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Installing JavaBBowl

After this section, you will have the latest patch of the JavaBBowl client installed on your machine. If this is already done, you can safely skip this section and move on to configure the client.

Downloading the required files

JavaBBowl is available from a number of locations:

  • Be sure to get the latest full version (8.8a) and also the latest patch (8.9).
  • Locations removed to comply with GW IP policies

You want to download the latest Public Beta (Full Install) and the latest Public Beta Patch. The full install file is named something like "FULL DOWNLOAD PUBLIC BETA 8.8a" and the patch files are named "PATCH DOWNLOAD PUBLIC BETA 8.9". A Google search is required.


The same client will work under all operating systems (as it is Java based).


Use your favourite archiver (WinZip, PowerArchiver, FreeZip) and extract the contents of the full install archive to some suitable place on your system. Then extract the files in the patch archive to the same location. Tell it to overwrite all files when it asks.


Most distributions provide an unzip utility, but if you don't have one you can check out Info-zip. Extract the contents of the full install archive to some suitable place. Then extract the contents of the patch to the same location, telling it to overwrite all files. Make sure you are using the Sun Java compiler rather than the open source one, as there are known bugs introduced by openJDK.

To hide the bottom pane obscuring part of the window in some configurations see this howto.


Download the latest Full version and unzip it (Stuffit Expander should already be pre-installed). You can put the folder wherever you like. Then download the latest patch. Either unzip the patch into the Full version folder or follow the instructions for installing it manually. Note that the OS X-native application is preferable, as it's generally a bit more stable.

Testing Windows

Open your JavaBBowl folder in an explorer window. Double-click on the Bbowl.jar file and JavaBBowl should launch. Note that windows sometimes is configured to hide the file extension, making another file (Bbowl.bat) look the same. This .bat file is likely to not work properly on most systems so make sure you are running the .jar file.

If the .jar file will not open this may be because the file type is associated with a different program (WinZip or WinRAR for instance, since .jar is also a form of archive file). To solve this, go to My Computer, select Tools and click on Folder Options. Go to the File Types tab and browse down to JAR. Select it and click on Edit. Find "Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard edition binary" in the list of available programs or, lacking that, find java.exe and make JAR files open with that.


At a command prompt, navigate to your JavaBBowl folder. From there, run "java -jar Bbowl.jar". Note that the command is case sensitive. If your system does not recognize the java command, you need to either type out the full path to the java executable or add it to your PATH environment variable. Instructions on how to do this can be found on your distribution's website.


Find the folder you just unzipped and open it up. Double-click on the file called "bbowl.jar" (or "javabbowl_x_y" if you're using the native mac version - the .app part is hidden).

When the JavaBBowl client has loaded, you will see an options dialog. Now you are ready to configure the client for FUMBBL.

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Last update: March 16, 2014