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Post   Posted: Jan 17, 2019 - 06:04 Reply with quote Back to top

With thanks to Balle2000 for the original list.

All-time Prem Champions by race

10 Image
9 Image Image
8 -
7 -
6 Image
5 Image Image Image Image
4 -
3 Image Image Image
2 Image Image Image
1 Image Image

SWL Forlorn Races
Chaos Pact
High Elf

Special Mention - Cup Winners

1 Image Image Image

Special Mention - Gentlemen's Picnic Winners

1 Image Image Image

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I wonder if any of the forlorn races might be easier to go all the way with under Seasons? Pact? Underworld? Teams that do well around 1500TV ?

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Post   Posted: Jan 19, 2019 - 20:57 Reply with quote Back to top

How can they be considered "forlorn" teams, when there's eight of them?

Never moon a Werewolf!

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Post   Posted: Jan 19, 2019 - 21:17 Reply with quote Back to top

Because they’re sad that they haven’t won the comp yet.

Most of those teams have never even made it to Prem.

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 00:56 Reply with quote Back to top

4/8 have made it to Prem I believe....

High Elf

- High Elves may do well once they hit their stride... no longer as large a meat grinder in Prem
- Pact (ahem Renegades) remain inefficient vs power teams at the same TV... possibly someone could actually build a Small-man style min-maxer in the current environment and not just get devoured for their trouble. Same fragility re developed Human Lino Stat lines though for that perfectly timed run.
- Khemri shot out of the gate in BB16 but then struggled hard with lack of skills in Prem. Possibly similar to Pact re building in Confs for a well timed run that avoids major damage to their key pieces.
- Slann feel worse off under BB16 as you are trading full compliment of positional players for Skills on a few of them. Less good players means more fragile and subject to poorly timed INJ, especially when base cost will likely leave you with only 11 and few RRs heading into Prem.
- Underworld may make it to Prem and be spoilers for others. But their weaknesses are more pronounced then other teams and so would require a perfect storm of retiring older teams and badly positioned promoters to have a chance IMO.

- Stunties... may see Prem but wont really compete there... best chance would be now before we get more players and grow back to > 2 Confs, as 50% promoting in 3rd spot is much easier then only maybe doing so (66% or less) from a 2nd...

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 01:04 Reply with quote Back to top

There is a fun challenge - to bring any forlorn races that have yet to even make it to Prem, to Prem. i.e. bring

Ogre, Underworld, Goblins or Halflings to Prem. That is achievable for some brilliant coach right?

I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

Oscar Wilde

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 01:08 Reply with quote Back to top

I was working on winning with Pact when they were forlorn... rug pulled from under my feet quashed the drive to put a shine on some of these turds for at least a little while.. Razz

UW in a 2 Conf setting have a shot at making Prem I reckon... growth will probably expand to > 2 Confs before any of the others can build and climb the ladder...

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 08:14 Reply with quote Back to top

I think ogres are in a decent spot (for ogres anyway) given that conference teams are about 1400 a 1500 TV.

If they can get to conferences they should be able to start the season with 6 ogres with 1-2 skills each and 4 rerolls and can pick up runts pretty quickly in season as needed.

Still have to make it to conferences though.

SWL the place to be.

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 10:33 Reply with quote Back to top

I think the problem with High Elves is that they're boring... Woodies and Pro seem a bit sexier... Woodies are a great team in any event, but in the Pro vs High debate, I think many people love the Catchers and Side-Stepping Blitzers vs the +AV High Elf "solid" team. Safe Throw isn't worth it either compared to NOS Catchers.

The other teams are Low Tier 2 / Tier 3 teams and are challenging in a cherry pick environment (i.e. Ranked) let alone a League system.

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Post   Posted: Jan 20, 2019 - 12:06 Reply with quote Back to top

High elfs were also taken for a long period of time by a group of 3-4 teams that stopped any new blood from coming in, while their coaches never quite got it together.

