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Quick Start Tournaments

Quick Start Tournaments (QST) are used in Official FUMBBL Tournaments to get tournaments off to a speedy start. Quick Start Tournaments are variations on normal tournament formats. Therefore all QST tournaments will be qualified. For example, Quickstart 32 Team Bi-weekly KO Tournament.


  • If you can commit to 2 back to back games and have an eligibile team, join the appropriate tournament channel and apply to the tourmanent group.
  • When the required number of coaches have joined, the tournament facilitator will confirm that everyone is ready and then start the QS tournament will begin.
  • Coaches will then play 2 back to back games. The remaining games in the tournament will then follow the reqular rules indicated by the tournament format.
  • Do not join a QST unless you are certain you can complete 2 back to back games.
  • Dropping out of an QST will result in banishment from further QSTs and depending on the circumstances future Official FUMBBL Tournaments.


Q: What happens if a coach drops out during a QST?
A: For the first 2 games of a QST, coaches will have 15 minutes to return to the game. If they do not return in time, their opponent will automatically win the match. Other consequences may follow as per usual FUMBBL rules. After the Quick Start portion (initial 2 games), normal tournament rules regarding disconnections will apply.

Q: What happens if a coach has repeated connectivity issues?
A: The match may be forfeited at the tournament facilitator's discretion in order to keep the QST on schedule.

Q: Why haven't I been accepted yet? Why can't I see the other coaches who have applied before I decide to apply?
A: No applications are accepted for a QST until there are sufficient numbers of applications for the tournament to be started. This is to stop coaches "cherrypicking". You have to accept who you play, no exceptions - even if it is coach FoulThemTillTheyDie!

Q: Oh no, I got FoulThemTillTheyDie as an opponent! Can I get you to forfeit my game so I can apply to the next qualifier instead?
A: You can choose to forfeit your game, but if you do that you will not be allowed to enter any more QSTs.

Q: What about star players, match K-values, team eligibility? A: All of these rules will be indicated in the main Official FUMBBL Tournament Rules or in the appropriate tournament group.

Last update: June 23, 2008