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I check my page from my phone a good deal. So if you see that I've checked my page but I'm not on IRC, chances are I can't play. I still like to check PM's for the multiple leagues I am in... and, of course, to utilize Christer's wonderful scheduler (which, if you are in a league and don't use... you should check your head, because it's brilliant).

Best time for me to play against my league opponents is typically after 8:30pm CST... I do have some flexibility to play folks on the other side of the pond, but for either I do prefer setting things up via PM ahead of time.

I love to banter. If you find chatting with your opponent annoying, I am bad news. I try my best not to complain about my luck - everyone has bad days... I would appreciate you not letting bad luck keep you from having fun. I will acknowledge bad luck if I see it, but you will get no sympathy - and I expect none in return if I am getting lucked over, as I will still try to have fun. This is a game after all - we should at least try to have fun. If you cannot have fun unless you are luckier than the other guy, go jerk off and get in a better mood before offering me a game. Oh!... and don't apologize for killing my guys unless you are going to not block or foul them the rest of the game. I congratulate kills... I will pat you on the back for yours, and I will pat me on the back for mine :)

"People generally use their own behaviour as a baseline when they judge others intentions and actions. Essentially, we consider how we ourselves would act under the given circumstances and assume that others would act in a similar manner.

This is not illogical and serves a purpose but it also tells others something about our own behaviour patterns when we make assumptions without knowing how things stand."

~Leijonet 2010-01-20

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Had to save this chat log for posterity...

From the match <a href=http://www.fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2874509>Minnesnowta ViQueens 2 - 1 Chichaos Bears Short Shufflers</a>

<Jeffro> everything's coming up Milhouse...
<Jeffro> Halas shows up...
<Jeffro> you win the toss...
<lawman> sid enjoys the weather
<Jeffro> it's all downhill from here for you now...
<Jeffro> ;)
<lawman> perfect bear weather
<Jeffro> bears stink when it rains...
<Jeffro> smell like wet dog...
<Jeffro> :)
<Jeffro> how are you doing in the FC?...
<Jeffro> were you one of the teams that played a "cheater"
<lawman> sure was
<lawman> and I got hammered
<Jeffro> weak, Sweetness...
<Jeffro> you're too nice...
<lawman> she was playing hard to get
<lawman> have to admit those are some weak rolls
<Jeffro> blame it on the RAIN
<Jeffro> yeaah... yeeaaaaaahhh.....
<Jeffro> wake up Ditka...
<Jeffro> lame, chica...
<Jeffro> grats
<lawman> ty
<lawman> despite the easy score it was not a dice friendly half thus far
<lawman> but no injuries
<Jeffro> for you or for me?
<lawman> for all the blocks I throw, its normally a little better odds of a cas
<Jeffro> are you complaining already?!...
<lawman> ok I'll wait than brag
<lawman> lol
<Jeffro> :S
<Jeffro> Jim McMahon is my favorite all-time player
<Jeffro> I went as him for Halloween in 5th grade
<Jeffro> nice one Sid!
<Jeffro> poop
<Jeffro> oh well...
<Jeffro> lovely, Perdy...
<lawman> are you ocmplaining lol
<Jeffro> yeah
<Jeffro> but I don't whine when I do...
<lawman> woops
<Jeffro> slip in the wet grass?....
<Jeffro> DOH!
<lawman> sad dice
<Jeffro> me too
<Jeffro> :(
<Jeffro> oh wait!
<Jeffro> those were GOOD dice!
<Jeffro> :)
<Jeffro> gratz, jeffro...
<Jeffro> you are too kind, my friend...
<Jeffro> no really - that was superb
<Jeffro> go on...
<Jeffro> I might
<Jeffro> you're just saying that because it was spectacular...
<Jeffro> it was!
<Jeffro> amazing, really...
<lawman> i make a mistake
<lawman> and I dont add a crowdpush
<lawman> block dice
<lawman> then I double roll
<lawman> 1's
<lawman> to fail a dodge
<Jeffro> poor baby...
<lawman> niggle
<lawman> apoth fails
<Jeffro> apo fails suck
<Jeffro> okay.... now the question is - can I REALLY use ALL 7 rerolls....
<Jeffro> ???
<Jeffro> odds are I can't...
<Jeffro> I bet I end up with 5....
<Jeffro> you want me to kill George for you?...
<Jeffro> save you the trouble of firing the niggler?...
<Jeffro> just say the word, pal...
<Jeffro> I'd be happy to oblige :)
<Jeffro> nice one!
<Jeffro> take care of Tavarissa, too, there... Georgie!
<Jeffro> take a load off, saffron...
<Jeffro> and NO SAFFRON BURGERS for the crowd...
<Jeffro> sorry boys ;)
<Jeffro> Jackson burgers in the North Stands!
<Jeffro> nice hit Georgie... I knew you could do it
<Jeffro> well played Jeffro...
<Jeffro> thank you kind sir...
<Jeffro> very ballsy move with the HMP from the corner of your own endzone...
<Jeffro> well you have to take some risks...
<Jeffro> you've been getting excellent dice all game!...
<Jeffro> well, we're actually at 49 and 47 percent respectively...
<Jeffro> still - you've made all the important ones...
<Jeffro> lawman's had some tough luck on his end....
<Jeffro> awesome...
<Jeffro> Big Lance Briggs with a big ol' KO
<lawman> gl in the rest of the games
<Jeffro> :)
<Jeffro> thanks...
<Jeffro> you're too kind
<Jeffro> HEY!... 50K
<Jeffro> not bad...
<lawman> getting my two best played injured in freakish ways not the best start
<lawman> we will see
<Jeffro> yeah...
<lawman> dice raped TD taken from me given to you
<Jeffro> Sid's fallin' on his own hand blew goats
<lawman> and as many crowd pushes and blocks thrown
<lawman> for you to come out with one dead player isn't terrible
<lawman> 61-15 blocks
<lawman> 5 fouls
<lawman> its pretty obvious that I got screwed when it came to the cas dice
<Jeffro> don't whine... it lessens you
<lawman> that one crowdpush
<Jeffro> you had more dice rolls and therefore had more dice failures
<Jeffro> the house always wins
<lawman> take one of those dice off
<lawman> and my star is probably not niggled
<lawman> how you got a TD to score at end of half after my niggle
<lawman> a bunch of 4+'s
<lawman> maybe a 5+ as well
<lawman> I'm not sure
<Jeffro> pretty awesome, eh?
<Jeffro> all part of my master plan
<Jeffro> rely on luck
<Jeffro> :)
<lawman> I didn't rely on luck much that game
<lawman> my first td was a breeze
<lawman> but after my star died I put up a good fight
<lawman> as many dodges as you threw
<lawman> pretty suprised you didn't go for more blocks
<lawman> I pushed out 3 players
<lawman> with a 4th that should have been
<Jeffro> the crowd loves the chicks
<lawman> match report says it all cya around.
<Jeffro> that it does, sir... that it does
<Jeffro> :)

