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The Masters Chefs


Flings are by far the worst team in FFB. St2 is weaker than all but gobos, skinks and gutters. All of which have speed, but ohh did I mention MA 5, AV 6 and Stunty? That's right they are also the smushiest team out there.

The trees DO NOT MAKE UP FOR THIS. They are expensive road blocks that take root and fail to stand up after they get knocked over.


Your still here?! Hmmm... you seem to have the right kinda attitude to play Flings. Lets move on to why Flings are AWESOME


  • Dodge. Do not underestimate this skill on a starting player this means that an unskilled lineman needs to roll a pow to take you down on 2d that's 11/36 or about 1/3ish to keep things simple.
  • TTM. yes your trees can and should become launch pads for your flings this is great for 1 turn touch downs, better positions and the most fun MISSILE ATTACKS on cages. More on this later.
  • Price. 30,000 gold 30tv is actually a very good price for what you get. This means you should always be outnumbering your enemy at the beginning of the first and second half. (What happens in your drive is in nuffles hands.)
  • Master Chef. This is the best inducement in the game generally 100tv buys you 1 re roll but for flings it has the possibility of getting you 6 re rolls through the match and more importantly taking 6 away from your opponent.


There are a few basic tactics to drawing with flings (do not expect to win. Wins do come but they are more of a surprise than an expectation.)

PICK YOUR OPPONENT: Block is your enemy, Tackle is your enemy, DORFS are your enemy. High MA, high Ag are your enemy. All elfs that have AV 8 are your enemy. Norse and Zons are your enemy.

This is the order of how you should rank your opponents, from "easiest" to "hardest": Vamps, Pact, Chaos, Woodelves, Skaven, Nurgle, Kemri, Slan, Elf, Lizards. The rest are up to you. (See also this thread for slightly different opinions: https://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=23436&start=15 )

Look for teams full of skills that don't affect you. Claw springs to mind. +St is a surprising disadvantage for most at low TV matches. You get nearly 2 free flings for that +st skaven lineman who is still only going to 2d your flings.


Watch game finder and spot a team you want to play. Get into IRC and ask for a game give them a link to your team and explain that you will drop a fling or buy a cheerleader (Don't be a douche make sure you explain what you are doing. Most coaches understand you are the underdog and are ok with this.) Why do you do this to make sure you get the master chef: no more and no less. Try and have 15-16 players and a master chef and against a team with a shallow or no bench you are in with a good chance to draw (maybe even win)

  • TEAM MANAGEMENT: A 30TV fling is cheap a 50TV fling with sidestep is expensive. DROP HIM. You can have nearly 2 flings for that price that's twice as many tackle zones twice as many players to hurl at the opp and most important twice as many players to foul with.
  • TV MANAGEMENT (Part 2) You don't need a nuffle damn apothecary who are you going to use it on? A tree ? they have AV10 they aren't going anywhere. And if they do? So what? They are just expensive road blocks anyway. All that having an apo does is makes sure that 2 and a half extra skills (probably block/tackle) are going to be coming after each of your flings each and every turn for 16 turns.
  • TV MANAGEMENT (Part 3) 1 Cheerleader 1 Coach:THAT IS ALL. Flings win on denying re rolls but a +1 ontop of you insane fan factor (which will mean +1 or +2 Fame) should get you all the kick off free bee re rolls. Any extra TV spent this way will once again mean more block/tackle for your opponent.
  • FOULING: Foul constantly, foul without discretion, foul with no abandon. Foul if you're sure of a win, foul if you're only almost sure of a loss. (Obviously with prudence - I'm talking about at the end of a turn but have it in your mind as your setting up your players through the turn, think of it as your 2nd blitz, its an integral part of your turn and something that must be done.) When wouldn't I foul? Mmmm... if I was seriously outnumbered deep in the game and I'm 1 td up and need every player to cage the ballcarrier - that's about it.
  • TTM: At the end of your turn there's should be a fling next to both trees. This means that no matter where the action is at the start of your next turn you can toss a fling there and even if he doesn't land or take out the player he was aiming at he can still stand up and move 2 for a blitz, pickup, or foul.


