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FUMBBL IRC channels

It doesn't seem a very long time ago since FUMBBL was running one IRC channel, hosted on Christer's server along with everything else. Today, FUMBBL has mushroomed into a thriving community, with many sub-divisions; many of those now have their own IRC channels.

Once you're in #FUMBBL, to join another channel, simply type "/join #fumbblSunty" (or whatever channel you want to join, naturally) in the same place that you type. Depending upon what IRC client program you are using, this will either open in a new tab or window.

The channels are located on server irc.fumbbl.com, port 6667.

Official channels

#FUMBBL: The main channel, where most people congregate to find Ranked games and just chat.

#FumbblBlackbox: The Blackbox channel

#FumbblAdmin: The Administrator channel; got a genuine problem? Contact the site admins here.

#FumbblAcademy: The channel used by the Academy division

#FumbblLeague: The League channel and the place to find one-off League games

#FumbblStunty:The channel to find Stunty Leeg matches

#Approval: The team approval channel

#FumbblMajors: The channel dedicated to the currently running Official FUMBBL Tournament.

#FumbblMinors?: The Fumbblsmack channel - Instant, 8 coach, ranked tournament

#GLNR: The channel for everyone's favourite Blood Bowl journal, the Grotty Little Newspaper

#Fumbbluserguide: The User Guide channel

Common commands

Once you're in the IRC channels, these are the commands you'll need to find and coordinate games:

bbtime: displays the time at Blood Bowl International Headquarters. Useful for coordinating international games a zillion time zones apart.

bblast (x): shows the last time a player was logged in. "bblast BadMrMojo" will show you how long it has been since BadMrMojo was logged into FUMBBL.

!8ball: good for those crucial "should I play him or not" decisions

/nick: people often change their IRC screen names -- like "/nick Zy-Nox|AO" to say "I am Zy-Nox but I am currently playing Anarchy Online and have NO TIME FOR YOU"... but don't forget to change it back. If your IRC name is not the same as your FUMBBL login, lfg won't work.

Note: Bowl Bot commands only work in "official" channels like #FUMBBL and #FUMBBLBlackbox, not "weird" channels like #FUMBBL_Academy and #approval.

Regional channels

#fumbbl.ita:The channel for Italian speakers.

#Fumbbl.ger: The channel for German speakers.

#Fumbbl.dk: The channel for Danish speakers.

#Fumbbl.es: The channel for Spanish speakers.

#verikulho: The channel for Finnish speakers.

#Fumbbl.fr: The channel for French speakers.

#Fumbbl.nl: The channel for Dutch speakers.

League and tournament channels

#NBL: Official NBL (No-Block League) channel for seven distinct groups. Join now and chat about Blood Bowl sans Block skill!

#EMU: Official hangout of the old world famous Elf Mangling Union.

#Svenskaligan: The channel for the participants of the big Swedish league Svenska Ligan and the related Svenska Bondeligan.

#swl: Channel For the Southern Wastes League a group of Aussie/NZ coaches who play in a large tournament.

#FUMBBL_Academy:The FUMBBL Academy channel. Helping newbies to play against each other and find experienced coaches to teach them.

#bwb: The Boring Weekdays Bloodbath channel. This league is open to anyone and offers very fast Tournaments of 4 or 8 players. The concept is to play a little Tournament of 1-3 Games in a non-progressive fashion. Play any LRB Team at TR100, in the Unranked Division. We start a Tournament each time we have enough teams present. Join the channel to learn more

#1v1: The 1v1 Open League channel. Tired of long waiting between your turns or 1 hour matches? Looking for games which last 10 minutes? You are ready for 1vs1 matches. Join the channel for more infos and new opponents.

#4vs4IT: The 4 vs 4 Instant Tournament channel. An alternate roster system that uses four players instead of eleven, resulting in fast, fun and chaotic games. The matchers typically take less than half an hour, and players will gain skills (but injuries too!!!) at an accelerated rate. Luck can often turn the tide of a whole game! Not for those who are too serious or feint of heart!

#grudgeleague: The IRC channel of FUMBBL's biggest international league, Grudge League. All of the Grudge League tournament pairings are performed live on the channel before manually adding those matches into FUMBBL. The channel has got its own bot, Maibd, who has got some nifty features such as blocking with skills development, several league related commands and match reporting. The channel has got regular members as well as some who visit the channel only from time to time. All in all, #grudgeleague is a nice place for league members to hang around.

#nbbm: Channel for the Norwegian League and all norwegian speakers.

Last update: September 9, 2013