From memory Agitate, Really High Elves Speedballing and a third team stuck around for an extended period of time.

Edit: there were more than I thought actually. Griffin Gate Sentinels, High Elvis and Mexican Stand Off all gave it a good shake and got to Prem, but never quite managed to win it.

SWL the place to be.

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kelvinnox wrote:

Ye? Gadday, mate.

kelvinnox wrote:
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Oi, the dust haven't even settled after the collapse of croc skin futures and bitecoin, and you come peddling your bogan scams? Get outta here, drongo!

thick as *mumble mumble*

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Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2019 - 08:46
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Legend Watch? Not likely to be relevant this season unless Impak has a blinder. How about Death Watch!?

One week since the reggies were drawn and bones started breaking. Who have we lost?:

Image Cotton Candy part of the champion S73 team, and was one to watch on the Super Stars list. Top scorer for Pugs Not Drug, and past winner of many golden gongs. 89spp

Image Wiberoo The key play maker for Didgeridead, now he's didgeridead. 21spp.

Image Spin Dizzy Tick Tick Tock, was much loved. Three times voted most valuable player. Never achieved anything else. 15spp.

Image Moogie Not as accomplished as his Thro-Ra teammate Wiberoo. But a team player, Moogs died in the same game. 5spp.

Image Teumman the Elamite scored a touchdown in preseason. Only lasted 4 turns in SWL. 3spp.

Image Jack Clumsyfist didn't achieve much in his 8 games. 0spp.

Image Cinnamon Chills dead on debut. So much unrealised potential. 0spp.

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~~~~~ HOTFOOT HERALD ~~~~~
Bringing all youse the news and views from the (magmetic) ooze.
Welcome back Sports Fans.

Well the opening round - Round 3, as is the somewhat idiosyncratic traditional scheduling of the Reggies - of Season LXXV of the fabulous "SHAKE IT OFF" HALFORD REGIONALS is now done and (knuckle)dusted, and as expected, it produced a plethora of punching, bleeding and quite a bit of scoring that we true devotees of the brilliant Reggies' brand of Blood Bowl have come to both expect and enjoy.

So let's all sit back, relax, and relive the highs and the even higher moments of this first round, and then cast our minds forward to what we can expect in Round 4.

ROUND 3 Review:


Casualties - Stormbreakers 1/0/0 / MBC 0/0/0

TD's: Stormbreakers - #5 Hava "Roaring" Yegrova; #8 Eliza "Mirage" Abdi.

Cas: Stormbreakers - #11 Kommako "Monkey" Bonny

Injured Reserve: (no players from either team.)

The clash of the Reggies' two "finesse" teams opened in blinding sunshine, which was not exactly conducive to any passing game. 13000 MBC fans and 10000 Stormbreakers' supporters came expecting some high octane aerial show, but that was not to be. Cloud 11 won the toss, and opted to receive.

In Turn 1, a blitz on Cereal Star Prince Moranian knocked him down, before a savage kick to the squishy bits by Kommako Bonny knocked him out. Although Prince M. eventually returned, it has to be said that his impact was minimal (and his value questionable), although Nuffle obviously noted Bonny's name and later drove the kharma bus over her.

Coach Klazam's tactics were pretty clear cut, as another foul in Turn 2, this time by Bella Reeves, knocked out rookie Linelf Flaxen, and sent a quite clear message to the Reggies about how these Zons intend to win their games. Certainly their opening drive was very impressive, and a hand off by Blitzer Mai l'Olonnais sent Catcher Eliza Abdi flying through the heat of the MBC defences to rack up the season's opening touch down in Turn 3.

