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Ircle Setup Instructions

The first thing you need to do upon installing Ircle is make sure you have the appropriate windows arranged as you like it upon your screen. All you really need (from the Window menu) is:

  • users
  • connections

There is also a window titled "Inputline" which is where you do your typing, obviously.

- To set up the right server, select the first connection in the "Connections" window and click on the "Edit" button below. This will give you a "Connection preferences" window with 3 tabs. The first tab is "Identity".

1. Select your server. There is a long list, but you can ignore that and put it in yourself. Click on "Add" and set the options to the following:

  • Server: irc.fumbbl.com:
  • Port: 6667
  • Network: •standalone_servers

Then click on OK.

2. Enter your Nickname (your FUMBBL Username) for chat. This is what comes up by default.

3. Do the same for Username. Add your FUMBBL password to the appropriate field.

4. Real Name is optional.

5. The only checkbox that should be checked is "Auto connect to server". This way, whenever you open Ircle you'll connect to the network (but not #FUMBBL yet... we'll get that in a moment).

6. Click on the "autoexec" tab and enter the following line.

/join #FUMBBL

Now when you start Ircle, you'll automatically connect to the server and join FUMBBL chat.[1]

[1] if you want to authorize, then read the page on IrcRegistration and add the line to your autoexec after your "/join" line.

Last update: December 3, 2004