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Great replays of classic games. If you have some to add, just edit this page! Started by Shepherd on Jan. 5, 2005.

I'm especially interested in NEW TEAMS, as the point of this page is to show newbies some games with teams they'll actually be PLAYING as they learn BB. They won't learn much by watching a 300+ TR match where everyone has Guard and Frenzy. :-)

Amazons vs Chaos

New Addition, so I will stick it at the top for visibility. ;) This was the Amazon's fourth game, the chaos' sixth. The Amazons won, though someone tells me this is a rather unconventional way of achieving it.

Lizards vs Khermi

This is a classic game where the Khermi inflicted 12 CAS in 12 turns (on 32 blocks and 2 fouls). In particular the first 7 turns saw all 7 AV 9 lizards removed as CAS by Khermi blocking. The end result...a 4-2 win still for the lizards.

WOOD ELF vs Khemri

This game is classic example of Wood Elf agility overcoming the bash happy Khemri. The Wood Elf team was woefully out classed in their debut game against a Khemri team that had played 12 games. The Khemri were exactly 40 points higher in team strength. One more point, and the game would have been against the rules. The lesson to be learned here is always protect the ball. If you over commit to bashing, it only takes one or two players to ruin your offense. Note again, becuase it worth the second mention. Wood Elf Team Rating 100/98. Khemri Team Rating 147/138. Handicaps were palmed coin, and something else that wasn't very helpful. Enjoy the replay.


This Necro vs. Wood Elf game is great to watch, just to see an undermanned Woody team score against a woefully unprepared Necro team. The Necros, however, do some decent caging when they have the ball. Compare that to this game which is another Necro vs. Elf game (Dark this time) but with a MUCH better defensive setup on the Necro end of the field. (from Shepherd)


This game may not be a fun game for the High Elf player, but great caging action by the human team. If you'd like to see how it's done, watch this. (from Torsoboy)


This gameis an elfic game with lots of passes and interceptions and a bit of luck in the middle for a nice bloodbowl recipe, check it out! (it also features a great Turn Zero display of the power of the Blitz kickoff result)

Just to keep up that theme, here's another elfic game(from WCrusader)


Necromancers: Don't leave your wolves alone, they are the team's life! If you lose them, you lose the game... check this game outto see why. Also note a bad deployment on the High Elf side first turn: watch as the player with Frenzy sends an Elf right off the pitch. (from WCrusader)


Watch this game to see why chainpush is so important, and more important why you should try to avoid teams with guard getting to fight in a close group... (Freefragger)


Watch this game to see how elfs can beat teams stronger than themself, everything has a price though...(Freefragger)


Watch this Turn 8, second half. A one-turn TD from a MV7 blitzer thanks to Quick Snap and a TON of chainpush. Truly awesome!

But it can be even more elegant! Watch this. In turn 8 of the first half (the replay is somewhat broken and starts at turn6), smallman gets a one-turn-TD by a MA6 beastman and without Frenzy or Quick Snap. Can't get better than that! (by hardin0)

How to use a wizard effectivly

Watch thisreplay and look out for the fireball about 1/2 way through the second half allowing our plucky champion to score the 2nd TD. (inquisitorpustus)


Not every time when stuntys meet tacklers the stuntys get wiped out. Watch how the halflings beat the chaos dwarf team 4:0.(vanGorn)


When they try hard and Nuffle helps, then even strong dwarves can be shaved by the hairyfooted ones: In this F2 match it came true. (vanGorn)


This game starts on a ludicrous note and just gets weirder. The Khemri team's mummies must be wrapped in Charmin as the team scores 9 KOs without a single CAS. The game ends with most of the Khemri on the field struggling to score a single point versus the last 4 tenacious rats.


This is an example of how early luck in CAS can be exploited to guarantee out-numbering, and retiring of your opponents team. Also how fouls aren't needed and how cool flings are.(Macavity)


This is an example of what to do when things go REAL wrong... Never give up. Humans can play a dodgy game with some rerolls and a little luck. The Orcs started bashing real well and rolled two Blitz! results, but if you have the guts to tie every orc with a human and you don't fear being hit hard, you can pull out incredible wins. Just tie up orcs and let them bash you, while you use your dodging skills and your high movement rate to run around them in circles! (Janmattys)

CHAOS vs Elves

Chaos can win in cas but they weren't good ball at handling so i lost this match because i wanted to cas it's rare that elves play against chaos at high tr Next time i'll handle the ball and cas (rostern)


No newbie game, but an exciting one. Vampires clashing with dark elves in round 1 of the Warpstone Open. This game went back and forth and was dubbed "best game ever" by Janmattys. (xcver)

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