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2013-09-30 22:18:59
rating 3
2013-08-05 15:54:06
rating 4.3
2013-09-30 22:18:59
8 votes, rating 3
A new legend is coming
Hi there!
I'm not sure about what to do with this player:


mostly because I haven't had the chance to see one of my players last so long
(especially a WD, who is one of the most hated players in this game).

What would you suggest? He has to take another normal skill.
In my mind I have Frenzy or Sure Feet because, to be honest,
I would have hoped for a double roll to give him Mightyblow.

So, what's next?
Shall he die?
Shall he become a legend?
Shall he retire?
Shall I start to play another race?

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Posted by maneetti on 2013-09-30 22:26:19
I think he's nothing special amongst WD's. All the top WD's have rolled skills to make them the most annoying thing in the game.
I think frenzy is just getting him into troubles with ST3 as he's clearly cagebreaker. If you like him, consider fend for survivability.
If you want even more certain ball strip, consider wrestle to get BC down (that could be the end of WD tho').
Posted by Chainsaw on 2013-09-30 22:43:03
It's hard to know what to say.

I like the enthusiasm and don't want to dull that. It's just this player is nothing special, not even close.
Posted by Mateuszzzzzz on 2013-09-30 22:45:51
Take wrestle.
Posted by CastleMan on 2013-09-30 22:50:08
jugg turns both down into push, which activates strip. a good choice, even without frenzy. hope that helps.
Posted by Hitonagashi on 2013-10-01 01:57:20
Castle, Jugg is a double. Wrestle for me.
Posted by fabiomightyblow on 2013-10-01 16:14:09
Thanks for the replies guys.
I know, I have been to enthusiastic about this little pixel :)

I'll take Fend cause I think that Wrestle could cause it more harm by a consequent foul.

Cheers and nice game to all!
Posted by the_Sage on 2013-10-01 17:23:18
All normals is kinda bland on a dancer, since they already start with 3 good GA skills. 9 x GA is a bit much.
They do really well with doubles (Mb) and really well with stats (MA, AG, ST).

I'd say diving tackle (for more utility/annoyance), wrestle (for better sacking), with jump up at 76 spp. Or retirement to roll a better one (but I couldn't bring myself to do so).
Posted by CastleMan on 2013-10-02 18:25:23
doh, thanks hitonagashi.