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How To Join A League

This help page will explain how to join a Group or League and will also help you decide which league is the best for your time zone.

To join a group click on the Game drop down menu then click on Groups or click here. This will show you the full list of public groups on Fumbbl.

There is a small description for all the Leagues. To find out more about any of the leagues or tournaments on the Groups page click on the league name to go to that group's homepage. If you find a league you are interested in joining then you can contact a group administrator with any questions you have and to show you are interested in joining.

Disclaimer: The list below may not be complete or up to date. Updated with what is believed to be correct as of Aug 2018. Older leagues/groups which appear to be inactive have been moved to the League Archive.


 NAME  Last Active  Region  Description 
 145 Club  ACTIVE  ALL  A group for new coaches still learning the game. More experienced coaches can still join with a Stunty team. 
 3DB Highlander  Inactive May 2018  ALL  1 Team of each Race, tiered conferences. 
 Audi Bowl  ACTIVE  ALL   
 Badlands Survival League  ACTIVE  Americas  SWL style league for folks in the Americas 
 Baratsagos meszarszek  ACTIVE  Hungary  Hungarian League 
 CRBBL  ACTIVE  ALL  Bash heavy / Chaos themed teams. 
 DIBBL  ACTIVE  New Zealand  Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg. New Zealand time zone league 
 DLA  ACTIVE  East US/West Europe  Draft League Atlantic 
 DLE  ACTIVE  Europe  Draft League Europe with 32 teams NFL style 
 FBBL  ACTIVE  France  French league 
 HUBBA  ACTIVE  Europe  European time zone, all races represented once. 
 HUBBA HUBBA  ACTIVE  Europe  all races represented once. 
 IoMT  ACTIVE  ALL  Teams 'graduated' from the 145 Club or other leagues, but the coaches still want to learn MORE! 
 Jupiler & Budweiser Ligue  ACTIVE  France  French League 
 Liga Española  ACTIVE  Spain  Spanish League 
 NBFL  ACTIVE  EST  NFL based with all 32 franchises represented once. Draft system in place for recruiting skilled players. 
 NCBB  ACTIVE  EST  NCAA themed league that also provides draft picks for NBFL. 
 NWL  "Dead" Sept 2018  Americas  North American Major League 
 NWFL  Inactive Sept 2018  Americas  America timezones (North & South) 
 OBBA  ACTIVE  Europe  European time zone, 2-tiered 
 Svenska Ligan  Jan 2018  Sweden  Major Swedish League 
 SWL  ACTIVE  Australia/Asia  To join the SWL, you must be an Australian, a New Zealander or living in the broad GMT +7 to +12 timezones, Major League. 
 SWL Fringe  ACTIVE  Australia/Asia  Aus/Asia (or sim) timezones 
 TSC  ACTIVE  Scotland  Team Scotland Championship 
 WIL  ACTIVE  UK  UK time zone, Major League 
 WIL Fringe  Jun 2018  UK   

Unique Rules & Special Tournaments

 NAME  Last Active  Region  Description 
 Secret League Open  ACTIVE  ALL  This Group is for open play and open leagues using Secret League teams. 
 SLUBBA  Oct 2017  Europe+  (Secret League United Blood Bowl Association) is a Standard Round Robin League, using CRP rules with Secret League teams and CRP teams. 
 CBBA  ?    The CBBA is a group that uses a unique version of the Blood Bowl 7’s Ruleset in a Warhammer world college football setting. 
 CBFL  ACTIVE  Americas  A BB7s league with CFL-fluff (canadian football league) using any roster available on FUMBBL. 
 CIBBL  ACTIVE  Europe+  (Cabalvision Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of CRP + SL teams and CRP+ rules. Separate BIBBL league only open to CIBBL coaches. 
 SLA  ACTIVE  Americas  Secret League teams in the Americas 
 LSD  ACTIVE  French  Secret Leagues in French 

Meta Groups

Meta Groups track member teams match results and provide awards based on those results, or engage in silliness outside the matches.

 ARR  ACTIVE  Abandoned Races Race - meta group for the eight least played races in the Blackbox 
 E.L.F.  ACTIVE  Meta group for elves in Ranks, League, and Blackbox 
 FLCA  ACTIVE  FUMBBL League Community of the Americas! Meta Group to coordinate FUMBBL in the Americas 
 Human League Premiership  ACTIVE  Human Only Black Box Division 'Sprint' league 
 Borg Invasion  ACTIVE  Invade all the divisions collecting knowledge and assimilating players 
Last update: January 5, 2019