Put 5 flings in the back field in a wide X shape with one in the middle make sure that at least 1 fling can reach every square. Place both trees on the LOS and set up your flings so the trees get 3d blocks or 2d blocks with multi block.

Cover the ball but don't pick it up, make your 3 d blocks. Pickup, cage, 2 d blocks, blitz, FOUL. On turn 2 move your players do not rely on dodge ag3 a good coach is aware it fails 1/9 which is far to often. Try to screen and don't be afraid to blitz with trees remember no loner so they can use your tasty re rolls without a care.

DO NOT TTM THE BALL CARRIER (unless you have to) 1 in 2 chance to fail on landing: assuming he gets in the air: assuming he's not landing in tackle zones.

Better to screen, cage and run the ball preferably with the trees as part of the cage.

THE ONE TURN TOUCH DOWN. (The client is still bugged so this is the safest way to play with the bugs. If they get sorted I will edit this.)

  • Place one tree on the line preferably not in tackle zones he will be 'The launch pad' place the other tree to 3 d block any players to remove tz from the launch pad. Place the fling you want to toss behind the launch pad. Arrange remaining flings around the pitch so that they are 5 squares away from the fling that will be tossed. If you have addition put a few in the center 7 squares away. This maximizes the chance that the ball will land inside the area where a fling can pick it up and HANDOFF to the fling next to the launchpad. DO NOT PASS to the fling. You only get 1 pass action and that is for throwing the fling. Now is time to do just that. Select the furthest point away remember he can scatter up to 3 but generally will end 1 or 2 squares from the planned point. Try to aim away from any players in the back field as landing in tz makes it very tough. Then make a break for the TD, don't worry about a line of players, with stunty and dodge your odds are still good to get through.

One last note on the one turn td this is a last ditch turn 8/16 attempt especially useful on turn 8 after you opponent has scored on there turn 8. Any other turn you will be safer caging screening and running the ball until you get +ag flings more on this later.


Any win that I have had is primarily due to 1 of 3 things.

  • 1) Outnumbering. Cheap disposable players means that you should be man marking non block/tackle players in the hope that they 1/9 and go down. You should be picking off 1 player with your blitz making sure he goes down and fouling the snot outta him. Tossing flings at cages in the hope he hits someone. Then at the end of the drive you have a deep bench and hopefully they don't. Suddenly you have extra players for assists and for creating tzs.
  • 2) Re-rolls denial. The chef helps but don’t rely on him to steal all the rr you gotta work the rest of them out of the team. Against bash make them dodge to drop that last re roll throw 2 d blocks uphill on ball carriers. Both down? Your fling died? Who cares? Now he has to pick that ball up and that’s a chance to waste a re roll. Against agility make them block without block there player is going down 1/9 on 2d blocks and your only going down by yourself 11/36. Lord knows elfs don’t like to go down they will burn that last re roll on a skull/bothdown roll and that’s when you attack. Turn overs will begin to pour if you give them the opportunity to fail. Man mark everyone, you have the numbers remember. GFI to cover the ball carrier with at least 2 flings its ok you have 1,000,000 re rolls. Work the maths, make them dodge 3+ instead of 2+ even with dodge 1/9 is FAR more likely than 1/36. Don’t relent dont act like your frail and most importantly:
  • 3) BE LUCKY I cant stress this enough, YOU WILL LOSE, av6 is too weak players run or are carried from the pitch in droves. The ref sometimes has hawk eyes and will pick up every foul. Try not to get disheartened, play every turn. You’ll be surprised what stunty and ttm can achieve its very rare that a loose ball cant be got too, 2tz no big deal with a re roll! Only 2 flings left against khemri in the rain they have the ball and its caged? 1 fling mark the cage the other go in for the 2d uphill blitz! I promise with a re roll that ball has a good chance of coming loose and the khemri are going to have a heck of a time picking it up. I know number 3 doesn’t make much sense but you will see what I mean after a few games.

