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High Elf lineups

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Starting Rosters

 High Elf Roster 
 Positional  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Normal  Double  Price 
   0-16  Linemen  6  3  4  8    GA  SP  70k 
   0-2  Throwers  6  3  4  8  Pass, Safe Throw  GAP  S  90k 
   0-4  Catchers  8  3  4  7  Catch  GA  SP  90k 
   0-2  Blitzers  7  3  4  8  Block  GA  SP  100k 
 Re-Rolls  50k (100k after team creation) 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Stars available for inducement 
 Star Player  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Price 
   Dolfar Longstride  7  3  4  7  Loner, Diving Catch, Hail Mary Pass, Kick, Kick-off Return, Pass Block  150k 
   Bo Gallant√©  8  3  4  7  Dodge, Loner, Side Step, Sprint, Sure Feet  160k 
   Asperon Thorn  6  3  4  8  Hail Mary Pass, Kick-Off Return, Loner, Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands  160k 
   Soaren Hightower  6  3  4  8  Loner, Fend, Kick-off Return, Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Strong Arm  180k 
   Eldril Sidewinder  8  3  4  7  Loner, Catch, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Nerves of Steel, Pass Block  200k 
   Prince Moranion  7  4  4  8  Loner, Block, Dauntless, Tackle, Wrestle  230k 
   Zara the Slayer  6  4  3  8  Loner, Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Jump Up, Stab, Stakes  270k 
   Lucien Swift  7  3  4  8  Loner, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow  390k 
   Valen Swift  7  3  5  7  Loner, Accurate, Sure Hands, Nerves of Steel, Pass, Safe Throw  Included with Lucien 
   Morg 'n' Thorg  6  6  3  10  Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate  430k 

Variation 1

  • 8 Linemen
  • 1 Thrower
  • 2 Blitzers
  • 3 Rerolls
  • Total 1000k

The Thrower makes any Ag 4 lineman a potential threat to catch the ball. Skill up the Blitzers and lineman (and Thrower) a little first so they can protect themselves and your AV 7 Catchers, who will skill up very quickly once they have some solid support on the rest of the team.


Variation 2

  • 8 Linemen
  • 1 Catchers
  • 2 Blitzers
  • 3 Rerolls
  • Total 1000k

For teams created for a mid-long life, starting without a Thrower helps linos getting the much needed early skills. A Catcher helps get out of tricky situations early on and for the spp-farming throws.


Variation 3: 4 Re-Rolls

  • 10 Linemen
  • 1 Blitzer
  • 4 Rerolls
  • Total 1000k

Elves tend to be expensive and the money saved on a starting roster for re-rolls can prove to be valuable later. With a decent amount of re-rolls, lineman linos aren't only reliable players, they are also able to handle a rather wide amount of opponents thanks to their high agility. Disregarding any passers and catchers and instead relying on re-rolls allows to have a very flexible passing and hand off game that can involve any player on the team. Positioning is crucial but thanks to the ok movement of 6 and the good ability to dodge not too much of a problem. If possible the 1 Blitzer should be included because the extra money doesn't hurt much and 1 single blocker on a rookie teams tends to be extremely valuable in odds if used correctly.


Variation 4 - 2 RR

  • 6 Linemen
  • 1 Thrower
  • 2 Catchers
  • 2 Blitzers
  • 2 Rerolls
  • Total 990k

Starting with a Thrower, 2 Catchers and both Blitzers means you start straight off with a team that plays the High Elf way, but only 2 RR leaves little room for mistakes or bad luck.

Instead of surviving and playing a running game with lots of linemen until the positionals are added later, having the catchers not only improves offense, but defense too, as opposition handling errors can be fully capitalized upon - lob the ball to a waiting catcher, and he's gone.

Jockmcrowdy approved and GT '08 Winning Roster


Last update: June 4, 2020