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Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 01, 2003 - 19:57 Reply with quote Back to top

Evo wanted a new thread for the results ... here it is Smile

1. Game:
Cortelll challenged my Shampoo Slurperssz:

Shampoo Slurperssz 0 - 1 Findlay Mutants

My star Skink (almost a one turner) died. For a long, detailed matchreport click here: http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=14268


Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 04, 2003 - 16:11 Reply with quote Back to top

Skullsnapper (TR 215 Orc) vs The Gnadsmashers (TR 268 Norse)

Today at the stadium not so far away, thus just so far away that you werent there the long waited by the... hum, well, I suppose somebody must have waited it... well, the match was played that nobody seemed to be expecting, a match beetween the glori.. amm, superb... ammm not, well, lets just say the green orc of Skullsnapper, ahem, even that aint correct there actually was a goblin sitting on the bench and troll was seen on the field for a short period... and their opponent, the bright crusaders from the northers side of.. well I suppose something must be there, The Gnadsmashers!!!!

Now after long and glorious, brillian and even maybe, just maybe readable introduction lemme tell you good folks that without one failed 3+ pickup, it would have been whole lotta different ball game.

but it was not.

So, the result was 2-1 with The Gnadsmashers win.

But the orcs dont mind! they got all the bree beer after the match so they think its their win Razz

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 04, 2003 - 16:56 Reply with quote Back to top

The Gnadsmashers (tr 268) vs. Skullsnapper (tr 215)

Bored and looking for trouble, coach Grimfang issued a chllange to the first poor soul he could find... as luck would have it, coach Peikko was standing in the path of destruction.
While his team appeared to be grossly overpowered on paper, in true ANARCHIST fashion, stepped up to the challange. Oh boy.. was it a challenge!

The Gnadsmashers kicked first. They arrogantly lined up the entire team on the line of scrimmage... greatly underestimating the determination and courage of their opponants. After the first turn, 8 of the norsemen were prone, and the team apothocary had managed to perform a life-saving procedure on star Ogre Plitzet! This set the tone for what turned out to be a long, bloody, and hard fought match.

The first half ended in a 1-1 tie.. courtesy of some beautiful running by the orcs, and an successful long bomb from a norse thrower. The key play in the half came at turn 4, when the Skullsnapper troll took a nasty hit from Plitzet, and found himself out of the match with a gouged eye... an injury that will remain with him for the rest of his career.

The second half was trench warfare. As the body count began to favor the Gnadsmashers, the orcs chose to play conservativly... chosing to hang onto the ball deep in thier own backfeild. They pounded the norsemen agressivly.. and managed to gain the numeric advantage by filling the Gnadsmasher KO box. However, the cautious plan proved to be folly.... as a norse blitzer made his way thru the lines, past the tackle zone of one orc, and placed a powerful block on the orc ball carrier...he then picked up the loose ball and made his way towards the endzone. He stumbled once as he desperatley tried to score, but managed to stay on his feet and reach glory! The Gnadsmashers had gained a 2-1 lead in Turn 4 of the second half!
The orcs never gave up. It all came down to the final play...the ball on the ground.. just 8 steps from the Nores endzone. After eliminating all obsticals in the way, an orc grabbed the ball, and made his way towards the endzone... almost a mirror image of the Gnadsmasher's scoring play just 4 turns earlier. But, it was not to be, as the orc failed to pick up the ball... watching the ball... and the chance to tie the game... slip thru his ugly green hands.
Just proof.... sometimes its better to be lucky than skilled.
Gnadsmashers escaped with a 2-1 victory... and will think twice before they ever doubt the coaching abilty of coach Piekko or the toughness of his orcs. While the points favored the norse at the end.. the real victory went to the fans who watched a spectacle of violence!

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 04, 2003 - 19:36 Reply with quote Back to top

Game 1.

Challenged by the late Jezlad.

After chain pushing his skink with the ball off the pitch and stunning him he purposely disconnected and refused to finish the game. When asked to reconnect and concede he agreed and then refused. Seems since then his teams have been deleted. Evo said I would get the victory as a concession anyhow and so I am posting here.

Torr - TR 229
Jezlad - TR 237

Torr Wins!

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 05, 2003 - 01:40 Reply with quote Back to top

Cripple Peak Gargants 2 The Gnadsmashers 0

Just minutes after completing their last game, The Gnadsmashers foolishly accepted the challange from the Cipple Peak Gargants. Two orc teams on the same day proved to be a bit much for the norsemen.... they never managed to establish ball control during the entire game. The orcs dominated the entire match. Injuries were costly for the Gnadsmashers... one dead, for seriously wounded... it will be a long time before they recover from this one. The orcs played tough. To thier credit, the Gnadsmashers did their best to score, and managed to limit the orcs to only 2 touchdowns. But, the better team won the game. For the Gnadsmashers, there will be other battles... just not another one today, i hope.