Skill selection.

Halflings :

Normal rolls: yuck.

  • Side Step: I like 2 sidesteppers to go behind my trees this means that opponents have to blitz and put down this fling first 2 get 2 d blocks on the tree if they only have st3 players.
  • Diving Tackle: Don’t take just diving tackle you need sidestep first otherwise you just get blitzed off. Also a fling with 2 skills is expensive so if you go this root make sure you have some stars to win the game because these guys won’t. Also don’t rely on diving tackle Ag4 with dodge still get away 3/4 of the time and if he’s by himself it’s pretty easy to 3d a lone fling.
  • Jump Up: Can be useful under circumstances : the best being for ttm. A fling that is flung down pitch that fails there landing (assuming they don’t stun or worse) can jump up and make 5 ma which gives them a big range.
  • SureFeet?/Sprint: Moving flings to a reasonably reliable ma7 or ma8 actually makes them quite good little players but at 50/70tv quite expensive I would try and get 1 or 2 flings like this for ball retrieving and running for tds don’t worry about bloat they will die quickly.
  • Sneaky Git: Is an option but not a good one. Your fouls should be auto breaking armor so sg is of no use. You might like to keep one for late in the game where your not getting the gang fouls and just want to toss a 1 man foul at a player. Even then the skill costs nearly the same as an extra fling.
  • Catch. 1 catch player who stays benched and only used to be flung off the launch pad for One Turn Touch downs is not a bad idea. As you have to hand off the ball to him before he is thrown. The problem is you will constantly find yourself >11 men and will have to field him.

Basically once you have 2 sidestep/dt 2surefeet/sprint and 1 catch fling fire any fling that skills on a regular roll. And fire any of the above that roll an extra normal roll. Flings are cheap you have to keep them cheap no normal skill will make up for av6 stunty. All flings are expendable until they stat or DOUBLE.

Doubles This is what you live for. A fling that doubles becomes a useful fling. But no fling is special they must still be tossed and used to get a tz and dodged with. No fling can be nannyed and looked after. So on to doubles.

  • DirtyPlayer? : DP DP DP DP ohh sure block is great and strip ball is nice, forget it, you need 2 dps. With 2 dps you seriously increase the one thing that will win you games: outnumbering your opponent FOUL FOUL FOUL use two of three flings to take down an opponent and if you can choose where they fall look at that! You automatically have two or three assists for your foul.
  • Block: yeah Block is great and at 60tv not a very expensive player for blodge. Use them to Blitz and run to safety: use they to carry the ball. Don’t let them bloat. Block/Side Step is nice. 80TV Block/Side Step/Sure Feet/Jump Up is 120tv THAT’S 4 FLINGS trust me : fire him.
  • Wrestle: Surprisingly awesome. Use on offense dodge into a cage 1/9, make a 2d uphill only re roll skulls if you get a push you should be able to get some tz on him to mess his next turn up but actually good odds that he’s going down. Don’t use to ball carry. BTW wrestle second skill (if he doesn’t double) jump up. If he doubles then strip ball. Ohh 2 d uphill blocks with wrestle and strip ball is gloriously effective. 25/36 chance that ball is coming free that’s near enough 2/3 : before the rr.
  • Strip ball: Don’t underestimate this. You will be picking new teams, hopefully without Block/Sure Hands yet. Which means on a 1d Block the ball is coming free 5/6 of the time (yes don’t rr the both down there’s a chance hell mess the pickup up and plus your flings are in position to catch or at least mark the loose ball already aren’t they) even uphill 2d 25/36 chance the ball is free that’s good odds. Without block/wrestle he will die but that’s ok you didn’t want the bloat anyway did you?
  • Sure Hands: yeah sure why not I can see the appeal I wouldn’t go this way personally but has its advantages:. Make sure you pick teams with some strip ball so you get a free skill tv wise.
  • +MA/)AV: Don’t take AV; its expensive and AV 7 is not great, especially with stunty. +MA with Block or Surefeet or Sprint or possibly Jumpup, but not as a first skill on an unskilled fling. If it's double-5 use the double; if its 6/4 take the normal roll. And probably cut.
  • +AG: I cannot begin to tell you how important +Ag is! One fling with this skill can make the team! Picking up on 2+ is nice landing on 3+ is awesome BUT dodging:anywhere:into 1,000,000 tackle zones: on a 2+ with a re roll is AWESOME suddenly no ball is safe no player un reachable no td impossible. These become your stars. Don’t nanny them throw them dodge them use them, they are expensive, you have to get your moneys worth every game.
  • +ST? I'm not sold on +St yet, its expensive. 1 fling now costs the same as 3ish. If he has block? sure. Already +AG? definitely. I guess cage breaking becomes easier but then +ST is always a double and the double is cheaper and I have trouble seeing how +ST is better than the double listed above.

