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The Silly Season...

It's the time of year in the Southern Wastes where it seems every town has some sort of carnival, festival, fair or jamboree. Alongside the usual music, dancing, arting and crafting, magic and artifice, there is food, drink and...the Spectacle.
While it varies from place to place, and each region has its own particular game (usually to ensure that the home team gets at least one trophy) the Spectacle involves teams playing a series of games against each other to determine who is The Best. Making use of the local Bloodbowl Pitch, they gather together to play the Traditional Games.
The names of the Games themselves hold special significance, a certain weight and authority. Bullrush. Dodgeball. Leapfrog. Ancient in origin, noone knows the true nature of the Games. They are played now in a subtly ritual fashion - right up until someone gets poked in the eye with a chainsaw...

...and then the Fun really begins.
Competition Rules
Players make teams using the Spectacular Roster (use the link top right).
The tourney takes place in three 'rounds' over three weeks.

Week 1 -
Week 2 -
Week 3 -
Each week, Coaches must build their team according to the rules for each team. For example, in week 1, teams will have 13 Goblin Bullrushers, 2 Bullrush Trolls, and 1 Bullrush Chainsaw. For the following week, these players must be fired from the team, and new players from the Dodgeball section hired.
While games are progression, each should end in a draw. Points will be manually updated in the tournament tables to reflect the unique scoring systems. Coaches should keep their Team Bio Updated with their BEST scores for each Traditional Game, with a hyperlink to the match report.
Each week, all teams are put into an Open Round Robin tournament. Games are organised by coaches, and coaches may play as many or as few games as they like - however, only your BEST score will count!

Number Position MASAAVSkills
13 Goblin Bullrusher6237Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty
1 Bullrush Troll4539Accurate, Always Hungry, Loner, Mighty Blow, Regenerations, Strong Arm, Throw Team-Mate
1 Bullrush Troll Understudy4529Accurate, Always Hungry, Loner, Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Strong Arm, Throw Team-Mate
1 Bullrush Chopper6237Chainsaw, Dodge

Apothecary: NO
Rerolls: NO

The goal of Bullrush is to get as many Goblin Bullrushers into the opposing endzone as possible before the game ends.

As with most Traditional Games, Bullrush follows a ritual or formalised setup and turn sequence. Failure to follow the following rules will result in a score penalty (-1 point per infraction).

Each team sets up with the following restrictions:
  • No players in the widezones
  • No players on the LOS
  • Apart from the previous restrictions, players may be placed in any manner THREE squares behind their LOS.
  • Only ONE Bullrush Troll may be on the pitch for either team at a time (unless player loss requires it - if so, the secondary Troll must stay in your own Endzone, out of the way) Should we allow two trolls onto pitch, but one must stay in endzone until primary troll gets KO'd/taken out? As a strategic choice..?
Turn Sequence:
  1. Movement and TTM:
  2. Players may move OR stand up Goblin Bullrushers
  3. Movement may be made into and out of widezones, and up to the LOS if desired.
  4. The Bullrush Troll/s can use their full MA, but must attempt a TTM action to throw a Goblin Bullrusher as part of their action.
  5. Please note that these two actions can take place in any combination (ie, you may elect to throw a goblin, then move it, OR move goblins first, then TTM, or any combination thereof.)
  6. Chainsaw Blitz:
    If you have successfully completed a TTM in the previous action, the Bullrush Chopper may blitz an opposing Goblin Bullrusher that has successfully landed in your half. Can we blitz move without a hit to 'recentre' the Chainsaw??

  • Players may not make a move action into the opposition half. The only way that a Goblin Bullrusher may cross the LOS is if they have been thrown. No other player may cross the LOS.
  • When a Goblin Bullrusher reaches the Endzone, it is considered safe and cannot be blitzed; it cannot move back OUT of the Endzone, however.
  • No player may ever make a Block or Foul action.
  • Watch out for the ball, it could get in the way and end your turn.... too bad! You may not enter the Endzone with the ball, however - get rid of it somehow!
  • TTM: A ‘Successful throw’ is one in which the troll successfully launches a goblin. The goblin need not stick the landing, nor does it need to have crossed the LOS for it to count as a successful throw.
    A fumbled throw, or an eaten gobbo, or a goblin that wriggles free, are not counted as successful throws.
1 point is scored for each Goblin Bullrusher who makes it to the opposing endzone.


Number Position MASAAVSkills
2 Dodgeball Catcher6335Catch, Diving Catch, Pass Block
2 Dodgeball Lobber6336Bombardier, Hail Mary Pass
2 Dodgeball Snatcher7335Sprint, Sure Hands
2 Dodgeball Thrower6336Accurate, Pass, Strong Arm
3 Dodgeball Utility6336Pro
Apothecary: NO
Rerolls: NO

The goal of Dodgeball is to eliminate the opposition by hitting them with a ball or bomb, or by intercepting a thrown ball or bomb.