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 05, 2003 - 01:41 Reply with quote Back to top

Cripple Peak Gargants (tr260) vs. The Gnadsmashers (tr 275)

The orcs were furious. They had finally arrived to play in the tournament of their dreams, if nigthmare to others. But instead of getting into the pitch and playing the toughest there is, the orcs had been informed of a minor technicality. Some of the teams would be late as the Great Middle Mountain Bowl was still going on. And some of the teams included all the orcs had ever hoped to play against. They felt cheated, and they wanted revenge.

Little did the norse coach know when the bruisers knocked on his door and issued his team a challenge, and he said yes. Then again, if he'd declined he could be short of a few kneecaps.

So off the orcs went, to the snowy stadium some where up north. As the Gargants like hitting softer opponents better, they had brought their shaman with them. At the same time the orcs kicked the ball high, the blizzard stopped, the snow melted, the wind ceased, and it was a perfect weather to play norse. And bloodbowl. Of course.

As the two teams clashed on each other on the mid-field it started to look like a normal monday night brawl. The surprise came in the 3rd turn of first half when a lone norse catcher tried to become a hero, slipped through the orc lines, ran towards the end zone, got hit by two orc blitzers, and was knocked out for the rest of the half. That was the sign the Gargants had waited for.

The ball safely in Longbomba's caring hands (the size of a showel, or two) the Gargants started to push their team towards the end zone. Instead of going around the norse team, they went more like over it, killing a poor norse star player on the way. As the endzone was already at grasp, Longbomba did something unexpected. He passed the ball to Eyesplitta and joined the rest of the team on a vicious carnage with fur and blood everywhere. Only at the last seconds of the half Eyesplitta finally gathered what they were supposed to do with the ball and scored 1-0.

The second half looked grim for the norse. Gargants' offense and only 9 norse to defend against them. This time the orcs had a new plan as their coached had had a few chosen words with the team at half time. The Gargants ran for a quick touchdown but again forgot to go round the norse team. Two more injured before the orcs scored 2-0 at 4th turn of second half.

The norse didn't give up as they lined against the orcs once more and tried to score at least once. A few feet and about the same amount of seconds later the norse found out why it didn't work. The Gargants were once again pouring on them. What finally saved the Gnadsmashers was the ref who came to end the match before 'eadbanga could score 3-0.

So a fair 2-0 for the Gargants as Gnadsmashers were left with one dead, one niggling injury and a tackler with a fractured skull. The Gargants are waiting for their next match.

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 05, 2003 - 22:48 Reply with quote Back to top

Spiderben challenged my Shampoo Slurperssz:

Shampoo Slurperssz 1 - Friends 2

My Saurus Aussssie commited suicide - and the team is in financial difficulties now, as there weren't any winnings for either side.
I'll write a detailed report tomorrow, am busy with other things for the rest of the evening.
Anyhow, here the link to the result: http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=15625


Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 06, 2003 - 13:38 Reply with quote Back to top

Wrote the report now. Click the link in the post above this one to read it Smile.


Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 06, 2003 - 14:21 Reply with quote Back to top

Mnemon wrote:
Wrote the report now. Click the link in the post above this one to read it Smile.

Really nice report from Mnemon, I added also mine...

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 06, 2003 - 19:34 Reply with quote Back to top

- Welcome to the stadium to all sports fanatics, and enjoy the show. Today is the second match for both the challenger Skullsnapper and the challengee Cripple Peak Gargants. My name is Bob, and this is your co-host Bob.

- Thank you, Bob. This surely will be an exciting match, as the Gargants showed signs of frustration at their last game against the Gnadsmashers. And I recall that they weren't that keen on getting challenged. This could get bloody.

- You're absolutely right, Bob. But let's look at the pitch for a moment where the Gargants have set up to kick the ball. The kick is high, the kick is good, and the Gargants ram against the Skullsnapper. And looks like Skullsnapper's troll was the only one to react. Now that's weird.

- Sure is, Bob. This reminds me a bit of the first appearance of the notorius Erengrad Cowboys back at the 70's when their star-catcher-to-be, the 5'10" 143lbs ...

- Well, thank you, Bob, but it looks like something is happening. The referee seems to be clad on Gargants fan shirt and Throatwrangla is fouling the prone Skullsnappers as they go. This looks like an easy touchdown for the Gargants from the Skullsnappers offense. It's 1-0 for the Gargants.

- Hey, Bob, fancy a pint?

- No, thank you, Bob. The Gargants are just about to kick the ball again. And this time the Snappers are on the go. One of their blitzers just sneaked past the Gargants line and is going to the endzone. And is stopped by three huge Gargants linebacks, hit prone, and uh-oh, here comes Throatwrangla again. And the referee doesn't even blink. Oh, and the Snappers try the same play again. And three Gargants again bring the next one down, and he's fouled off the pitch. This will be a long day for the Skullsnappers.

- As it will be to us, too, Bob. Just like the '84 cup finals where Tuatha de Danaan met the Black Mountain Hurricanes for the first time. The heat was sweltering, and the cheerleaders were ripe to ...

