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Amazon Strategy


Though they are a lightly-armoured team, this is offset by all their players starting with Dodge. Amazons are best employed playing a fairly bashy, running game.


Amazons are one of the best rosters at TR 100 due to their cheap rerolls, cheap players and the ability to have the combination of Block + Dodge (known as "Blodge") on their first skill rolls (or, for some, Wrestle + Dodge (aka "Wrodge"), which is better on defense). Their Blitzers begin with Blodge and with access to Guard, and they quickly become a thorn in the side of most teams. Amazons are a particularly strong defensive team, as other teams struggle to break through their lines.


In a word, Tackle! Dwarfs in particular are the nemesis of Amazon teams, and you will notice that Amazons avoid this matchup at all costs. This is the main reason why Amazons are not quite so successful at higher ratings, as most opposition teams will have more Tackle players in their ranks.

Their other main weakness is the lack of pace. With a maximum of Ma 6, and only two catchers, Amazons rarely go for the lightning-fast two-turn touchdown, preferring to run the ball in over three or more turns.

Positionals and Skill choices

o Linewomen: They are bargain price for 50k, very strong candidate for the best value for price. You can decide whether you prefer Wrestle or Block - usually a mix of both is welcome. It is nice to have 3 Wrodge (Wrestle+Dodge) on the LOS (Line of Scrimmage), but it is better to have Block on ball carriers. Most amazon teams opt not to take thrower and catcher, in which case linewoman are the primary ball carriers. Those typically have block, and sure hands.

o Blitzers: Their price is a little high compared to the Linewoman, but their block skills are necessary. There are 2 basic ways to develop them: 1. Get Guard! 2. Get Mighty blow, then Piling on. (Then maybe Tackle, Frenzy, Pro...)

o Catchers: Some coaches do not play the passing game (or at least do not build towards it), but use their Catchers as defensive sweepers with Blodge/Wrodge plus Diving Tackle plus Side Step (or SS then DT, depending).

o Throwers: If you're not going to develop a serious Passing game, you may not want to bother. At Ag 3 unskilled Throwers are reliable only for Quick Passes. Sure Hands + Accurate makes them a decent player to field the ball initially and dump it out to your dedicated ball carriers. +Ag changes all that, of course.

Last update: June 24, 2013