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 Issue 6 - February 27 2506
BB Vets: Alpha Tourney Wrap-Up

The past teams of BloodBowl players - angry at no longer being given the chance to play as they once had - formed their own league: "BloodBowl Veterans", more commonly known as BBVets. As news of the new league spread throughout the earth, teams from far and wide travelled to sign up, all vying for the #1 spot. After a vicious clash between all the head coaches, it was decided to settle the argument once and for all. The Alpha Tourney was created!

It was decided to first find the Alpha team from each race. The victors would then play off in a final to decide the Ultimate Alpha team / race.

Orc faced Orc and carnage ensued, casualties where high: 9/4/1. Though the battles were hard fought, Ironclaw Orcs came away with the title.

Homo Sapiens followed, bringing more injuries and bloodshed: 7/8/5. Inquisitors walked away victorious although slightly bruised and battered.

Chaos / Rotters clashed horns and rotten flesh to slog it out in an attempt to prove their worth. A cas tally of 6/6/1 was seen as lame by the other races. Although the final needed OT to decide a victor, Whisky by the Jar managed to sneak past Rite of Darkness on the toss of a coin.

The Skavens showed everyone how it was done, producing the the highest casualty rate of all: 22/7/4. This left the Crookback Creepers singing through the gutters after clinching the title.

The Chaos Dwarves tried without success to claim the bloodiest title causing just 8/9/3 casualties, and handing the title to Bull Rush.

The Muppet Babies brought down the MG Giants as the only 2 stunty teams entered, claiming the stunty title.

With scores of players either dead or dying, only 4 teams made the Semi Finals of the Ultimate Alpha team.

Semi 1: Inquisitors faced off against Whisky by the Jar, after some amazing play on both sides, after 4/2/2 casualties, Whisky by the Jar made it to the final, battered, sore and players maimed for life but eager to continue and win the ultimate final.

Semi 2: Ironclaw Orcs faced the Crookback Creepers, although slightly one sided, seeing the Orcs trounce their opponents causing 2/0/2 injuries and securing the remaining place in the ultimate final.

The Final: Geared up and raring to go, Whisky by the Jar invited Ironclaw Orcs to come and pulverise them, baiting the brutish orcs. After a hard fought injury laden match 4/2/1, Whisky by the Jar were crowned The Ultimate Alpha Team, and therefore #1 in BBvets.

Whisky by the Jar were last seen celebrating their fascinating win on the blood smothered field of Toraknor, before heading off to find new recruits to help them maintain their title.

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