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Group Structure

First, you have to think about how many players you want in your group. If you have too few, the group can get stale. If you have too many, the group can get unwieldy. As a rough rule, between 16 and 32 seems to be average on fumbbl.com. The number of teams should be easily divisible by lots of numbers, so as to make league divisions and knock-out tournaments equal - i.e 16 teams makes four 4-team divisions or two 8-team divisions as well as a knock-out tourney with four rounds.

Next, you have to think of a theme for your group. Your group will not survive unless it has a distinctive identity. Here is a list of some concepts that have already been tried:

  • country-specific (Spain, Sweden, Australia, France, Finland, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark)
  • race-specific (elves, dwarves, humans, goblins, skaven)
  • division-specific (ranked, league, divx and stunty all have their own)
  • only evil races or good races
  • best of the best (Legends of FUMBBL)
  • all-lineman teams
  • "iron" Blood Bowl, with no rerolls and no apothecaries
  • experimental undead versus allied
  • recreation of modern-day NFL
  • randomly-assigned races to coaches who apply
  • coaches who have sub-150 ratings

Finally, you have to make a choice: whether you should participate by playing a team in your own group's tournaments. You may think it would be no problem, but sometimes in a long-term league you may have to take tough decisions and it may be better to be seen as impartial. Having your own team in a tourney where you kick a potential rival out for whatever reason may cause bad blood. Also, for some people it is more enjoyable to sit back and watch everyone else compete from above - at least you never lose that way!

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Last update: February 28, 2007