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Necromantic team lineups

LRB4 Starting Rosters

My Standard Necromantic Setup is detailed below. The team plays well mostly, however they have to play as a fast bashy team except against other strong bashers, in which case play like elves.

Variation 1

  • 2 Werewolfs
  • 2 Flesh Golems
  • 2 Wights
  • 5 Zombies
  • 2 RRs
  • 5 FF

The 2 RR's is essential with little block and no surehands on the team. My prefered option is to build either 2 ball handling wights and pass to the wolves, though you could get some ghouls (no regen AV7 not very good if blocked) and make them ball handlers. Not as Good now wights are reduced to 0-2


Variation 2

  • 2 Werewolfs
  • 2 Flesh Golems
  • 2 Ghouls
  • 5 Zombies
  • 2 RR's
  • 9 FF

Another good Design (has more FF) works well but is only worth while because you need Ghouls on a necromantic team as wights are down to 0-2 rather than 0-4


Variation 3

  • 1 Werewolf
  • 2 Flesh Golems
  • 2 Wights
  • 6 zombies
  • 3 RR's
  • 7 FF

Reasoning is that I'd rather start with as many slow developing players (zombies and golems) and as much regeneration as I could. PLUS a key 3 RR's of course



Variation 4

  • 1 Werewolf
  • 2 Flesh Golems
  • 1 Ghoul
  • 7 zombies
  • 4 RR's
  • 8 FF

I am of the opinion that 2 rerolls are not enough. 3 is better, but ideally you'd want to start with 4 rerolls, as they cost 140k once the team starts playing. Golems should be skilled early on, so you need to start with both of them. One wolf to blitz is hopefully sufficient. The ghoul could serve as a ball handler, although mostly the golems should go for the touchdowns, if possible.



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Last update: January 30, 2011