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Chaos Strategy


Chaos teams are justly feared for their awesome ability to injure opposing players using mutations. They are less renowned for their ability to win games; many coaches on FUMBBL tend to get carried away with killer mutations, and forget they actually have to score when they receive, and defend when they kick-off. Chaos teams usually employ a bashy running style of play.


  • Strong Chaos Blockers
  • Beastmen are excellent blitzers
  • Decent overall stats
  • Mutation access


  • No starting skills
  • No ball positionals
  • Slow to develop

Chaos Strategy

Chaos is a very bash orientated team. The Chaos Warriors start with an exceptional starting stat line and beastmen all have horns, giving them the ability to boost their strength during a blitz action. This provides the Chaos team an exceptional amount of strength on the pitch. They also come with the Minotaur, a Big Guy. One of the most notable features of a Chaos team is Mutations access, which can give them a variety of roles if specialized correctly.

Some important key points to know about Chaos:

  • It is important to conserve re-rolls at the start so position your players first before making any dice rolls if possible
  • Give as many players block ASAP
  • Always keep at least one beastman back field as a safety
  • Never pass unless it is a crisis situation

However the Chaos team takes time to develop. Let's look at some of the team positions.

Beastman Runner

Skill Choices: Block, Mighty Blow, Claw Ball Sacker: Wrestle, Tackle Ball Carrier: Sure Hands, Block, Two Heads, extra arms Doubles: Dodge, Leader

Beastmen start with the basic 6 3 3 8 statline. They have an overall decent statline but don't start with any skill but horns. This can be an issue at the start so it's important you conserve re-rolls during early turns of a drive. They essentially play multiple roles, ball carriers, blockers, blitzers, safeties and in desperate times, passers. However what makes beastmen great are their horns. Giving them strength 4 on a blitz, Beastmen are arguably among the best linebacks and safeties in the game. A single beastman can match even a stray bull centaur who has broken up field for a 1 dice blitz.

Furthermore, Beastmen can also crack open a cage, requiring at most 1 assist to pierce a cage corner to get through Str4. It is best to develop as many of them into blockers as fast as possible. For your first skill, sure hands is ideal to make ball carrying easier. The rest should get block as soon as possible.

Chaos Warriors

Skill Choices: Block, Mighty Blow, Claw Scrummer: Block, Stand Firm/Guard, Mighty Blow Doubles: Dodge

Chaos Warriors are easily one of the best blockers in the game. With a stat line of 5 4 3 9, they are both strong and reasonably fast and capable of dodging and handling the ball as most normal players. This allows them to be deceptively maneuverable and can sometimes save a drive if a hand off or pick up is necessary. Generally wherever the fighting is, the Chaos Warriors should be at the forefront of it.

Developing them all with block to increase safety and reliable blocking is essential.


Skill Choices: Claw, Juggernaut, Tentacles/Break Tackle Doubles: Dodge/Pro

The Minotaur is one of the most controversial positionals in the game. A lot of Coaches dislike taking a minotaur, while others swear by him. While the Minotaur suffers from Wild Animal, it also starts with Mighty Blow and Strength 5. 6 On a blitz. It adds muscle to the already exceptionally strong Chaos roster. With frenzy, it can also be used as an excellent crowd surfer during the early stages of a Chaos team.

It can be used as a sledgehammer to not only break open a cage, but to overwhelm it with pressure, allowing Chaos Warriors and beastmen to mark the carrier and flood the surrounding players with horns and spiked armour.

It is suggested when using the Minotaur you set up 3d blitzes, requiring one assist on Str3 pieces. Give it MVP as soon as you can so it can get the Claw/Mighty Blow combo which will result in your team causing catastrophic damage to opponents in short order. However, it is also important the Minotaur does not get isolated, so be sure to know that you are capable of following up any advance it makes following its frenzy.

Last update: December 28, 2020