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Hi, i´m a 39 year old BB Fanatic.
I play in AROSBB real life league.
I believe BB should be played on the table, but since that is not allways possible I play here too.

Merits are as follows.
Danish champion 2003, 2013 & 2016 as well as a 2´nd place somewhere.
Worldcup 2003 3rd.
NAF World Cup for teams: 3 silver medals; 2007, 2011 & 2015.
Eurobowl (Danish national team): 2 silvers medal 2010 & 2016 and took bronze in 2012.
Have played for more than 15 years.
Link to the EBs homepage: Eurobowl

How to link with text on FUMBBL

I play to win: That means I stall, foul, crowdpush and yes even scores. This goes for whatever race I play.
However I consider myself a fair coach, and doesn´t deliver stupid fouls etc.
I will play all, for as long as the teams are equal and you doesn´t have a team with 25 DP´s and PO/MB.
I usually follow the guidance from the gamefinder.
However I most certainly play for fun - that´s the prime reason for playing :)
With the introduction of BlackBox that is all I play.

I believe there´s a lot of nice fair players out there, but also a few bad sports.
But with a bit of luck, u will avoid most of them.

At present I am on a mission to play at least 20 games with all races in the Box (for those races Ive played extensively prior to the Box this might not be the case) - and become legend with them all too - and hold this status - as the teams are meant to be with only team maximization Ie. Chaos Pact with three Big Guys, Slann with Blitzers etc. but not necessarily with all positionals. Ie DE doesn´t field Assassins & Slann won´t field 4 blitzes and catchers for example.

Teams I have achieved this with:
Amazon, Chaos, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elven Union, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Norse, Nurgle, Shambling Undead, Skaven, Slann, Underworld, Vampire.

Work in progress:
20+ games:
Super Star status: Khemri, Ogre, Wood Elves
Star status: Orc (11 Box games)
Emerging Star: Chaos Dwarves
Focus atm is on Chaos Dwarves & Orc

Sk8bcn: Has the kind of approach to the game that I strive to myself. I fail at times however.
Johnny_Ryce: Had the worst luck I have ever seen, but took it all with a smile.

Players I have learned something from:

-Roos for playing the most offensive defence I have ever seen.
-On1 for teaching me how to attach team anthems.
A fun and "cool" feature I reckon. - which I have now forgotten again ;)

Oh yeh and can´t stand quitters.
Have never in my entire life conceded a game - and hopefully never will have too.
So don´t quit illegally.
A link to the Concession rules

Link to join the chat

How to play fixed TV games

MY CR graph

MY BlackBox

The Championship

The BlackBox junior sprint:

The BlackBox sprint:

How to make your own player portraits

Finally a link on how to do those long shot 1-turn TDs: