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Group managers: lanky316, C0ddlefish, sokeeffe

The Hard Block Cafe Super League is to be a European sport style league for 7s variants of Secret League teams and some unique rosters. With a similar philosophy to the brilliant CIBBL of one team per race making up the numbers. Compete for achievements, trophies and prestige in this league.


The Cabalvision Super League is an offshoot of the Superstar Series built purely around league play. It represents a European style league pyramid with promotion and relegation.

During the season, teams meet each other within their league once with the bottom side relegated and the top side of the lower tier promoted in their place. Each league has their own knockout cup as well as a larger tournament for every side in the pyramid to compete in at the end of the season.

There is an annual League Coaches Association meeting where coaches can discuss the expansion of, and changes to make in the next season. The officials most certainly do NOT take bribes to give favourable decisions.

Deadlines for Season One

11 June
21 June
1 July
11 July
21 July
31 July
11 August

Hard Block Café First Division

Bloodweiser Second Division

Spike! Third Division

A selection of rules are in play for the CSS, some of them are impossible to implement in full on the client so we do require a "Code of Honour" please do your best to follow these rules to keep the flavour of the league intact.

  • Teams are formed with a budget of 600,000 GC
  • Teams may be selected from any of the rosters currently available in SL open play as well as the Cabalvision exclusives.
  • Only one team of each race is eligible for competing in the Cabalvision Super League pyramid.
  • Teams may play in friendlies so do not have to be limited to the specific competitions.
  • In Sevens, no team may have more than 11 players on their active roster.
  • Only 4 players who are not a standard 0-11 player may be on the teams roster.
  • Sevens teams don't have the financial support or training of their full sized cousins. This means that, reroll costs are doubled. For example a starting human reroll is at 100k, 200k after creation.
  • There are no limits to team rerolls or Extra Training.
  • A maximum of 1 player may be placed in each wide zone.
  • MVP's are randomly determined
  • There is NO LoS minimum in place. However, coaches must set up at least three players two squares back (the third row from the halfway line as per anti-quick snap set ups). Players may choose to line up closer if that is what they desire to do. The client can not enforce this system but please maintain this rule in all games to ensure a fairer game.
  • A wizard is available for all CSL games.
  • Up to 3 cards may be taken as inducements.
  • Right Stuff prevents the tackle skill when blocked.
  • Sneaky git functions as guard for fouls.
  • Banned sneaky git players are sent to the KO box instead.
  • Piling on does not cost a reroll to use.

There is a client bug that overrides, the settings for 7s matches. We request any coaches upvote the issue and provide matches so that it can be fixed client. It tends to be a result of a coach disconnecting mid game so please be aware. Should this happen we advise the following

  • The kicking team sets up their three LoS players to the North of the LoS
  • The receiving team sets up their three LoS players to the South of the LoS
  • Any extra players are placed in the corner of the end zone and not used during the drive, they can not not be blocked either.
  • To determine random MVP, use the rolling channel on our discard to randomly determine your nominations rather than selecting

We hope this will be resolved soon but sadly is not something we can modify from our end.

The Cabalvision Superstar Series has got some little extras for coaches. These are -

There are a selection of achievements available across the league courtesy of Cabalvision. More will be added as notable acts of glory, or ineptitude take place.

Extra Level
An extra advancement has been added for achieving 126 spp on a player.

Cabalvision Super Stars
It's always a shame when a high profile player is forced to retire, or killed on the pitch whether by some particularly sharp Goblin boots, a crushing block or a rock thrown from some unruly spectators.

Cabalvision agree, and as a result of this have hired the best medical teams in the world to ensure this doesn't happen! Should it happen due to whatever misfortune, there is a chance that the player will return as a freelance star player available to hire should they be of "star" level or above with varying degrees of probability.

Cabalvision are also in talks with other players to come in on a freelance basis. They share these players with the regular Cabalvision Series roster.

Prestige Score
Based on the idea from the brilliant CIBBL league. Teams will gain and lose prestige as they and their players carry out great feats on the field. Naturally, friendlies do not count towards this, no matter how spectacular the act. If nobody is watching, how would anyone know?

Champions and Award Winners

Do YOU have an opposing player you want removed?
Get your rivals to do it for you!

After playing a game, if someone really winds you up for the wrong reason then hire your rival coaches to "remove" the problem on the field. Contact a Cabalvision Administrator and put up the cash from your treasury. Once the player is "removed" then the team responsible claim the money put forward. If you can't win on points, at least you can be painfully wealthy!

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