More fun from a game lawman quit on me before we could even play...

<Jeffro> big gate...
<Jeffro> replacements have to come from the back, right?...
<lawman> yes
<lawman> you can't pull assists
<Jeffro> LOS can't be used for assists?...
<lawman> r u serious?
<Jeffro> just clarifying... I'm dumb
<Jeffro> spell it out for me
<lawman> u'd have to be
<lawman> expect me to say yes?
<lawman> I just said
<lawman> you can't pull assists
<lawman> whaty are you doing
<Jeffro> got it
<Jeffro> I'm lining up
<lawman> you cant line up that way
<lawman> man
<Jeffro> why not?
<lawman> because as you said in our PM
<Jeffro> I'll dodge him out... I want my designated guy to blitz the shit out of your designated guy
<lawman> yes they line up and outside of the other's tackle zones and run straight back out of the way,right?
<Jeffro> he's not used for ann assist
<lawman> your funcking a fudgin kike
<lawman> jewish
<Jeffro> well... you didn't give me much of a choice because you didn't line up all three next to each other
<lawman> you say that in pm
<lawman> and then ask these questions
<Jeffro> are you getting upset?
<Jeffro> you've had more time to think about this than I have...
<Jeffro> I'm just thinking about it now...
<lawman> dude
<lawman> you said in the PM
<lawman> as if you know the rules
<lawman> now you don't
<Jeffro> is this an unaaceptable lineup?
<lawman> because you got kickoff
<lawman> your firstlineup was correct
<Jeffro> I'm not blocking your guys - they aren't in the game
<lawman> any way you can get the rules in your favor
<Jeffro> I'm just giving myself a 2D blitz on your blitzer
<lawman> this is like tabletop playing against a ruleshark
<lawman> do whatever you want
<lawman> I give up
<Jeffro> you concede?!
<lawman> I wanted to play 45 min ago
<lawman> but your a fuckin retard now
<Jeffro> you should've PM'd me sooner than the exact time you wanted to play
<lawman> waste another 15 minutes why don't you
<Jeffro> like setting something up ahead of time...
<lawman> 1v1
<lawman> and you want to use the other 3 players
<Jeffro> I'm not
<lawman> no unaccaptable

AND he quits.... notice the derogatory comments. Brilliant.

The further list of people I've pissed off that won't play with me.