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Impak may want to retire, but the Fantasy League is here to stay!!!
Have you dreamed of the day where Hergal Goldbrew grinds up the pitch as The Ur-Nugget grinds down the opposition? Or does a passing game between Jade and Vilot Voom excite you more? Regardless of the game, it's a lot of spp and the SWL fantasy league is the perfect place to keep track of that.

The SWL Fantasy League is the perfect opportunity to add flair, excitement and passion in following SWL. How does it work? Select 11+ players from 11+ different teams and watch as they give you their hard-earned SPP. The fantasy team with the most SPP by the end of the season will be awarded the Fantasy Cup (currently held by Mushoomy).



-You have a 1200 budget to buy players. A player's total cost is their positional price plus their skill cost.

-You may spend 1250 on your team if you include a big guy on your roster. A big guy includes Trolls, Ogres, Mummies Etc. This number does not increase if you were to choose more than one big guy.

-Rosters must have a minimum of 11 players. Like a normal bloodbowl team, there is a maximum of 16 players

-Only one player from each SWL team. For example, you can not have two players from Unicorn Gunfight.

-Maximum of one position type per race. This means you are unable to get 2 Undead ghouls, but you may get 1 Necromantic ghoul and 1 Undead Ghoul. (Yes, that means if you wish, you can field 3 types of skaven linemen!)

-Players must not be hired if they have earned spp in Season 76 of SWL. This means any player that has earned spp in season 76 is ineligible for your fantasy team.

-You may not choose a player from your own SWL team. This is to ensure full focus on SWL. This also means if you are not currently an SWL player, you may still participate in the Fantasy League.

-MVP's are not included in SPP Total.

The team that has totalled the most SPP by the end of the season will be crowned the champ of the Fantasy League.

Please PM me your fantasy teams ASAP. Deadline is THE END OF ROUND 1 OF SWL. In your PM, please use this format:

Player Name - Cost - Team - Race + Position - Player ID

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your favourite players will have played their round 1 games so hand those teams in to me ASAP! Please ensure that your team complies with the rules before sending it to me. Let's get those SPP's rolling!

Teams are currently undergoing the rebuy process. Some obvious picks may want to retire. Please be aware of this and check the rebuy link to see whether the player you want wants to retire or not.


Last Season's Winning Team
Image Impak (Waaaaghton Redskins) - 40spp in 7 games
Image Vilot Voom (Wildwood Windlords) - 19spp in 5 games
Image Sylvester Clumsyhammer (East Farkner Journeymens Club) - 4spp in 2 games
Image Hergal Goldbrew (Blue Mountain Giants) - 24spp in 7 games
Image Rainbow Pudding (Unicorn Gunfight) - 10spp in 6 games
Image Deng x Xiaoping (TingBuDong) - 12spp in 7 games
Image Red Aymar (Bravado) - 9spp in 6 games
Image Húbon (Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters) - 16spp in 7 games
Image Jade (Morning Breakfast Cereal) - 12spp in 7 games
Image Spazzles McCafferty Laffington (Lupine Fiasco) - 16spp in 7 games
Image Wonton Violence (Singed Poor Scoundrels) - 0spp in 7 games
Total:162spp in 68 games
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