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Hey, this guy just dropped out of our game suspiciously! I want to finish it!

This is not a common problem on FUMBBL but sometimes a coach may have a real life emergency or just a poor internet connection or in extremely rare circumstance may rage quit because you killed their star blitzer.

Try to contact your opponent

There is a flowchart for all this if you prefer.

Send PM via fumbbl site to your opponent (by visiting his coach page at http://fumbbl.com/~Opponent where Opponent is the name of the coach you were playing and clicking on the Send PM link under his coach name). If you are using Discord, try also to look in the FUMBBL chat, try to contact them via PM or @ them (they usually have same coach name there as they do on the site). If your opponent got disconnected, wait for 15 minutes to see if he or she reconnects. (If they are one of the few that do not use the Discord wait 15mins to see if they reconnect to the game). According to the FUMBBL rules, you now have a choice.

  • 1. You may choose to abandon the game, in which case you send the opposing coach a PM stating your decision. You then must submit a support ticket or visit #help if you use discord, to alert the staff of the disconnection and your wish to have your team unscheduled. You will be unable to use your team until it has been unscheduled (normally done fast, but time will vary depending on staff availability).
  • 2.1 You may want to finish it, you may not play another game with that team. First you must send your opponent a PM asking to continue the game - include what times you will be available.
  • 2.2b You and your opponent have 2 more days to sort out when finish the game. If you can't sort a time, submit a support ticket and the game will be decided. This is a last case resort and it is preferable to have a game finished normally as opposed to staff intervention.

Please remain civil during all of these communications. You can not prove that your opponent disconnected deliberately, unless he told you so to your face - but even then, insulting him will only get you in trouble. Just follow the procedure and don't get personal.


The Fantasy Football client automatically saves your games for easy reloads. To reload simply rejoin the client (or remain in if the disconnection period is short) and the game will continue where left off.

Last update: November 18, 2023