The ensuing kick off saw a quick snap, and the Cereals expose their midfield in order to swamp both wings, but safe secure play by Thrower Jade sent Catcher Lilac flying along the right hand wing. And it was right here where that blinding sunshine obviously had some sort of impact on elven thought processes. The Stormbreakers pulled out all stops to cover the break away, but despite some bold and brave moves were only able to get three players in a line behind Lilac, who had six squares of empty space between her and a Turn 4 silly celebratory dance in the end zone. So she dodged clear - as is the way of Elves - but then for some reason stepped back into the tackle zones of the Amazon trio only to fall flat on her hubris attempting to dodge clear a second time.

Cloud 11 fell on the ball en mass, and in a hurly burly far more like a game between two bashy teams, all bar two players quickly found themselves tussling for control within five squares of a Zon ball handler on her own defensive left wing. The impasse was broken when Stormbreakers' Blitzer Hana Yegrova surged out and decked the last remaining Elf between her and the end zone (this Elf - Jade - was on the half way line), followed closely by Catcher Jane "Rabbit" Starr, whose hand off to Yegrova released to the vast open spaces of the vacant Cereals' half of the pitch, and an inevitable second team score to close the half.

The second half proved indecisive, and to this neutral spectator, it really seemed as though Nuffle was sabotaging all of the MBC's gallant attempts to regain some sort of traction in the game. In the second turn of the second half - and despite pouring rain - Lilac passed beautifully to an unopposed Violet in the end zone, but defying elfish traditions, she dropped the pass and the well organised Stormbreakers' defence recovered and cleared the ball away. Then in Turn 6, a desperate solo blitz by Thrower Genevieve von Luckner brought down MBC Blitzer Scarlet within reach of the end zone, only for Scarlet to recover, knock out von Luckner, and fumble an attempted pick up of the ball in Turn 7, again within spitting distance of the scoreline.

The Stormbreakers collected the ball and surged the length of the field in two moves only for the mighty Eliza Abdi to trip and fall on the last GFI needed for what would have been a well deserved third team TD.

So a highly entertaining and eccentric game ended with a convincing scoreline favouring the well structured and organised Stormbreakers. Who could have so easily scored another TD at the very end of the game. But, for the grace of Nuffle and a perhaps taunting display of dodging, the Morning Breakfast Cereal themselves can justifiably look back and wonder why they didn't exploit the three scoring opportunities that they had so skillfully and assiduously created.

Game 2: AATTAALLII LAVABULLS (Chaos Dwarfs) 2 d. SKYE HOPPERS! (Slann) 0

Casualties - LavaBulls 2/0/0; Skye Hoppers! 0/0/0
TD's: LavaBulls - #2 Gilgamesh of Uruk; #13 Shuzigash the Babylonian
Casualties: LavaBulls - #4 Adad Nirari #9 Tukulta Ninurta
Injured Reserve - LavaBulls #15 Teumann the Elamite (Dead) Skye Hoppers! #3 Centrolene Ilex (Smashed Knee)

The Skye Hoppers! attracted 11000 fans to their opening game of this season, while 7000 Supporters of the new LavaBulls franchise also attended. The LavaBulls won the toss and elected to receive.

A shallow kick off resulted in the ball landing very adjacent to the centre line on the left wing of the LavaBulls, but its apparent exposure was quickly covered by a number of the offensive players forming a box around it. Meanwhile, the line of Chaos Dwarfs quickly converted the centre of the Skye Hoppers!' defence into a universally horizontal posture, and for the better part of the first four turns of the game, it was only Slann bottoms being dumped onto the turf.

Hobgoblin Teumann the Elamite finally secured the ball, and in Turn 4 the seemingly unstoppable LavaBull juggernaut finally started to roll forwards. They didn't get very far, when very clever blocking and blitzing by the Hoopers! exposed their dangerous proximity to the side line, as first Bull Centaur Etama of Kish, and then the ball carrier, Teumann the Elamite were crowd surfed (the latter paying for his carelessness with his life).

