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Necromantic teams are an interesting mix of power and scoring potential. This team is pretty much a Bashy team vs High speed teams and a speed team vs other bashers; note that the Werewolves and Ghouls must be placed so your opponent can block/foul them as little as possible. If he does he can kill them with a bit of luck, which will put your team in a bit of trouble.


The primary strength of the Necromantic team is its powerful positional players allowing the team the choice of a speed based game or a power based game.


Ghouls don't have Regen and are quite expensive, so their death can put a big dent in the team's ability to play its next matches.


(by Wreckage) Necros have overall only six players who have ag3 and are fast enough to handle the ball properly. Therefore a lot of effort should be taken not to lose them. The zombies proove here to be an excellent addition to the team. Their low price and their relativly high endurance makes them excellent man markers and draws attention away from the more valuable players. If you play with flesh golems you will usually want to use them as man markers in key positions at the sides in addition to the zombies to reduce the opponents moving range to a maximum. Whether to use man marking should be decided by, among other tactical questions, your player count and whether or not you can afford to get a couple of zombies ko'd.


As with all teams you rather wanna play it slow most of the time. The zombies are too slow to make a quick run to the end zone and you will not want to have all your positionals flanking one cage because if your cage gets sourrounded you have no available positional to play the ball to. If you move your cage, move it at the speed of the zombies and take care that one of two flanks are coverd by one of the slow ones. The key players can be used to cover the flanks that are harder to reach. Keep in mind that three squares into the opponent half are already enough for werewolves to score. Ghouls need four squares. Use that to hold a scoring option open for yourself at any time it pleases you.


The zombies can create a lot of pressure and the positionals can be used to dive in and make blitz attempts on the ballcarrier. Be carefull not to burn your positionals due to man marking.

Last update: April 13, 2013