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Wood Elves

Teams reviewed: Forest Fools, Willys and Don't get Mad - Get even


1st normal skill: Block
2nd normal skill: Side Step
3rd normal skill: Diving Tackle (or Shadowing)
4th normal skill: Tackle or Leap

1st doubles skill: Dauntless
2nd doubles skill: Guard

If +MA: Sprint, then Sure Feet, preferred as normal skills (after Block) (no Sprint if +MA twice)
If +AG: Leap, then Sure Hands, preferred as normal skills (after Block)
If +ST: Tackle preferred as normal skill (after Block, Side Step and Diving Tackle)


1st normal skill: Dodge or Block
2nd normal skill: Block or Dodge
3rd normal skill: Sidestep
4th normal skill: Tackle
Utility skills: Kick (first skill), Dirty Player†

1st doubles skill: Guard (or Mighty Blow)

If +AG: Leap on normal (after Dodge)

(† Only one of the teams surveyed took Dirty Player at all. They took it a lot.)


1st normal skill: Accurate (or Sure Hands)
Later normal skills: Safe Throw, Dodge, Sure Feet, Block, Sure Hands

1st doubles skill: Strong Arm


1st normal skill: Guard
2nd normal skill: Break Tackle
3rd normal skill: Multiple Block

1st doubles skill: Block

If Block: Multiple Block preferred as normal skill (after Guard)


1st normal skill: Strip Ball
2nd normal skill: Tackle (or Side Step)
3rd normal skill: Side Step (or Tackle)
4th normal skill: Shadowing

1st doubles skill: Mighty Blow
2nd doubles skill: Dauntless

If Mighty Blow: Tackle preferred as normal skill

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Last update: May 22, 2007