The crowd barely dribbled the ball back into play (two squares), where Skye Hoppers!' Blitzer Alytes Obstetricans managed to secure it despite being in two LavaBulls' tackle zones. Obstetricans was immediately knocked down, but jumped up in Turn 5, pushed Chaos Dwarf Blocker Puzer Ashur away from the ball, and then streamed into the open and unoccupied heart of the Aattaallii half of the pitch. Catcher Rhinoderma Dawinii III swooped on the ball, and following in his team mate's wake, delivered an short and sweet pass to the sprinting Blitzer with the TD zone only seven squares away.

Just as all seemed lost, Bull Centaur Gilgamesh of Uruk put head down and tail up, and using every last square of movement only just reached Obstetricans in time to knock him down. A surge of LavaBull blocks then flowed over the hapless Slann, laying out all but two of them. This physical dominance allowed Hobgoblin Taharqa the Nubian to grab the loose ball, and deliver a glorious medium pass to fellow Hobgoblin, Shuzigash the Babylonian, who was able to cut serenely across the field for a Turn 8 score.

The second half opened with a clear display of the two teams completely different game plans. While the LavaBulls set up a wall across all seven squares of the line of scrimmage, the Skye Hoppers! focused on swarming the end zones. A comparatively deep kick aided the Dawi'Zharr, and as the Slann recovered the ball, the LavaBulls attempted to put as many tackle zones on the ambitious amphibians as they could. But in Turn 2, both Blitzer Lithobates Catesbeianus and Catcher Ascophus Montanus II managed to slip out from the back of the defences on their right flank and set off for the scoreline. Catcher Rhinoderna Darwinii II had secured the ball after the kick off, but in a desperate attempt to get within range of either of his open team mates, his second Go For It proved to be one step beyond, and he face planted on the centre line in Turn 2.

Again, the LavaBulls were able to get bodies around the ball, but consecutive attempts to pick it up by various Hobgoblins were in vain. An successful Skye Hoppers! attempt came to nought when the subsequent pass was immediately fumbled, before the indomitable Allytes Obstetricans hauled in the ball in Turn 4 despite two adjacent LavaBulls and leaped clear of the pack, only to trip and fall on yet another failed Slann GFI. Given yet another reprieve, the LavaBulls were not to be denied, and a pick up and eventual hand off by Hobgoblin Shuzigash the Babylonian gifted Bull Centaur Gilgamesh of Uruk the easiest of Turn 8 touch downs.

The result of this game highly flattered Aattaallii, as the only real difference between the teams proved to be the ability/ luck of the LavaBulls to recover from seemingly dire situations, and the related inability of the Skye Hoppers! to exploit those openings which they repeatedly and so skillfully created. Despite the obvious physical dominance of the Chaos Dwarfs, the scoreline of this game could have been so very easily reversed.

Game 3: DENIZENS OF DREAMLANDS (Chaos Renegades) 2 d. SINGED POOR SCOUNDRELS (Goblins) 0

Casualties - DoD 0/0/0; SPS 1/0/0

TD's: DoD - #4 Randalph Carter (Dark Elf) - 2
Casualties: SPS #2 Manshape Gutwart
Injured Reserve - SPS #5 Spin Dizzy Tick Tick Tock (Dead)

Each of these squads drew 7000 fans through the gate, and on winning the toss, SGS elected to receive.

Perhaps one statistic best summarizes this game. The 11 Fouls that these two teams combined to inflict on each other equaled the number perpetuated in all of the other four games of this round combined. But wait, it gets even more emphatic. Singed Poor Scoundrels committed a foul on an average of one in every two turns of this game. Only the dodgy (in more ways than apparently one) Amazons of Cloud 11 Stormbreakers came anywhere remotely close, with their "achievement" of 4 fouls being half that of the Gobbos. Toss in the inevitable send offs for their array of illegal toys, and we have ourselves a sure fire recipe for getting pitch cleared.

