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Joined: Jan 24, 2006

Post   Posted: Aug 11, 2010 - 22:55 Reply with quote Back to top

This is the feedback thread for the The Slann Team article. Leave your praise and discussion right here!

Joined: Jan 24, 2006

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 15:14 Reply with quote Back to top

So - was anyone inspired by this article to play Slann? Was it a pleasant tactical article?

Joined: Dec 29, 2007

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 15:19 Reply with quote Back to top

i have been trying the slann abit these last few days and just read your article about them. its good. havent got a full grip on them but im starting to get a hang of them. i realy like their defence style, setting upp close to the los and not making your opponent form decent cages. and even if he gets a cage going is rather easy to open it .

Joined: Aug 18, 2009

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 15:38 Reply with quote Back to top

I love high mobility teams, but have rarely had success protecting my players(Learned the hard way to not bash with rats) And this has definately snagged my interest for LRB5/Slann Very Happy

Joined: Mar 30, 2004

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 15:39 Reply with quote Back to top

They are a tough team to use as its easy to go down on players and they are expensive to replace. But they are also great fun. You need lots of rr for all the leaping and when the dice go for you, the Slann are impossible to stop. I find they are best suited to a very aggressive game, just score and try to score again.

BUT if youre the kind of guy that gets stressed and freaks out when you fail stuff or several turns pass where nothing goes right, then dont play Slann. Or at least please dont play them against me... Twisted Evil

Joined: Dec 29, 2007

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 15:48 Reply with quote Back to top

im used to playing humans with 6teamrerolls. so playing slanns that eats teamrerolls for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack just to get fat takes abit getting used to

Joined: May 27, 2005

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2010 - 21:22 Reply with quote Back to top

The article is great, but I have a sligthy different approach to Slann (and I have seen a couple other coaches in that line). It's mostly about a different view on Blitzers (luxury items, much like Rogres and Throwers are for Skaven) and Linemen (that can be really nasty players with just Wrestle + Strip Ball)... It comes down to the following starting roster:
1 Krox
3 Catchers
7 Linos
4 RRs

(may be I should write an alternate Slann (from a ratty perspective) but there are more frog-experienced coaches, so I don't know)

Joined: Aug 28, 2007

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 11:12 Reply with quote Back to top

I also think the part of the blitzer could be changed. You want one to get guard (in the article it is called The Cage Croaker). All the other archetypes can be filled by linemen. Only generel skills are needed and the -1 MV is not a big problem.

I like something like

1 x Blitzer = 110K
2 x Catcher = 160K
8 x Lineman = 480K
5 x RR = 250K

Joined: Aug 17, 2005

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 12:22 Reply with quote Back to top

Article lacks ratings / prices / skill choices for Slann linemen.

Joined: Aug 04, 2009

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 12:27 Reply with quote Back to top

nin - right a piece, no reason you shouldnt share your views : )

Joined: Aug 17, 2009

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 12:52 Reply with quote Back to top

I know it's more of a luxury item, but how useful is a "blitzer" blitzer ? One designed to hit hard, with block, mighty blow, piling on ? Wouldn't it be useful to scare the opponent and to rack one or possibly two casualties ? I haven't seen that build in the list so I was wondering.

Joined: Aug 30, 2003

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 13:51 Reply with quote Back to top

In TT league ive found im using the team differently to above and getting good results. Gaurding two blitzers, combined with their maneuver makes the team very interesting, 4 RR is the magic number, 3 is just not enough 5 and chances are you already have one of the most expensive teams in your league. I also use the Kroxigor as one huge mofo battering ram. Juggernaut and break tackle either order as first two skills and use that MA6 and Str 5 to slam everything you can get to. Your Linos punch him a hole and he slithers through like a scaly frieght train and tears into a chosen target ( eg dwarf runner. First game First action he went downtown and tore the head off one. Now thats a good krox. )Set him up about two back fromt he line, and look for the opportunity to have him hammer home. Catchers are very important, deciding when to risk them and go for broke is a major key to the team. If you would try it woth a gutter runner you should try it with a Slann Catcher. Sprint and surefeet are good later skills but blodge em otherwise . If one doubles Hail Mary Pass it. You have three other diving catchers who can leap a line at 2 plus and dodge at 2 plus and if they aint the one that gets hit the other two can get away at 2+ in most cases .

Another good double on a catcher is gaurd, 2 plus to get a gaurd into a cage, then a daunt catcher can go in and pop . But thats a high risk and likely to die catcher so have his grave predug.

