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Configuring JavaBBowl

After this section, your JavaBBowl client will be properly configured to work under FUMBBL. If your already have your client configured, you can safely skip this section and mode on to the next section, Setting up the chat

If you haven't already, start the client. You should be presented with a dialog looking much like the following:

Clicking on the Options button will take you to the this dialog:

In this dialog, make sure that the Game Options section matches the one in the image (Weather and Kickoff Table enabled and the rest disabled).

In this dialog, choose LRB2004 from the LRB Options dropdown (marked 1 in the image). Next enable the "LRB OFAB" option (marked 2) and finally enable the FUMBBL Login Option (marked 3).

There are a number of User Options which you may set to your liking. The major ones are as follows:

  • Sound - Enables the sounds in the client
  • Allow Spectators - Allows others to spectate your games. Normally you want this enabled.
  • Show Weather on Pitch - Enables different pitches on the field depending on the weather.
  • Use Nick Kelsh's Icons - Displays the players as small icons on the field. If this is disabled, it displays players as circles and letters.
  • Use Context Cursors - Makes the mouse pointer change depending on the action you are making.
  • Notify Turn Limit - Sends a message in chat when the time limit (default = 4 minutes, can be changed in the "Options.nfo" file) has been reached. Not entirely accurate, since it includes set up time at kickoffs and waiting for opponents to choose sidestep squares, etc... but if you consistently see this popping up, you're playing slowly.
  • Verbose Dice Sync - Puts messages in the chat window whenever your opponent rolls dice. No loaded dice here! Note that the client checks these rolls anyway, the "verbose" part just means that it sends a message in chat. If you leave this unchecked, it does not mean that people can cheat.
  • Small Field Option - If your monitor resolution is too small to see the whole window (for some people, the box where you input chat is off the bottom of the screen), then you're better off using this option. It will not take effect until the next time you start the client, but the window will be laid out differently and with a smaller field to optimize screen real estate. If you try this and don't get any field showing at all, right-click anywhere off of the field to get the options menu and select a new pitch image. Not all the pitches have small versions, so you may need to try a few of them.
  • Download Opp Pics - If your opponent has custom images for his players, then checking this allows the client to view them when mousing over or selecting a player.
  • Draw Team Logos - If checked, the client will look at the roster for a custom team logo. If it doesn't find one, it will look in pics/logos/ to find a default logo for that race. The client will then display each logo on the appropriate side of the field during play. Pertty.

Further information on the options can be found in the README file in your JavaBBowl directory.

Advanced topics

Proxy settings

If you are behind a web proxy you will need to configure the client to use that proxy so that rosters can be downloaded. If you do not have a proxy setup, you can skip this section.

You will need to edit the "options.nfo" file in the JavaBBowl folder using a text editor such as notepad. Add these four lines at the bottom of the file:

webproxyhost=<web proxy user host>
webproxyport=<web proxy port>
webproxyuser=<web proxy user name>
webproxypassword=<web proxy user password>

If your web proxy does not require authentication, you may leave off the last two lines. Most proxies do not need them.

If you do not have your proxy settings, you may be able to get them by checking Internet Explorer. To do so:

Open Internet Explorer
Click Tools, then Internet Options.
Click the Connection Tab at the top, then click the Lan Settings button on the bottom of that page.
Near the bottom of that page you should see the address and port of the proxy. Add these to your options.nfo file as described above, using the address for the webproxyhost, and the port for webproxyport.

If you do not see anything in that section, but instead have "Use automatic configuration script" checked, things are a little more tricky. In this case, copy the address listed under that check box and close the options window. Paste the address into the Address bar and press enter. It should allow you to download the automatic configuration script, and if you read through it, you should be able to find the proxy information.

If neither of these methods works to get your proxy information, you will need to contact your network administrator to get it.

When you are happy with the options, you can continue with setting up the chat.

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Last update: October 6, 2008