The game commenced with Fanatic Spin Dizzy Tick Tick Tock balling Troll Moon-Beast to the ground in the every first action of the game, where, after the blitz by Looney Avo Smash Toastyflake which knocked out Minotaur Gug with the second action of the game, a mass of Gobbos descended on the fallen Troll in order to assist Pinkeye Growthspurt commit the first foul of the game, stunning the Troll but getting the himself ejected (only to have a bribe quite inexplicably paid). After that charade, SPS decided to go and actually get the ball.

Turn 2 opened up (after not much happened of note in the Denizens' turn, other than a failed foul attempt) with Dizzy Tick Tick Tock doing absolutely everything he could to bash Dark Elf Randolph Carter, who, after the Looney right there and then killed himself failing a GFI roll, ultimately proved to be the difference between the two teams.

Although I do have a running log of the surreal lunacy of this game, it might best be served by only dealing with the salient events. SPS attempted a short pass in Turn 3, which quite predictably failed. Then Avo Smash Toastyflake was ejected from the game in Turn 4 for fouling a mere Renegade Lineman (the Chaos Humie was stunned by that, but saw out far more of the game than the chainsaw wielding Gobbo), which left the ball still unclaimed. After that turnover, the smooth moving Randolph Carter swooped on the ball like a seagull on to a hot chip and ultimately strolled into the end zone - inevitably with typically Druchii swagger and panache - at the bottom of the 5th.

SDS introduced their Star Player, Bomber Dribblesnot into the game for the kick off, and in his brief time on the field he managed to initially knock down & then Badly Hurt the horizontal and it has to be said, impossibly unlucky Gug the Minotaur.

The second half started with both sides reduced to eight players on the field, and the kick off result - you really do have to love Nuffle's sense of humour here - was a Riot. Randolph Carter collected the loose ball from two squares inside the end zone, and then basically, while every other player in the game focused on bashing each other over and around the middle of the line of scrimmage, calmly waltzed down the left wing, then across the entire field from left to right tiptoeing beside the end zone, before scoring his second TD in Turn 8. While he was doing that, we got to enjoy - among other things - what happens when a Throw Team Mate move ends badly. Twice.

This remarkably entertaining game raised more questions than it provided answers. Both teams remain dangerous and incredibly comedic enigmas, but it will be interesting to see how the Denizens play as the luminescent Randolph Carter draws an ever increasing amount of attention in future games. The Scoundrels probably achieved everything they set out to do in this game, but they also will now come under far more scrutiny from teams adverse to wearing endless cheap shots.

Game 4: TRIAL O PUPPIES N FLUFFY CANDY (Ogres) 3 d. DIDGERIDEAD (Khemri Tomb Kings) 0

Casualties - ToPnFC 2/2/2; Didgeridead 4/0/0

TD's: ToPnFC - #8 Sparkle - 3
Casualties: ToPnFC - #5 Elmo - 3 #2 Totoro #3 Laa-Laa
Didgeridead - #4 Yengangarry - 2
#1 Dollabin #13 Munnion

Injured Reserve - Didgeridead #6 Wiberoo (Dead) #11 Moogie (Dead) #12 Badaroo (Groin Strain)

11000 fans swarmed into the stadium with a pretty fair idea of the carnage that would unfold. Trial o Puppies n Fluffy Candy won the toss, and decided to receive.

The two biggest, baddest, and bashiest teams in the Reggies didn't waste any time. In the very first turn, two the the Khemri squad had been injured, including the first failed regeneration. In their first turn, the Didgeridead responded by Badly Hurting Ogre Laa-Laa. It didn't really tail off from there, as the Ogres and Tomb Guardians basically whaled into each other from pillar to post. And it is hard to draw any conclusion other than the advantage in numbers of Strength 5 brutes was a major factor in winning the day.

And as the Ogres gradually wore down the Tomb Guardians, the Runt Sparkles had a field day. His first touch down was made in Turn 6 when a loose ball fell kindly his way, and a sequence of Dodge, Pick Up Ball (in a Tackle Zone) Dodge and run like the clappers saw ToPnFC hit the scoreboard first (after they'd hit almost every other thing within reach to that point).

