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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 22, 2019 - 13:24
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 16 has just kicked off. OK, maybe not "just". Two weeks into what will be another great season, wizards and all.

This season The Deserted Isles seem to be a holiday destination for ex-SWL teams. Or is it a retirement destination, no, can't be that... they don't WTR.

Back Alley Burglars Division
Image Tararuas Krox - OrcCleaver
Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens - bojoaph
Image Old 'Murican Gods - Klazam
Image Glenn Innis Hood Rats - Lostboyzz
Image Death Jesters Of Naggarond - Geoffro
Image Bonesfield Bakers - PlantingLemur
Image swashbuckling kings - pdarbs
Image Blackwater Glee Club - Foad

Lightning Bolt Division
Image Double Happys - ramchop
Image pdarbs wild host - pdarbs
Image At the Mercy of Chaos Dibbl- Trickey
Image Styx and Warpstones - JPM
Image Slaan Francisco 69ers - barberfett
Image Jank, Jank, Splat! - blackcaps
Image Argonian Maids - Nebula753
Image Pink 'n Scabby - Sharper

Joined: Jun 14, 2010

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Redraft humour is a burgeoning field in BB history. I commend your efforts Mr Chop.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 23, 2019 - 11:15
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Two pools again this season. We'll start with the less important one. The one without the Shield.... or me!

Back Alley Burglars Division Image
Named after the longest serving DIBBL team, 118 games! Sadly missed, but they'll be back.

ImageTararuas Krox (OrcCleaver)
TV 1950k. Champions from Season 12 and 15. The 'Krox' will completely dominate everything, and their skink will have opposition coaches raging at the inequity of it all.
Player to watch: Star Saurus, err, no, it's strength 4 but it is no saurus - Powell - may he die by lightning bolt before making Legend.
Prediction: 1st in pool, Champion. It's hopeless, might as well give up now

ImageOld 'Murican Gods (Klazam)
TV 2210k. Bullet proof glass, these Norse are big! They'll hurt stuff and make people cry... until coach Klazam turns into a blubbering mess after...
Player to watch: The big, the mighty, Rock Johnson dies to a spiked boot.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, beaten semi finalist

Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens (bojoaph)
TV 1490. Part of the Aussie powergaming invasion, these short and stocky guys are headed for greatness... or deportation
Player to watch: A horrible creature, killed a TD scoring ulf 5spp short of Legend, everybody please target troll slayer Orin Onyxheart
Prediction: 3rd in pool, Runner up

ImageBlackwater Glee Club (Foad)
TV 1500k. The team that broke the blooding rules in SWL, then arguably SWL CRP. Recent SWL hall of famers, they're not ready to retire, and are here to make you cry. Aiming to be the first team to win titles on both sides of the Tazman.
Player to watch: An absolute monster, at least Legend Andrew "Starships" Cornell doesn't have piling on anymore
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageBonesfield Bakers (PlantingLemur)
TV 1720k. Tomb Guardians are getting big. They will be contenders for most Cas this season.
Player to watch: He may not have the SPP under his belt that the other Thro-ra does, but he rolled Ag+ Obwarzanek Krakowski
Prediction: 5th, Plate winner

ImageDeath Jesters Of Naggarond (Geoffro)
TV 1460k. Geoffro is not done elfing, and this season he's looking to pull off some grand BS plays. Will score some great wins, but also some surprise defeats as the elf game doesn't quite click yet.
Player to watch: The head says the coach wants to elf, but the heart shouts bash. Iomen Ylandreii will lead the punching
Prediction: 6th in pool

Imageswashbuckling kings (pdarbs)
TV 1220k. pdarbs steps up to the plate again to help even up the Leeg. His pact team is tiny, but it will grow.
Player to watch: One elf in an Ag3 team is nice, James Fife makes it two.
Prediction: 7th in pool. Wobbly Boot winner

ImageGlenn Innis Hood Rats (Lostboyzz)
TV 1440k. Coaches new to FUMBBL tend to struggle in their first League season, and this one will be no exception. There is a lot of bash in this division and it'd be a miracle if the Hood Rats finish the season with a higher TV than they started with.
Player to watch: MA10 gutter runners really are disgusting creatures. How long will Leonardo survive?
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 27, 2019 - 09:41
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

On to the important pool. The one with me in it!

