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Rumours at Kislev... (DLE)
taken from a blog fan of the wolves :

A journalist at the Kislev Tribune, who had some access at the training facility of the White Wolves, say that he heard a conversation between the coach Doofr and the new GM of the franchise Asteflix.

Coach Doofr : What is wrong with this Robert Graaf Dude ? We never received a demand of interview from him !!

GM Asteflix : Perhaps he doesnt like the cold ....

Coach Doofr : Then why he went to Praag ? He prefer to interwiev coach Sonrises over me ?

GM Asteflix : I think he was more interested to interwiev Jeffrey..

Coach Doofr : Who is this guy ??? Anyway it shows that this Robert Graaf doesnt seems to be a real sport journalist if he prefer interwiew an obscurs staff menber of the Grizzlies instead of the head coach of the White Wolves.

In the past 2 seasons and half since i took over, so many things happened to the franchise that i thougt that a real sport journalist would have bben curious to ask me some questions...

From now one , i dont want see a Rotenbach Gazette in Kislev and the area , i want see only Kislev Tributes sold , at least they speak about us !!!

Since the article , the staff of the White Wolves is silent , they say they are focused in the preparation of the new season and dont have time for this kind of polemics...

We dunno what to think of this story, is it a made up story from the Kislev Tributes in hope to sell more ? Is it true ?Or this is tactic from the staff Wolve to stir the pot or with another goal in mind ?

Hard to know , maybe the future events will help us to understand this story....

ps: i know my english is not perfect, i still hope you understood well what i wanted to tell . :)

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Posted by neubau on 2018-07-10 09:14:26
graaf only talks to teams with playoff wins ;)
Posted by SpecialOne on 2018-07-10 12:17:41
Everybody want to be famous. The plan from Robbert Graaf is to get all the way around the league, but it will take more than a season or 2. Long travels through the empire and all.

But 1 thing is certain. Trying to force an interview by not selling one of the best sports papers in the old world, Rotenbach Gazette, will not make RGs travel come to Kislev any time soon! ;)