A brave and bold blitz by Ogre Po right through the very heart of the Didgeridead formation in Turn 2 of the second half smashed Anointed Thrower Wiberoo to the ground and knocked the ball loose. A succession of intelligent blocking cleared the opposing tackle zones away from the ball, allowing Sparkle to once more live up to his name, scuttling the ball in for a decisive Turn 5 score.

What faint hopes the Tomb Kings held out for a late recovery were destroyed by a deep kick off, that made any attempt by them to go the length of the field well nigh impossible. Instead, it was the Ogres who again unleashed, a brutal block by Ogre Elmo killing Wiberoo in Turn 7, allowing the ever opportunistic Sparkle to pounce yet again and accrue his third TD in the final play of the game.

Although this game was basically dominated by the Ogres, both of these teams seem destined to physically own the Reggies this season. It's a brutal game indeed when three Regen rolls are failed, and all of them with such catastrophic effects on the team. But as obvious as it is to see the potential of Trial o Puppies n Candy Fluff to beat down this division, I really doubt that Didgeridead will be any less of a bruising and dangerous encounter. Those teams who have drawn both of these squads in this season would be well advised to increase their health care coverage immediately.

Game 5: WAAAAGHTON REDSKINS (Orcs) 1 drew with LUPINE FIASCO (Necromantic Horrors) 1

Casualties - Redskins 0/0/0; Fiasco 1/0/0

TD's: Redskins #5 Impak Fiasco #2 Rumbles Montgomery II
Casualties: Fiasco #2 Barrington Harrington Botch - 2

Injured Reserve - Redskins #9 Lin (Smashed Collar Bone)

15000 Redskins fans attended the game, easily outnumbering the 6000 who came to support the newly raised Fiasco. The Redskins won the toss, and as in every other game, opted to receive the kick off.

This game offered an interesting contrast in styles of bash. To use a well worn Orc analogy, the Orcs are basically a "brutal but cunnin'" squad, while Necromantics are more "cunnin', but brutal". In short, the decisive question would be whether it would the speed of the Necromantic Werewolves or the power of the Black Orcs on the line of the scrimmage which could prove dominant.

A Blitz result on the opening kick off - combined with a comparatively shallow kick - allowed the Fiasco to surge forward, spear headed by Werewolf Barrington Harrington Botch. Despite a swarm of the dead congregating around the fall of the ball, a lucky bounce saw it end up in relatively neutral turf. The Redskins swarmed forward, and quickly formed a box around the ball, but the ever aggressive Botch attacked Goblin Lin isolated on one corner of the box in Turn 1, and wrenched his shoulder out of its socket.

By Turn 2, the contest had already become largely compressed in the middle of the Waaaaghton half of the field, although Black Orcs Yoogalu and Doing My Head IN were pushing their opposing Zombie opponents continually backwards. The dominant player proved to be Redskins Blitzer Impak, who recovered the ball in Turn 2, then lost it, and by Turn 5 had again collected it and was able to burst out of the scrum and through the holes blasted in the Line of Scrimmage before scoring in Turn 8 as both Werewolves were caught far too far away on the wrong side of the street brawl to pursue.

The Orcs set up a defence in depth at the start of the second half, but after Ghoul Spazzles McCafferty spilled the pill attempting to pick it up, the loud and dominating Impak once more took control of it. A Turn 3 blitz by Werewolf Rumbles Montgomery II tore the ball loose, and the crafty canine was able to fetch it. But before he could more, Waaaaghton players closed in from all four sides. A crafty blitz in Turn 4 saw the Werewolf explode out of the trap, and from there his pursuers were left behind in a cloud of what smelled suspiciously like flea powder as he tore across the field.

