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How To Join A League

This help page will explain how to join a Group or League and will also help you decide which league is the best for your time zone.

To join a group click on the Game drop down menu then click on Groups or click here. This will show you the full list of public groups on Fumbbl.

There is a small description for all the Leagues. To find out more about any of the leagues or tournaments on the Groups page click on the league name to go to that group's homepage. If you find a league you are interested in joining then you can contact a group administrator with any questions you have and to show you are interested in joining.

Disclaimer: The list below may not be complete or up to date.


  • 145 Club - A group for new coaches still learning the game. More experienced coaches can still join with a Stunty team.
  • A.P.E. - Each coach plays Simyins teams against other teams, and vice versa.
  • CFFL - Canadian League
  • DFFL - Major German League
  • DIBBL - Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg. New Zealand time zone league
  • DLE - Draft League Europe with 32 teams NFL style
  • Europa League - European Time Zone, short seasons with playoffs
  • HUBBA - European time zone, all races represented once.
  • HUBBA HUBBA - European time zone, all races represented once.
  • NBFL - NFL based with all 32 franchises represented once. Draft system in place for recruiting skilled players. Time Zone: EST
  • NCBB - NCAA themed league that also provides draft picks for NBFL. Time Zone: EST
  • NWL - North American Major League
  • NWFL - America timezones (North & South)
  • OBBA - European time zone, 2-tiered
  • OWCC - Old World Challenge Cup; European time zone, short (5-week) seasons + post-season.
  • Rush and Pass - League without bashing, fouling and stalling. Both casual games and scheduled seasons.
  • SWL - To join the SWL, you must be an Australian, a New Zealander or living in the broad GMT +7 to +12 timezones, Major League.
  • SWL Fringe - Aus/NZ (or sim) timezones

Unique Rules & Special Tournaments

  • Secret League Open - This Group is for open play and open leagues using Secret League teams.
  • SLUBBA - (Secret League United Blood Bowl Association) is a Standard Round Robin League, using CRP rules with Secret League teams and CRP teams.
  • ALL STARS WORLD SERIES - Teams can add two "STAR PLAYERS" to their regular rosters. APO's and BABES to all teams for FREE and many "House Rules" activated.
  • BB7s - currently only open play and a Scheduled SMACK (mini-tournament) from time to time; waiting for full implementation of client-options
  • CBBA - The CBBA is a group that uses a unique version of the Blood Bowl 7’s Ruleset in a Warhammer world college football setting.
  • GRIND - Grind is a very different, alternative rules, fluff centric league based in Tilea. Teams of 8 players compete with limited skill to settle old scores and make good on personal vendettas.
  • OLC - MMA/Boxing themed league. Open/Open round robin games, 4/8 team KO Eliminators, 8+ team KO Grands Prix, Heavyweight title 'fights'. And the Open League Cup. Open to existing teams.
  • CIBBL - (Cabalvision Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of CRP + SL teams and CRP+ rules.

Meta Groups

  • ARR Abandoned Races Race - meta group for the eight least played races in the Blackbox
Last update: January 9, 2018