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Approval Problems

"Oi, my new team hasn't been approved yet, or it got rejected!"

Teams are not automatically approved, they have to be approved by one of the approver (there is a list of approvers). DO NOT join #fumbbladmin asking for team approval. It is acceptable, however, to join #approval and send the link for the teampage to hurry things a bit up. Please be patient - shouting or abusing the approvers in #approval will not get your team approved any quicker. The approvers are still humans and may be busy with other things, maybe playing a match on Fumbbl

If your team has been rejected, it is most likely because the names of the team or the players were unacceptable. There are several reasons that teams are not approved:

Player names too similar to each other

You may not just name your players the same name with a number after each one (Lineman 1, Lineman 2...), or give two or more players the same name with one character changed on each one (jordell, jordeln, jordelk). Change the names to be more distinctive, and resubmit it, and you should get an approval. NOTE: This rule is not waived for teams created for 4-on-4 tournaments and the like - you still have to make all the player names distinctive.

Invalid characters in team name

The name of your team is allowed to have special characters, like letters with accents (â, é, ö, û and others), but they must not be in the first four characters in the team name. The first four characters may ONLY be alphanumeric (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscores (_) or spaces. The reason for this is that it causes problems when you are trying to load a saved game. Thus, you could call your team Raving Löönies, but not Lööny Ravens.

Unacceptable team theme or names

The rules of FUMBBL (to which you agreed when signing up) state: "Offensive language - including but not limited to racism, sexual harrassment and religious persecution - is not allowed in any form." Thus we will not allow any team names which include racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-religion, or any other offensive content. No, it is not "funny" to name your Wood Elf team after gay people, or name a player Adolf Hitler. These teams will not be approved.

Please read the PM you recieved, when your team was disallowed. Most time, the reasone for disallowance will be given in this PM. Please ensure that a link to your team is icluded, if you PM the approval monkey in question. There are currently 55550 active teams in FUMBBL and more cropping up every minute. We approve a lot of teams. Odds are that the person whom you reply to won't remember the exact problem with your team and may need some... assistance.

Last update: May 11, 2005