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BowlBot is, as the name suggests, a bot. BowlBot is not a real person. It is a program that is connected to the chat to announce game results and help with various tasks. BowlBot's function is to give you information on the chat channel.

Type: bb <command>

or: /msg bowlbot <command>

to execute that command. The difference between these two are that the latter will generate less "useless" information on the channel.


  • help [command] = same as what you see here but with more detail
  • d6 = roll a 6 sided die
  • ip = look-up your IP
  • last [coach name] = How long ago did the coach load a page on the site?
  • teams [coach] = Shows a list of teams belonging to the specified coach (or yourself). This will only show the list to you.
  • time = Server time (CET or CEST depending on daylight savings)
  • (tourney) teams - Shows remaining teams by race in a certain tourney that is running, e.g. bb ui teams shows teams remaining in Ulthuan Invitational

Last update: March 9, 2013