Trees :

Normal Rolls: yuck.

  • DO NOT TAKE GUARD. Yes I know blasphemy right WRONG your flings are going to be 2d/3d blocked regardless the only time guard is good is vs. st2. Once the trees have taken root guard becomes useless.
  • DO NOT TAKE PILLING ON. Ohh yeah Pile On /Mighty Blow awesome combo right sure except you need 4+ to stand up again: and a 2+ before that not to root. Although if your Trees have Jump Up then it can have its uses.
  • Grab. First normal skill for any tree should be grab this simply means that any rooted tree can still block 1 player without pushing him out of his tackle zone every turn. Also useful for making holes to let flings run through. TRUST ME: Grab. (Also negates Side Step which when coupled with Break Tackle and Stand Firm makes dodge into cage and surfing little sidestepping touchline hugging players awesome fun. 'Hey, I didn’t get to use sidestep and now my skink is dead? Ohh yeah grab negates sidestep)
  • Multi-Block. Trees rooted? What’s better than holding onto and beating on 1 player?: Holding onto and beating on 2 players! St6 couples with this well as you only need 1 extra tz to 2 d two st3 players. Just remember 2d blocks without block fail 1/9 times if your doing it twice with one player its closer to 1 in 4 but that’s ok, you go down and now your not rooted anymore HUZZAR.
  • BreakTackle?: On big guys is a disaster due to loner. However treemen don’t have loner and can use break tackle very nicely with st6 dodging into 2tz on 2+ and 3tz on a 3+(i.e. a standard cage) then you know with st6 your getting 2d blocks.
  • Jugernaught: If you went BT then Jugger as second skill: or grab.


  • Block. Big guys with block rock. Big guys with block and no loner and multiblock and grab are AMAZING. Still set up for 3 d but now your 2 d blocks with multi become more reliable.
  • Pro. Yes block is great can be used on offense and defense but lets face it once he’s rooted and all the opponents are out of his way he’s now just a VERY expensive road block. Well pro is useful for so many things: standing up for one, not taking root in the first place, re rolling pushes, throwing flings a plethora of options yes pro is a very good option.
  • Jump Up. If you play against big guys your trees will get knocked down. And getting up is a real pain in the roots. Jump up solves that. Word of warning DON’T try and block from the ground as you have to roll against agility to see if he makes the block: umm 6+ pls. Better to blitz:. For free.
  • Dodge. Maybe with block and break tackle. Expensive once they have rooted.

