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FUMBBL SMACK Facilitator's Guide

Managing The Group

  • Only accept applications to the group when you are ready to start a QST.
  • Delete membership of coaches after a tournament.

Setting Up The Tournament

  • Name the tournament "FUMBBL SMACK <TR Class> <Roman Numeral>" with separate number counts for each TR Class
  • Leave Season set to 0
  • All FUMBBL SMACK QSTs are 8 team Knockout Tournaments
  • Set progression to Standard
  • Set prize to Minor (+1 FF)

Starting The Tournament

  • Get each coach to officially confirm they are ready to play via a chat msg.
  • Check if any of them are banned in the relevant forum thread
  • Set all eight participants to +v in the #fumbblsmack channel, so you can tell them apart from the lurkers more easily
  • Ask the coaches to confirm that they have read the rules and are able to play at least 2 games back to back
  • Tell the coaches to apply to the group with their teams
  • Check that the applied teams are within the correct TR bracket and are from the Ranked division
  • Select "Start tournament" and fill in the correct TR bracket
  • Accept the applications of the 8 teams playing
  • Seed coaches by Random
  • Start the tournament
  • Post the tournament schedule link in the channel
  • Ask the coaches to let you know if any games are not started within 15 minutes, and wish them "Good Luck"
  • Remove all teams from the group
  • After completion of a round check whether the losing coaches set themselves to -v, and -v them yourself if they don't.

Starting The Scheduled Tournament

  • only start that tournament at midnight server time on a Wednesday evening
  • Check if any of them are banned in the relevant forum thread
  • Check that the applied teams are from the Ranked division
  • Group the applied teams in TR brackets
  • Seed coaches by Random
  • Start the tournament
  • Remove all teams from the group
  • Remove all teams from the Join requests list, if there are not enough teams for a TR bracket


The normal disconnection rules do not apply during QST tournaments. If a coach drops out of a SMACK game and fails to return within a reasonable timeframe he/she forfeits the game.

Forfeit the game in the normal way and add the coach who dropped to the relevant forum thread. As for the timeframe there is no set period after which a forfeit must be imposed, just use your good judgement. It is advised to at least make sure the delay does not mean one of the coaches that finished their games has to leave before the next round is finished.

Instead of a forfeit, the remaining coach can opt for a standalone finish to the game. This option requires assistance from an admin, so before suggesting this always check if an admin is available.

Useful Links

Roman Numerals

Take letters from Table 1 and Table 2 and put them together. Example: 49 = 40 + 9 = XL + IX = XLIX

 Table 1: Tens 
 10  X 
 20  XX 
 30  XXX 
 40  XL 
 50  L 
 60  LX 
 70  LXX 
 80  LXXX 
 90  XC 
 100  C 
 200  CC 
 300  CCC 
 400  DC 
 500  D 
 Table 2: Ones 
 1  I 
 2  II 
 3  III 
 4  IV 
 5  V 
 6  VI 
 7  VII 
 8  VIII 
 9  IX 
 10  X 

For an indepth study of roman numerals, have a look here.

Last update: October 19, 2008