures - some very high quality fantasy football models including Star Players replacements.

Apocalypse Miniatures - a new manufacturer hoping to produce Stunty Leeg teams. Their first team is a Goblin team.

Black Scorpion (UK) High quality resin teams of several of the major races for very low prices.

Talk Fantasy Football thread (login required) - Formerly known as Talk Blood Bowl, the longest running fantasy football forum has a list of alternative models.

Fantasy Football on Wikipedia - Describes the genre to which Blood Bowl belongs, and lists a number of miniature companies that make Fantasy Football figures.

(Links current as of 4th Sept 2014) Links added by DaemonicLazoth and Colin

Last update: July 18, 2017