As with most Traditional Games, Dodgeball follows a ritual or formalised setup and turn sequence. Failure to follow the following rules will result in a score penalty (-1 point per infraction).

Setup Restrictions:
  • No players in the Widezones
  • No players on the LOS
The Turn:
  1. Move any players eliminated since your previous turn to YOUR endzone. Mark those players with a 1 or 2 depending on half (use shift+left click to mark players)
  2. Any moves you make must involve either a Handoff, Pass or Bomb action. You cannot make Move, Block, Blitz or Foul actions.
  3. One Pass Action attempt must be made each turn. The Pass attempt must be aimed at the opponents side of the pitch.
  4. Players may not move into the Widezones, or over the LOS unless eliminated or under the Exceptions listed below
  • When a player is eliminated they must make their way to their OWN endzone, if/when they are able.
  • At the end of each half, points are determined by the amount of players marked with a 1 or 2 (depending on half).
  • Players are eliminated in the following ways:
    - Failing a pickup
    - Fumbling the ball/bomb
    - Dropping a catch
    - Having a pass intercepted
    - Being hit by the ball
    - Being injured/KO'd by a bomb
    - Ending a turn on the LOS or in a Widezone.
  • If a player is knocked over by a bomb, it must stay prone.
  • If a player successfully makes a catch, one prone player from their team may stand up.
  • Exceptions:
    - Only Snatchers may cross the LOS to the other side of the pitch.
    - Catchers may enter the widezone on a PASSBLOCK move only.
  • If you are unable to reach the ball IN YOUR OWN HALF during your turn, the game ends and your opponent gets a 10pt bonus to their score.
At the end of EACH HALF, 1 point is scored for each player in your opponents Endzone or Widezone, OR those in the Cas/KO boxes (They should be marked with a 1 or a 2, according to which half they have been eliminated).
Add up the scores from each half; this is your total Points tally for the game.


Number Position MASAAVSkills
11 Leapfrogger6338Leap, Very Long Legs
1 Deathball4727Ball & Chain, Jump Up, No Hands, Sure Feet, Thick Skull
Apothecary: NO
Rerolls: NO

'Eliminate' opposing players by leaping over them.

As with most Traditional Games, Leapfrog follows a ritual or formalised setup and turn sequence. Failure to follow the following rules will result in a score penalty (-1 point per infraction).

Setup restrictions:
  • No players in the Widezones
  • No players on the LOS
  • Players must not be placed within 3 squares of the LOS
The Turn:

  1. Eliminated frogs that are standing use their normal movement to move into the closest widezone. They may not leap another frog on the way.
  2. Move players one by one to advance. Up to one player may move their full movement allowance (leaping on the way if necessary); all other players may ONLY move by leaping over another frog, whether friend or foe.
  3. A failed leap means a turnover, and that player is eliminated from play
  • No 'in-play' frogs can enter the widezones.
  • If an opposing frog is successfully leapt over, that frog is 'eliminated' and must next turn move towards the sidelines.
  • The Ball does not feature in the game, unless a stalemate situation occurs, in which case the ball becomes live - players must attempt to reach the ball and score a touchdown (or leap over their opponent) to win. - Remove this rule?
  • Players may not make a block, blitz, or foul action at any point
  • See images below for clarification of a 'legal' leap:
1 point is scored for each of your opponents frogs standing in a Widezone. Scores are tallied at the end of each half, and added together for a combined total.

* A stalemate situation may occur when each coach has one remaining Leapfrogger, each moving around to avoid being leaped.

Can I replace injured/dead players during a Round?
Yes, as long as you have money to do so, and as long as you replace with player/s from the correct ruleset (ie, from the Bullrush players during Bullrush week)

What happens if I get a skill roll?
This is unlikely, as the Spectacle has custom spp limits. If you do manage to achieve the required amount of spp for a skill roll, you have played many, many games and probably deserve it.

How do I win this thing, anyways?
The team with the highest combined points score at the end of the three Rounds will be declared the Spectacular Champion. You may play as many games as you like/are able during each Round, but ONLY your best score will count.

Other game ideas:

Hot potato?
av6 elves with dumpoff and nos
spiked ball
everyone starts in base contact
you block the guy with the ball, and watch the fireworks
points for each successful pass, failed catch ends turn and removes player from the line

I guess what youd do is kickoff and receive as normal, receiving team gets the ball to the LOS, ends turn.
Kicking team starts blocking; when there's a dropped ball, kicking team ends turn and receiving team attempts to pickup ball and give it to someone in the line. When they do, end turn, blocks start again.
until everyone is ko'd/cas, or 8 turns go by then it's the other teams turn.
Would need a bench and maybe regen so you don't end up with one team having a massive number advantage in the second half.