  • +MA/+AV you cant take +AV So what do I think of +MA

Its hard to say no to +MA but im going to try and convince you why you might want to rethink it. Yes you can get up without making a 4+ buuuuuut not if you take root first. If you take root your ma becomes 0 and that means 4+ to stand up again. Yes ma can be used in other situations couples great with bt etc but my advice if you rolled 5,5 take the double and go jump up if your so worried about standing up as jump up will ALWAYS get you standing. On a 4/6: go ahead fill your boots take the +MA ;)

  • +AG: hmmm very torn on this one really only useful for ttm when your in a few tz but then this happens quite a lot. And what is the other option GRAB? Hmm take the +AG.
  • +ST: more controversy coming. I would have to pass on it! Again +st is always a double and block is better for taking and receiving blocks. It doesn’t help with BT as 6 is the highest you can use for bt. And most importantly its expensive. Awesome? Yes but your not here for awesome you’re here for Wins right? Right!

Regardless just like the trees in your garden your Halfling trees need trimming too. Grab/Multi-Block or Grab/Break Tackle or Break Tackle/Juggernaut then they get fired. Unless they roll a double. If they roll a double they get one more skill and that’s it. You have to stay competitive and tieing up TV in players which wont win you matches is not competitive.

Rookie Mistakes.

There actually are quite a few fling coaches most of them play "for fun". I've seen 2/2/84 records and it makes my blood boil as I know they can be competitive with the right attitude. But who am I to define how you play. Here is a list of classic rookie mistakes that people get stuck with.

Not putting trees on LOS. This is probably to prevent injuries or to keep the tree free of TZ to more easily ttm. This is a mistake LOS is what trees are for don’t protect them, if they die great you can have a new one that’s not loaded down with silly skills.

Taking +stats on flings that are injured. I don’t like +stats on any flings really (apart from +ag) Huge waste of TV on a niggle or -AV that is only going to be on the pitch until a strong gust of wind blows him over. -St as well ? what is wrong with you? Talk to ogre players st1 is the pits! Don’t you have 30,000 gold for a new one?

Not having a bench/ not using the bench you have. Make sure you have enough players for 11 men for the next drive after this everyone is expendable for man marking and fouling.

OTTD on turn 1. Yes TTM is fun its also crazy dangerous landing in amongst the opponents player tz! Thank you for the free ball! That would have been real hard to get from inside a cage with 2 st6 players at the corners.

NOT TRIMMING 5/2/3/6 Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Side Step, Sure Feet, Jump Up, Catch, Sprint 130k : need I say more.

In Essence:

Flings can be competitive most of what I have said above people will disagree with as its not considered proper to fire healthy players, to search specifically for teams that your tailored to beat. But lets face it even with all the above this really only just pulls them up out of tear 3 maybe into 2, no where close to skaven or darkies. But flings are one of the teams that works the very best at a very low TV. A standard roster with a few doubles and an +ag could take on just about any team. Its your job to keep it there, or as close as possible. Just think when your taking that 6th sidestep skill, that is now 6 extra sets of block/tackle/MB coming my way and what have I gained to tackle it? Nothing. However by dropping the sidestep I could have 2 extra halfings.

You really want to hang out between 1000tv and 1100tv until you get a few awesome flings/trees then you can stray up as high as you like make sure to keep the re rolls adequate for your skills and keep a deep bench you cannot play with 11-12 players and win. Once you lose those stars its trimming time at low tv your cash and ff should be good so cash to replace players should be ample.


Just a quick list so you are aware not digging but better you see it here than run into it in game. Some discussion going on as to whether these are bugs but just telling you how the client handles things that may surprise you.

Take Root. Is rolled before standing up that means that if you take root fail to stand up you are still rooted and assuming you try and stand again next turn you will stay rooted until you are knocked down again.

Take Root: Also stops you blitzing from the floor even if you make the standup roll and the player is next to you.

Take Root Stops you from tossing a fling even when the fling is standing next to you if you choose to move first. It does not effect you if you just choose to throw the fling.

MA3 Trees do not automatically standup. If a MA3 tree takes root he still has to 4+ to stand.

A fling that is flung and hits any player standing/knockedover/stunned on the same team will auto end the turn.

Good luck with your flings.

And as always.

Have Funk! ... Jarvis_Pants

Last update: May 25, 2013