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Spectating games is simply watching other coaches play. It's a fantastic way to pass a little time or to see how other people play. A lot of great coaches are out there and watching them is a wonderful way to pick up a few tricks.

There are two ways to spectate games.

1) The easy way: click on the "spectate" link next to the match you want to watch on the Games? page. It won't work for everyone (depending upon how your system is set up) but for those lucky folks it just opens right up for you and you can watch the action unfold.

2) The Old Fashioned Way: I'll skip a "back in my day..." story here, but it's pretty easy to enter all the information manually. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Find a game you want to spectate on the Games page.
  2. Mouse over the "spectate" link. In the status bar of your browser it should show a link that looks something like one of the following:
  3. Open your JavaBBowl Client. When the dialogue window pops up, select "Spectate Game" on the top.
  4. In the "host" box, type the IP address (the string of numbers) from your the spectate link. In this case it's either or, depending upon which game you want to watch.
  5. In the "port" box, type in the port from the spectate link - either 8085 or 8081 in this case.
  6. If the link has a proxy (no proxy for the first example, proxy of "blah" for the second), check the "proxy" button and type it in the field beside it. If there is no proxy listed (the first example) then make sure the proxy button is unchecked.
  7. Hit "Spectate Game" and sit back and enjoy.

In spectaror mode you can use the following commands by simply typing it to the text window:

  1. /cheer
  2. /boo
  3. /hurt
Last update: June 20, 2007