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Chaos Strategy


Chaos teams are justly feared for their awesome ability to injure opposing players using mutations. They are less renowned for their ability to win games; many coaches on FUMBBL tend to get carried away with killer mutations, and forget they actually have to score when they receive, and defend when they kick-off. Chaos teams usually employ a bashy running style of play.


Developed Chaos teams are a frightening sight, full of mutations that either wound, foul-up passing play or prevent opposition catchers from scampering into the end-zone. In addition, every player has access to Strength skills as well as General, has Ag 3, the Chaos Warriors are strong yet can also score, and the beastmen can use their Horns to give them a Str 4 blitz almost anywhere on the pitch. Also, they have a big guy with access to mutations.

The sheer variety of possible skill combinations means that developing a Chaos team can be down to personal taste - many an argument has raged in IRC over Chaos skill choices.


Chaos are notoriously poor starters; this is due to the absence of any skills or positional players on the roster, combined with the expensive team rerolls. Early on, this can often result in Chaos teams getting severely beaten up by more heavily armoured teams, and outscored by faster, more skillful sides. Just getting most of the beastmen Block and one or two with Sure Hands can take many games.

New players should take particular note of these weaknesses. Do not start a Chaos team expecting to maim any opponents, let alone score, any time soon. Alot of other teams are better at bashing around a TV of 1000 , and it´s easy to get into a downward spiral with player injuries. If you are looking for brutal tactics, Orcs or Undead work a lot better for the inexperienced coach. Low TV Chaos are among the most unforgiving teams there are.

Last update: April 13, 2013