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Chaos team lineups

LRB4 Starting Rosters

Variation 1

  • 11 Beastmen
  • 4 Re-Rolls
  • 6 Fan Factor

This gives you the greatest number of RR's early on, since they are very expensive to purchase later. Also, given you have atleast 3 other 100K players to get even if you start with the 1CW, 10B line, you will still be ages away from getting the 4th RR. The reason for wanting the 4th RR over a CW in the starting line is simple, you have no Sure Hands and no Block. Quite simply, Khaos burn though RR's quickly. Starting with all Beastmen allows for more even development of all the Beastmen, and should mean by the time you can afford the first CW that you can get him upfield and Hand-Off twice to him in his first game to get him his first skill. In early games, the 4th RR will allow a lot more than a single ST4 player when Blocking, you Blitz the same with everyone when going for the ball carrier anyway.


Variation 2

  • 1 Chaos Warrior (100)
  • 10 Beastmen (600)
  • 3 Reroll (210)
  • 9 FF (90)

You need 3 rerolls to start because you have no ag4, or sure hand players. You *WILL* blow ball (pick up, hand off, pass) related rolls and turn the ball over without rerolls. Also, not having block to start with will increase your odds of a turnover. With no block skill

At 1D, turnover chance 33% At 2D, turnover chance 11%

The high FF will give you more income, and help you win critical kick off table results.

As a relatively bashy team, you only need 11 players, and you don't *need* a Big Guy to start with. This roster will play well in the long term, but expect to lose some early games.

For a team with better short term prospects, trade a Beastmen and 4 FF for another Chaos Warrior.


Variation 3

  • 1 Troll (100)
  • 10 Beastmen (600)
  • 3 Reroll (210)
  • 9 FF (90)

Reason: Better get the BG at the start so that they will develop. The troll is the best BG there is IMO. A starting team with FF5 is just moronic.


Variation 4

  • 3 Chaos Warriors
  • 8 Beastmen
  • 2 Reroll
  • 8 FF

Reasoning: Well, it's worked out well for me. Yes, you might burn those two rerolls a bit in the early going, but you can't have everything. Hopefully, you only need to pick it up once per half, anyway, then get in a cage, which conceivably could have three ST 4 players involved. You'll be giving a beastman sure hands (or getting +ag) soon enough anyway.

Bear in mind that having Warriors around will save you rerolls - an all-Beastman team could easily get man-marked, 1-to-1 by e.g. Skaven or Dark Elves - the options then are either a one dice block without Block skill (1/3 chance of failure) or a dodge (also 1/3 chance of failure). Having some Warriors means you at least have a two-dice block to start your turn, which can more easily set off a chain of more favourable two-dice blocks. Be prepared for these to fail (1/9 chance of failure without Block), and don't waste your rerolls on them unless they really matter. Absolutely do the important stuff first with this line-up (especially while you still have rerolls).


Variation 5

  • 11 Beastmen
  • 3 Re-Rolls
  • 8 Fan Factor
  • Apothecary

This option is very similar to Option 1 but it gives you an edge: basically you play an 11 linos team, with the chance to get a ST4 blitz once per turn. The Apo will allow you to cancel the first injury, keeping your player on the field and giving you bigger chances to play aggressively without fear, and it *will* help you win games early on (which is crucial... you don't want your FF to drop to three, cause you have four 100k positionals to buy!). With an Apo from match one you can develop your team more easily, because you will suffer much less damage. FF8 is high enough to ensure a good cash flow, and still you have three rerolls that will be enough for a while.


Variation 6

  • 3 Chaos Warriors
  • 8 Beastmen
  • 3 Reroll
  • 1 FF

This is a good option if you want to a) minimize the risk of having to restart the team before it gets anywhere, b) win many of the first 10 matches. The drawbacks are a) that the team won't get to those sky high TR ranges, at least not for a long time, and b) that some coaches may avoid playing low FF teams (particularly so if you go the killer route).

Chaos teams are very vulnerable in the start. In an open league like Ranked this is less of a problem as you can always restart a team, but in a fixed schedule league for example this may be important. The ST4 players and RRs are still barely enough to win against other races, but they give you a better chance of getting through the lowest TR range without player injuries.

The extra income from a FF of 8 wouldn't be enough to buy you a 3rd reroll until game 12 or so, and during that time your team will perform worse, possibly costing you even more in injuries, lost matches and SPP:s. By the time high FF has paid back it's costs, any team will be quite safe from the risk of involuntary retirement anyway. --MickeX


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Last update: January 30, 2011