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A list of ELF coaches for EMU to mangle


Dear EMU coaches (for lack of a better word).

As cute as the concept of killing elves is... things need to be shaken up a bit. Afterall, as far as mangling unions go you are considered the "JV" squad.

So here comes the fun part. Pink Slips are coming back. Thats right... you wanna get your kicks out of elves, fine. Condition is, you got to win.

More information will be forthcoming.

Blood on the Pitch,


Afro - Not Easy

Alfie - Ouch That Hurts, Posh N Pointy

annachie - Gods of Midkemia

Arcon - Nightmares Refection, Stinging Cherries, Underdark Nightmares

babelfilm - Mirkwood Beavers, Valinor Rams

BlackNWhiteDog - British Beauties, Wonderful Whiteisle Wockers ("I ain't scared of no EMU")

Borgen - Beauty and Grace, Cloak and Dagger

BSKiwi - Capital Punishment Methods, Fairy Hercynia, Muenchener Senioren Convent

Canales - Champions of Nature

Chumbawamba - Men of Sherwood

cmac - Elwing Evenstar's Cousins

Composer99 - Warriors of Gaia

Daelan - Balrog Eaters, Black Suicides, Dragon Killers, Luthien Defenders

Da_Todfatha - Arboreal Argonauts

El_Jairo - Dark Wood Rockers

enrikeitor - Bloody Shadows, Dark Wood Killers

eyeslikethunders - Epping Forest Gaurdians, Wood of Woe Reds

Gatts - For the Grace of Wood D.M.U.

gildor_inglorion - Philosophers Rocking Chair, Tor Anroc Talons

Grudgebringer! - Beaten to Bitterness

Grystor - Svantavi Surats

Henry4th - Happy Happy Treehuggers

Idolen - Idolen's Woodies, Tanelorn Crusaders

Jaim - Shadow Adepts

Jakob_olsen - Nice Little Trees

jimjo - Hangovers ELF

Kahvie - Game of Thrones

kfoged - Hunted by Destiny

Laserwolf - Gruner Wald, Shadow Guards, Tropical Depression

lemf - woodland fawns

LoxleyAndy? - Leamington Leapords

Ludovicous - Hermes' Heralds

Manbush - Stony Man Doctrine

MightyQuinn? - Dark Crag Executioners, Eataine Ithiltaens, Marienburg Sea Elves, Pine Crags Waywatchers

Mnemon - A Dark Time, Even Silence Speaks, Microchoir

monkeygoose - Camelot Nights, Subtle Glory

Mr_Foulscumm - Cursed Compass Corsairs, Fernwood Four Leafs, Hawkheim Harlequins

Mr_Launcher - Cothique Cougars, Forest Fools

Mundungu - Sims, Super Strike Squad

Nicodemus1 - KB, Kjoebenhavns Boldklub, Oak Blasters, Slik-Butikken

nin - Endecha

Pigstar-69 - forest mischeif

Pilgrimfalcon - Cherries to pick, Star Observers

pizzamogul - Pro Elf and I Vote!, To Heir is Elven

Plorg - Plorg's Elves

Purplegoo - Soul Caliburs

Redhawk - Broken Lance, Moon Gladiators, Sun Adorers, Yellow Plague

Redman - NYC Giants

Rijssiej - Home Brew, startrek.nl

Rufus_09 - Har Graneth Harrowers

screech - Mothers of Invention!

shadow46x2 - Deviant Beauty, Lamers R Us, Memorium

Shinan - Qvickfote Ballpassers

Sox - Blasphemous Vortex

steinerp - MSU Spartans, Replacements II, Spartan Sabre

Synn - Temple Of Jericho

tadgoraucymru - Cardiff Knights Out, Fforestcyfrinachol, L-Plates

ThePimpImp? - Random Lords

Timppa81 - Eataine Sea Guard

Tophat - Glory Daze

Topper - Arwen Wildcats, Evading Death

turso - Kawai Karmageddon

twells - Galadriel's Gladiators

Walks_in_the_Sun - Birch Bombers, Cedar Glade Seven, Sylvan Sentinels

Warmduscher - Niggle Kings

Whitesun - Avelorn Blackhawks, Skarloc's Shadows

Wietse - Bloodflower

Zatoc - ELF Nights, Team Fredrick III

Zed - La petite Roque

That's 117 teams for you to crush! Gotta crush em all!

Last update: February 25, 2007