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Chaos Pact Strategy


A new roster accepted by the game designers, but not GW. These guys look great on paper, with a mix of speed, agility and bash, but in practice are never quite good at any one of those things...


3 Big Guys! When the Big Guys are doing their job, they can really dominate the pitch. Next, the cheap Marauders are the unsung heroes of the team, with their decent stat line and large choice of skills, a Marauder with just one skill can fill any kind of roll required. Finally, access to a Skaven, Dark Elf and Goblin with possible mutations gives a Chaos Pact coach the ability to try out many of the different Blood Bowl tactics that more specialised teams can only dream of.


Expensive re-rolls, lack of starting skills, unreliable big guys and animosity mean that even the best laid plans can (and usually do) come astray at any time of the match...

In-game Tactics

Successfully using a Chaos Pact team is quite a tricky prospect. In general, the dice can turn against you at any moment, so you need to make sure your players are well positioned when they do. Some specific ideas include using a Marauder as the primary ball carrier (extra arms goes well here). That way when he hands off to anyone else you don't have Animosity to worry about. Next, make sure your Big Guys are making three dice blocks whenever possible. Taking Guard as the first skill on all your Big Guys and some of the Marauders will help them make three dice blocks. Don't be afraid to Blitz with the Minotaur. In fact, if you aren't going to Blitz with the Minotaur, don't bother hiring one, as he will be useless most of the time. Finally, PROTECT the Big Guys. Never leave them isolated. When kicking off, don't place them on the LOS. In fact, place them behind a screen of Marauders so that they can't even be Blitzed. You want them to be able to respond to the direction of play (you don't need to throw them into the fray on your first turn either), and the last thing you want is to lose one of them early in a drive.

Last update: April 13, 2013