Lightning Bolt Division Oh how we've missed wizards in this league. They're baaack!

ImageStyx and Warpstones (JPM)
TW 1470k. Underworld are a joke team. Even their heavy hitters are squishy. However, these ones come in with an all or nothing approach. If the stars survive it's all on!
Player to watch: Volos appears a few times in the SWL record books. How this beast never made the Hoof list is a complete mystery.
Prediction: 1st in pool, beaten semifinalist

ImageJank, Jank, Splat! (blackcaps)
TW 1680k. Wood Elves, clearly easy mode. I wonder why they've never won DIBBL. This lot are getting to a TV where they'll really start to threaten things, or get squished trying.
Player to watch: What do you need sure hands for? Nobody takes strip ball, Insurance liability has.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

ImageDouble Happys (ramchop)
TV 1460k. Slann made the DIBBL Grand Final once, only to be beaten by a superior coach. This superior coach now takes the reigns of a frog team. However, they need to mature past the current tadpole stage before they can truly threaten the title.
Player to watch: Don't even think about dropping that ball, or Joyousness will leap in and snaffle it.
Prediction: 3rd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

ImageArgonian Maids (Nebula753)
TV 1770k. Getting bigger. Once their coach learns to annoy people in FUMBBL as well as he does in tabletop, he'll make the Cup playoffs. Not quite there this season.
Player to watch: Bark may be worse than its bite, but that's one scary bark! Kandy
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageSlaan Francisco 69ers (barberfett)
TV 2250k. TV 2250k. The giants of the division. Shield holder for a couple of seasons. Some really nasty players. So, why not predicted to finish higher than 5th? Simple really, the commish is an arse! Razz
Player to watch: Pink Visual continues to brutalise the unwary. Not many unwary left in this division though, they'll be ready for him.
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImagePink 'n Scabby (Sharper)
TV 1490k. Well coached, Ag4 skink, Block Krox, killer Saurus. Team's just not big enough yet.
Player to watch: Nothing beats an Ag4 skink. Eztletalpalli II will be one of the biggest pests in the league. But his team mates will let him down.
Prediction: 6th in pool

Imagepdarbs wild host (pdarbs)
TV 1830k. Big underworld can be a bit scary. Skills on nearly all the players, and an immovable troll. Why so low? Nuffle has it in for this team.
Player to watch: banjo show tony is no Volos, but tell that to the many he'll hurt this season.
Prediction: 7th in pool

ImageAt the Mercy of Chaos Dibbl (Trickey)
TV 1500k. Coach Trickey brought a similarly named Pact team to his first TT tournament and scored two wins. Nice. Sadly there'll be no wins for the DIBBL variety, not this season anyway.
Player to watch: It's gotta be a Big, but which one? Montador the Metro Sexual Minotaur of course.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: May 29, 2019 - 09:25
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Rakhak's Hoof (aka "The Hoof", "The Rakhak")


The votes are in.

Current player list:

ImageThe Mark: Andrew "Starships" Cornell. Although taking a season off, coach mushoomy took time from his busy schedule to nominate one of Foad's players. Starships is a horror, over 70 cas, a SWL legend. He used to be worse, until SWL admin castrated him of his piling on skill.

The Freak: Powell. With a whopping 10 votes (more than the next two combined), it is clear that everybody loves Powell. This popular skink, built like a saurus (St4), but with an ability to dodge freely into your cage. Where's that lightning bolt?

Image The Overstayer: Orin Onyxheart. This loathsome creature dares show his face on the Deserted Isles! After what he did to Lorax. Somebody kill him! Kill him twice! (5 votes)

Image The Surprise: banjo show tony. Tony just wants to be loved. Good thing the discord bot voted for him. (4 votes)

Kill one of these lovely creatures and you can proudly display the Hoof trophy on you player bio, team bio, coach bio... wherever you see fit. Until someone takes it from you by killing another nominee.

The horseshoe, however is permanent, and may remain on your player's bio forever:


Image Brian "The Bagman" Berlusconi killed Image Blue Suede Shoes Season 14

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Jun 08, 2019 - 09:55 Reply with quote Back to top

"I do not like this place it smells funny" Said Zogwart as he clambered off the Cart.