A fantastic pursuit by - inevitably - Impak proved to be only just in vain, and Montgomery was able to score a much deserved and tying touch down at the top of Turn 7.

The game wasn't quite over, but a failed Redskin Quick Pass in Turn 7 followed by a failed Dodge in Turn 8 stymied their last desperate attempts to snatch a victory.

This was a highly entertaining game to spectate, and both teams had moments where their true potential was revealed for all to see. How they develop will be significant, as both appear to have the potential to achieve some significant results this season.


Morning Breakfast Cereal (Elven Union) versus Didgeridead (Khemri Tomb Kings) Coach - Wex ... TV 1160 ... 8th place Coach - Balle2000 ... TV 1230 ... 10th place.

This is an intriguing game. We have here two very good coaches, with teams that were battered and bruised in Round 3, but which are yonks away from being broken. We also have a complete contrast in styles, between the light footed, agile and supremely skilled Elves up against the potential avalanche that are Khemri Tomb Kings. We also have a contrast between a team of only three games (MBF) facing off against one that has played ten games. The possibilities are infinite.

If the four Tomb Guardians - Doolabin, Windacool, Governurra, and Yengangarry - can close with the Elves and pin them down in a seemingly endless brawl, Didgeridead could win with wastage a major factor. But if the Cereals' talented positionals of Blitzers Crimson and Scarlet, Catchers Violet and Lilac, and above all, their lynch pin in Thrower Jade can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, then they could very well run up a significant, and for a Khemrian team, unreachable scoreline.

In a game of such a wide spectrum of results, we see the Morning Breakfast Cereal being to quick and agile for the Didgeridead, with the scoreline to be 3 - 0.

Trial o Puppies n Fluffy Candy (Ogres) versus Skye Hoppers! (Slann) Coach - Ramchop ... TV 1440 ... 1st place Coach - JoeKano ... TV 1170 ... 9th place.

We once again have a pair of completely different teams, with agility and speed being confronted by raw, uncompromisingly brutal power. ToPnFC have already established domination over the Reggies in almost every regard, having attained the second highest TV, accruing the most TD's and Casualties, and having both the leading scorer (in Runt Sparkles, with 3 td's) and leading headhunter (Ogre Elmo, with 3 Casualties). What makes them even more frightening is that fact that they laid waste to a pretty tough Khemri team despite having their leading player (Ogre Laa-Laa) injured in the first turn of that game.

But Laa-Laa is healthy now, and will be lining up in this game.

The great hope of the Slann is that they literally can Leap over the inevitably advancing wall of pain. They pretty much have to, as any attempt to engage in the up close and personal stuff could lead to a serious case of terminal. Catchers Centrolene Ilex II and Rhinoderma Darwinii III, along with Blitzers Alytes Obstetricans and Lithobates Catesbeianus have accumulated literally 75% of this team's SPP's so far, so it's no secret that their ability to survive and thrive could pretty much determine the result of this game. That, and their ability to stop the Runts from running. Period.

Skye Hoppers! can actually take this one, but it would be a pretty big ask. Trial o Puppies n Fluffy Candy to win 2 - 1 (and please don't ask us about the Casualties).

Aattaallii LavaBulls (Chaos Dwarfs) versus Cloud 11 Stormbreakers (Amazons) Coach - oozeboss ... TV 1180 ... 2nd place Coach - Klazam ... TV 1490 ... 3rd place.

Theory-hammer suggests that the Tackle skill of over half of the newly minted LavaBulls will take away the biggest skill of any Amazon squad, their Dodge skill. We think that's far too much of a simplification, so you won't hear us referring to it again.

Both teams opened their season's account with 2 - 0 wins, the only difference in their placings being due to the Stormbreakers' inflicting one less casualty. But this appearance is an illusion. The reality is best expressed in numerical terms. The Stormbreakers have played 17 games to the LavaBulls' 3, have accrued 175 SPP's to the LavaBulls' 39, and have had 14 Skill increases (including 4 Stat Increases) compared to 2. So the reality is that this game will be one where an Aattaallii overwhelmed team will be doing pretty durned well if they can emerge relatively undamaged (especially as the Zons fouled in 25% of their turns against the Cereals).

