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Group managers: masterpaw, centaur, skavenprince

<IMG SRC="http://www.offensive-gaming.de/bb/OldDSMongoTop.gif"; ALT="MongoLiga">

Welcome to our league-page ! :-)

Take a look at our <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=3060">MoNgO BootCamp</a> , too !


<u><B>How to join:</B></u>

- application only with new unranked teams
- these teams play exclusively in this league ; no
other games allowed
- every race can be played, but:

- Players with 2 or more teams have to use
a combination of "bashy" und "soft" teams
(f.e. Wood Elf & Orc / Skaven & Undead)


<u><B>How the league functions:</B></u>

a) the best 8-16 teams regarding to Groupscore/TR
will play a K.O.-Tournament to determine the winner
of the

<BASEFONT SIZE=4><B><i>DsChInGiS cUp</i></B></BASEFONT>.

Games will be random-seeded !

b) Following 16- 32 Teams (regarding to Groupscore)
will play another KO-tournament

<BASEFONT SIZE=4><B><i>The Great Khan Challenge</i></B></BASEFONT>.

The seeding in this tournament will be random !

c) New unranked teams can join to play the Challenge,
or to play in a Qualifying-League to get more
experience (TR/TS).

Qualification round - each team vs. every other team
--> all games HAVE TO be played !

This is an unranked league, so don´t be scared
of loosing and decreasing your coach ranking... ;)

Win: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

If there´s no possibility of getting the opponent
coach for a match in one week, this game can be
cancelled. Both coaches will get no points.

If one player has more than one team in a division,
he also gets 0 points for the match of between
this teams.

If there are teams with the same amount of points at
the end of the season, the result of the actual
seasons game between those teams will determine
the league rank. If they´ve tied, following facts are

- most scored touchdowns
- most caused casualties
- less allowed TD´s
- less taken Cas
- TD difference
- Cas difference

d) How to earn points in the Group Section:

- every game 1 point

- participation quarter-finals 25 points
- participation semi-finals 50 points
- participation finals 100 points
- winning the cup +100 points

These points are summed up at the end of the
season (both KO-tournaments will be scored ;
half the points from semi-finals on for TGKC !)


<u>Cupwinners of the past:</u>

<B>DsChInGiS cUp I.</B>
- <i>Hardheaded Hillbillies</i>

<B>DsChInGiS cUp II.</B>
- <i>1. BBC Knochenbruch</i>

<B>DsChInGiS cUp III.</B>
- <i>Hardheaded Hillbillies</i>

<B>DsChInGiS cUp IV.</B>
- no cupwinner -> players on strike ! ^^

<B>DsChInGiS cUp V.</B>
- <i>1. BBC Knochenbruch</i>

<B>DsChInGiS cUp VI.</B>
- <i>???</i>

<B>The Great Khan Challenge I.</B>
- <i>Revenge of Pum Pum</i>

<B>The Great Khan Challenge II.</B>
- <i>War Hate and Tragedy II</i>

<B>The Great Khan Challenge III.</B>
- <i>Devilsh Deamons</i>


<u>actual <B>TOP-STARS</B> of the league :</u>

=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=1670527">Minnie M.</a> - 21 TD´s

=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=1745620">Hacker</a>; - 15 Cas

=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=1745623">Flinkbert</a>; - 31 Cp´s

=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=1670527">Minnie M.</a> - 89 spp´s

Most expensive player
=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=1385961">Ligonalis</a>; - 255k

All-time highest gate:
=> <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1028569">103.000 / Chaos vs. Lizardmen</a>


Our group members are from:

Germany 23
Denmark 2 :)

To all European players: just sign in to add some
international colour to this league ! ;)



Khadgar the Mage - until 15.04.06



ALL games of one round have to be played within one
week. If two coaches can´t play, just send a pm to
masterpaw, and we´ll see, how the match can be
arranged properly.
If there´s no info from both coaches, nuffle will
determine the winner of the game ! >:]

Deadline for Round 3: <b><u>26.03.2006</b></u>