At The Mercy of Chaos had resurfaced after an embarrassing jaunt out against some Pansy elves they lusted for blood. Little did these poor souls twisted to follow chaos know but there would be plenty of it.

Entering the cave the motley crew were fairly high spirited Yugio leading the banter with talk of feasting on the bones of the puny Goblins and eating rat brains. Montodor still was talking about getting out the game and joining the Imperial ballet. Burtino claimed these caverns were where he had played his best games at a tender age.

As the cavern winded on the smell of sulphur filled their nostrils. "I have a bad feeling about this" Chipolata squeaked. They walked onward and the cavern opened up an amber glow met the familiar green light of warpstone. "Is that...." Ablino was cut short. "Yes, yes" said coach Wunder "The River Styx's gate way to Hades". "There they are! Puny pathetic things" said Yugio looking over the amber river. There shilouted in the amber green glow were the silent figures of the Opposition. "Is that Glart" piped Burtino. "I have a bad feeling about this" repeated Chipolata "Did you pick up the wandering apothecary at the front of the cave coach"...........

For the the fainthearted followers of Chaos the following match should be watched at your own digression it involves abuse towards Minotaurs, Orc hating, Elf beating and pity non gang fouling.


Joined: Jul 05, 2015

Post   Posted: Jun 18, 2019 - 11:10 Reply with quote Back to top

Everybody's favorite Saurus, ahm Skink, Powell http://fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=11469971 is now a Legend worthy of the Hoof nomination! Both dice showed his strength, so he now has Block. This will make him even more popular among wizards. So far he got targeted by 3 Lightning Bolts and 1 Fireball this season.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 18, 2019 - 11:48
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Grats to Dibbl's 14th legend. And perhaps the most disgusting skink I've ever seen.

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Jul 06, 2019 - 14:36 Reply with quote Back to top

One sides take on the Wobbly Boot Final

The Death of a Tap dancer (The Hoof's last play?)

The Wobbly Boot is the most prestigious of all prizes in the dibbl (Most prestigious Trickey has ever been in the running for -ed). The Boot final is known to stop two nations in their tracks.

This final was to be something special. With Burtino Bawhog single handily dragging the team through the play off pressure suddenly was on Albino Chipolata to deliver. To even the keel The lads picked up a particularly dirty bit of machinery looking to slice ANdrew StarShips a new Top hat. Also there wily coach paid a small donation to the Referee's widows guild just before kick off.

The pressure certianily told and in the first minutes of the game the ball slipped from Chipolata's fury sweaty little hand. He tried to laugh off the crowds jeers, but he is a sensitive rat. Montador went about his task much like the season charging head long into the battle. This poor beast still blinded by the rage of not being allowed into the imperial ballet. Quickly he found himself tossed into the crowd and back on the bench.

Chipolata hid in a poorly formed cage only to be beaten out spilling the ball and seeing it flinged around by the Glee club before crossing over the line. The Mercy lads had done their fair share of damage though and it was noted that Pus Vinbattle, who's new sponsorship with Hatorade has seen him grow to the size of a Black Ork, had already been dealing out the punishments. With little time on the clock the restart saw nothing from the gang.

Now the kick and chase. The Mercy of Chaos tussled and bashed but the beastman seemed to be to comfortable on the ball and again crossed the line. The deep bench was telling on the Glee club and The homeside were starting to be out numbered. Albino was sent to the apoc with broken ribs but hell bent on keeping him in the game the apothecary patched up the rat. Pus continued his Onslaught slaying Stuart "I love it" Barnes and another beast.

It was with a wicked glint in his eye Montador charged toward Starships. After a solid shunt up the pitch this hoofable individual laid into our favorite Minotaur showing no mercy to the beast. As he hit the deck tears along with a death rattle flooded out the poor beasts mouth. All the beast ever wanted was the approval of his father Minus (Minotaur of legend). The crowd gasped, new mothers wept,a small village inbetween Balclutha and Dipton adjusted their flags.

The rest of the game slipped by the boot was lost. In the end we are all At the mercy of chaos. The boys will slip off back to the Otepoti Hip hop underground possibly searching for a new Minotaur.
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