The rest ofthe team... well 3+ t go almost anywhere into any situation? thats not bad. and it can come off really well.

You can also die horibly but if your that unlucky this is not the team for you.

"Take the Strength, crush the opposing linemen, drive them broken before you and hear the lamentation of their Cheerleaders!!!"

Joined: May 27, 2005

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 16:12 Reply with quote Back to top

Alternate Slann tactica
by nin (goblin… will coach anything frail and with pointy ears… lately in Lustria, where zons don’t want him around and anything else lacks ears at all)

Showy title, but it’s mostly a development plan based on the fact that frogs are not rats (cheer me, I’m the first one to notice…)

They may look alike, with a BG, four -,2,4,7 sneakys and a mobility game… but then you see the Krox and more important, you notice the Linos. Skaven linos are here to die like good rats and have the potential to become fun mutant players… and die. Slann linos are already fun players that leap and have av8 (so they’ll die, but with more armor). I think they are more like goats, 60k would-be blitzers, just more ball-oriented instead of killers.

So there is the plan:
1 Krox
3 Catchers
7 Linos
4 RRs

If you compare the Krox with a Rogre you’ll be happy to coach Slann. The best, it’s av9 + Thick Skull and 10k cheaper, but it’s not really cheap, so I would like to get the most out of that ma6 and Prehensile Tail I’ve paid for:
-Guard and then Stand Firm, Break Tackle and Grab look like good choices.
-Doubles go Block and then Dodge… may be Pro or Sidestep.

With Gutter runners I’ll go blitzer, ‘cause st2 blitzers look like a great idea to a goblin. But there with frogs you have plenty of st3 players that leap into cages Wardancer-easy so I see 3 skills to consider:
-Dauntless (still blitzer). Because 2+ leap is better than 3+
-Sure Hands (ballcarrier). You are not rat-fast, so offensive drives are more complex… more Strip Ball chances. Jet more important, it helps picking the ball in TZs.
-Pass Block. People don’t take it because (a) interceptions are unlikely (b) your opponent has to pass to trigger it. But Slann Catchers cancel (a) and you can turn (b) around. If you threaten an easy int. your opponent won’t pass and knowing this can be good like knowing where he’ll blitz.
-Finally easy doubles, Take Guard.

Linos, I’ve wrote something above about them… would-be blitzers that die, so the plan is making them good with just 2 skills:
-Wrestle + Strip Ball
-Wrestle + Tackle
-Wrestle + Fend
-Utility skills like Kick, DP, Frenzy…
-1st roll double is Guard (and then Block better than Wrestle), and 2nd+ roll doubles are Guard, but feeling tempted with Wrestle + Dodge or Wrestle + Jump Up

For rats, Rogres and Throwers are luxuty items, for Slann, in my plan, it’s Blitzers the luxury players… but I’m more likely to hire them (Guard and no BG issues). I want to make use of the whole 110k, so I’ll build on JU, but also on DT.
-Block first, then Dodge, Guard and Sidestep (variant could be Tackle or Mighty Blow instead of Dodge)
-… no, that’s it.

Some general notes… to explain why I’m insane:
-I’ll take +ma for Catchers and +av for the rest of them.
-I feel Slann are less dependent on Catchers than Skaven on Gutter Runners. That’s the reason for taking Guard or +ma with them.
-Still, offence with Slann looks more complex due to lack of speed… that’s why I take Block on Catchers instead of Wrestle.
-In offence, Linos mark with Wrestle, Catchers and Blitzers screen the ballcarrier with Blodge.
-Blitzers don’t get Wrestle or Piling On because they have Diving Tackle.
-I’ll take DP as a deterrent, “you pile on my mate, I boot you”, but this is not a killer team.

(In the skill lists, order of skills only stands for the first... others are left to coach discretion)

Joined: Feb 03, 2009

Post   Posted: Aug 17, 2010 - 16:33 Reply with quote Back to top

You forgot the most obvious, all catcher/liner doubles need to be guard. Especially on the catcher-frogs, its important to get the survival skills (dodge, block, SS) AND guard (to leap in). Id recommend wrestling up all the linos too..

There's also no mention of a hunter-frog (MB/PIon/Block)-blitzer. A lot of MidgardBB slann teams use it to good effect.

Joined: Jan 14, 2004

Post   Posted: Aug 18, 2010 - 08:14 Reply with quote Back to top

"All your pitch are belong to us" is a copyrighted slogan of this team http://www.fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=team&op=view&team_id=611198 Wink
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