- Thank you, Bob. I'm sure most of our oldest fans rememrber that match quite well. In the meanwhile the first half ended with no more touchdowns and the Skullsnappers were able to field 11 players for the second half, too. The ball was kicked a while ago and it looks like that the star thrower of Gargants is in some kind of trouble. Three Snapper's blitzers are on the way to tackle Longbomba down while rest of the Gargants are trying to help him. Except their troll .. and that lone black orc. What is he doing?

- He's running, Bob. Towards the endzone. That's the idea of this game.

- Well, Bob, thank you for pointing out. But the ball is at the other end of the field and the Gargants are having trouble. Or was this just a clever plan? Looks like the Gargants somehow gathered their strength and are injuring Skullsnappers from left to right. And they're on a steady course to the endzone. Looks like a 2-0 for the Gargants.

But hey, what was that? The lone black orc was passed the ball. But he fumbled it to the ground. And keeps running, without the ball. The ball is picked up again, passed, and another fail to catch the ball. Can't be, a third try, and no, not even the fourth catch was succesful. But he's made it steadily to the endzone and only has to go for it as the clock is ticking. Oh no, he's down. Legsmasha fails to stay on his feet at the endzone. And the ref blows to the whistle. The match is over, 1-0 to the Gargants, and what a match it was. The Nappers have three of their players ko'd, and seven as casualties, including the one dead and one niggling injury.

This surely was what Bloodbowl is about. Nasty, bloody, and exciting. Wouldn't you agree, Bob?



Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 06, 2003 - 22:53 Reply with quote Back to top

The Gnadsmashers 1 Shampoo Sluperssz 3

Only one day after facing off with TWO orc teams on the same day, the Gnadsmashers stumbled into the path of the Slurperssz, who boldly issued a challange. Too stupid to refuse, the stage was set for one of the biggest bloodbaths in Fumbbl history.

It was ALL lizards. They dominated the entire match. The Norse showed obvoious signs of confusion and panic... failing to capitalize on key blocks, failing to utilize the best qualities of the team ( never attempted to use Piling On until the second half!) and failed to complete key passess. When they did manage to contral the ball, the ball carrier made desperate attempts to reach the endzone... leaving himself exposed without protection or assistance.

The game got violent. The end result was 2 dead from each side.. and a few more norse left with severe injuries.

The lizards played a ferocious game. They saw thier opportunity to take on a Norse team that was not prepared for them, and they made the most of the opportunity. On paper, the Gnadsmashers should have had an easy victory. THe reality is: The Shampoo Slurperssz are FAR from being finished!

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 07, 2003 - 00:24 Reply with quote Back to top

Game 3
My first challenge (1. Week) with my Shampoo Slurperssz against grimfang.

This turned out to be one of the most bloody games ever, ending with a surprising and unexpected win for the Slurpersssz ... thei 4th win at all in 34 played games! The Shampoo Slurpersssz showed their value of being in the A.N.A.R.C.H.I.S.T. cup - a skink using the hail mary pass skill and an Saurus intercepting a ball during the game.

The Gnadsmashers (TR 274/grimfang) 1 vs Shampoo Slurperssz (TR 199/Mnemon, issuing challenge) 3

For a full report and a long (honestly!) report follow this link, as usual:


Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 07, 2003 - 07:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Very good game that came down to the last play.

Gnadsmashers 0-1 Findlay Mutans

Bloodbowl World Cup

Vamps Group

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 07, 2003 - 07:38 Reply with quote Back to top

The Gnadsmashers (277) 0 vs Findlay Mutants(244) 1

Well... another bloodbath involving the Gnadsmashers. It seems like all the big guns are aiming for the Gnadsmashers this week. Only a few hours had passed since the norsemen had been brutalized by a bunch of lizards, along comes coach Cortelll and his Mutants. They were looking for some fresh meat, and decided not to give the norse time to bury their dead.
Once again, it was ugly and violent. The first block of the game sent the Chaos Coach's minotaur out of the game with a smashed hand. This only angered the Mutants, who proceded to kill a few norsemen in return.
The Mutants beat the hell out of the Gnadsmashers all day. But the Norse were not going to surrender. They fought till the bitter end. At halftime, the game was still 0-0... with most of the action occuring near mid-field.

The second half was more of the same... the norse filled the medical center... 7 players were unconcious. Still, the Gnadsmashers refused to give up. Despite devestating injuries, they held the Mutants scoreless untill the final play of the game, where a norse catcher made a vailant stand at the endzone, despite being surrounded by beastmen.

At times, the Gnadsmashers looked like elves... they may have set a record for multi-tacklezone dodges in a single game... 5 on one play alone. Unfortuantely, they did not do this when they had the ball.

This is the 3rd straight loss for the gnadsmashers in less than 24 hours. They appear to be on the ropes... lets see if they can rest for a few hours without getting challanged again.

Joined: Aug 02, 2003

Post   Posted: Mar 07, 2003 - 08:19 Reply with quote Back to top

And here's the other Norse coach in A.N.A.R.C.H.I.S.T. who still hasn't played a match... Come on guys, challenge me, I don't feel like challenging downwards. Wink

I am a Munchkin and I will do anything to win.
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