There is one last factor which we think gives the Stormbreakers massive favoritism in this game. The LavaBulls coach runs a similar squad in a DIBBL preseason, where, matched against an equally undeveloped Amazon team, they were completely out played, out scored, and out muscled. It may look on paper like being the best match up of this round, but Cloud 11 will simply bring the biff to the beef in a 4 - 0 romp and stomp.

Denizens of the Dreamlands (Chaos Renegades) versus Lupine Fiasco (Necromantic Horrors) Coach - Boriz ... TV 1130 ... 4th place Coach - barberfett ... TV 1160 ... 5th place.

The number don't lie here: this will be the most even game of the round. Both teams showed a fair degree of resilience to eke out good results in trying circumstances in their opening games, and both appear primed to make serious drives towards the upper echelons of the Reggies. A decisive result in this game either way even this early in the season could have quite a significant bearing at the pointy end of the competition.

The Denizens will inevitably line up once more behind their wall of muscle - rookie Troll Moon-Beast, rookie Minotaur Gug, and their well developed Ogre, Ghast. But the aces up their sleeve could well be Dark Elf, Randolph Carter (whose 2 TD's basically won their Round 1 game for them), and the well developed Humie Renegade Lineman, Howard Phillips Lovecraft (+1 Ag and Block). Together, this pair give the Denizens a superb potential to break open big ball handling plays if and when they need them.

Facing them will be the usual fangs of any Necromantic squad, which in this case are Werewolves Barrington Harrington Botch and Rumbles Montgomery III. Both over committed to the chase in the first half of their previous game, which prevented them from running down an Orc break up the middle which lead to a TD. But they returned to form in the second half, working together to recover a lost ball and to then run it three quarters of the way up the field for the game tying score.

Both have the potential to win, and we really cannot separate them. In an enthralling struggle, we're seeing this as ending in a 2 - 2 draw.

Waaaaghton Redskins (Orcs) versus Singed Poor Scoundrels (Goblins) Coach - Pyates16 ... TV 1340 ... 6th place Coach - MrCushtie ... TV 1060 ... 7th place.

One team will be focusing on playing a sound fundamental game of Blood Bowl in order to secure a win and kick start their season, while the other will be revelling in the opportunity to wreak and cause absolute mayhem. This could very well be a game where both teams win.

Waaaaghton are one of the most experienced squads in the Reggies, having played 29 games and earned 220 SPP's. Their focus is Blitzer Impak, who has garnered 143 of those SPP's himself (65%), and who both scored the go ahead touch down in the last game, and came within a bee;s knees of stopping the opposition team's tying score. As Impak goes, so do the greenskinned Redskins, and you can safely bet your house on the fact that the Scoundrels know this, and will be hunting him.

The Scoundrels enter this game with only 11 players, and two of them are lugging Secret Weapons. Add to this an unprecedented commitment to sinking the slipper at every possible opportunity (committing 8 fouls in 16 turns), and it is almost certain that the Singed Poor Scoundrels will end the game with considerably fewer players on the pitch than they had at the start.

In a game of focused force against fun loving criminals, it is the Redskins who will outscore the Scoundrels by 4 - 0. But, as we said earlier, both teams may well legitimately claim a victory of sorts after the last red card has been waved.

And that is our review and peerless preview of the Reggies. See you all after the next round!

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Another week. Any more joined the list of ex-players?:

Image Kirin Treecutter Dwarf Blockers: short guys with big armour. Couldn't save this rookie. 0spp.

Image Corn Elf goes squish. Nothing to see here. 0spp.

Image Richard Upton Pickman Goblin goes squish. Even less to see here. 0spp.
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