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* * * Did you know? The best passer is Cherrystone Hotpack with 656 completions.
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Group managers: Supercowboy12

A troll shortage has started! Many trolls went missing a little more than an hour ago, how is the Blood bowl teams going to manage?

In game terms, I'm going to roll a die for each team, on a one they have to retire one troll, I will msg you if this happens to you. On another note. You can not buy new trolls until (4/8/17)
General Rules
This is a very experimental Idea. There will be different leagues for different teams. 3 points for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss. and if you are in the top quarter. you are promoted to the next league if there is one. If you are in the bottom quarter. you are downgraded a league if you can. seems like it would be fun.

If you are going to join. Do a League Team.

Now Something that you may need to know, And this will make it more fun in my sight. No Indusements, That means 0 Bribes, Which in turn means you have to be a lot more Sparing with your Secret weapons.

In every stat I will be listing the best of the best, Along with the second and third best, of course, this will happen after a game is played.

A Little Rule here as well, to do with naming. Please do not name your player 1,2,3 etc. I wont get on you for it. But it bothers me

Please only enter newly created teams. Makes it a little easier for newish people.

In every tourney here at MGL, The ball will be spikey, keep that in mind before you mindlessly try to pick it up in several tackle zones.

I, Supercowboy, Do have to go places in the morning, And I tend to be gone for most of the day. Time when I get back to your time zones. I do not know them very well. I will be here most weekends though. If you want to help me out, Thats Awesome! But I'm planning to ask people to help me later on.

Also, Please add all the kills your player has, KILLS ONLY, in their bio. because I'm going to do a Kills Stat and it'll make my job so very much easier. List the Victums name, Player type, and Coach as well. Put the total amout of kills in the bio as well.

May the best gobbo win!
Twig (Eaten by his own team-mate, 3/6/2017)
There will be 4 Leagues of 8 for the time being, a max of 32 players. we are currently recruting new coaches. SO come on in!

League 1: 0/8
League 2: 0/8
League 3: 0/8
Newbies League: 0/8

You will always start in the Newbies league.
You Can not join once The Newbies league is full. you will have to wait till next season.
Current Tourneys
Mork's KO Mini League S1 (4 Players, Running,(MGL Kings [Coach Supercowboy12], Hitmen for hire![Coach lethalkid], Pig Town Pygmies [Coach ChrisRatbane], Caragio Black Flagz [Coach bigf])
Group Leaders
Best Rusher:
1. Mad Mike [Goblin,Caragio Black Flagz] 27 Rushing Yards
2. Roruk [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 14 Rushing Yards
3. Lomusk [Goblin.Pig Town Pygmies] 12 Rushing Yards
Best Blocker:
1. Oogla [Troll, Pig Town Pygmies] 14 Blocks
2. Padrino [Troll,Caragio Black Flagz] 8 Blocks
3. Oruk [Troll,Pig Town Pygmies] 11 Blocks
Deadliest Player:
1. Bleu [Troll,Hitmen For Hire] 1 Kill

Most Pass Yards:
1. Lomusk [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 Pass Yard

Greatest Fouler:
1. Crazy Gok [Looney,Pig Town Pygmies] 5 Fouls
2. Carl [Goblin,MGL Kings] 1 Foul
3. Cousin Igi [Looney,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 Foul
Morka [Goblin,Hitmen For Hire] 1 Foul
Dod [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 Foul
Dr Pushkin [Goblin,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 Foul
Best Player:
1. Padrino [Troll,Caragio Black Flagz] 7 SPP
2. Korrin [Troll,MGL Kings] 7 SPP
3. Brock [Troll,Hitmen For Hire] 7 SPP

Best Passer:
1. Lomusk [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies]

Greatest Scorer:
1. Mad Mike [Goblin,Caragio Black Flagz] 2 TD's
2. Kull [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 TD
3. Lomusk [Goblin, Pig Town Pymies] 1 TD

Best Picker:

Most Casualties:
1. BigF [Troll,Caragio Black Flagz] 2 CAS
2. Oruk [Troll,Pig Town Pygmies] 2 CAS
3. Mole [Troll,MGL Kings] 1 CAS
Donkey Dai [Goblin,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 CAS
Korrin [Troll,MGL Kings] 1 CAS
Padrino [Troll,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 CAS
Mary [Goblin,Hitmen For Hire] 1 CAS
Brock [Troll,Hitmem For Hire] 1 CAS
Rob The Runner [Pogoer,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 CAS
Carrie [Goblin,Hitmen For Hire] 1 CAS
Kull [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 CAS
Bleu [Troll,Hitmen For Hire] 1 CAS

Most Valueble player:
1. Korrin [Troll,MGL Kings] 1 MVP
2. Padrino [Troll,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 MVP
3. Brock [Troll,Hitmen For Hire] 1 MVP
HateEyes [Goblin,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 MVP
PC Butler [Goblin,Caragio Black Flagz] 1 MVP
Spinning Stug [Fanatic,Pig Town Pygmies] 1 MVP


(3/6/2017) The first death happened. It was Hitmen for Hire v.s Pig Town Pygmies and Bleu, one of the Hitmen for Hire's Two Trolls, felt the need to chomp down on his own teamate! This shocked the entire crowd as The goblin, Twig, Went down to the trolls throat, never to be seen again...