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Project Black Isle - Season 6

Group managers: spubbbba, pac, Purplegoo
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<p align=left><b>Season 7 </b>- Discussion underway in the <a href=http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=370895#370895>Recruitment Thread</a>

(<b>Note:</b> Deadline may change based on how fast <i>you</i> get your match played!)

<i>In Albion they tell stories of a dark, lost isle which drifts somewhere in the northern ocean.

They say it is made purely of warpstone …

They say that the beasts there are larger, fiercer, quicker and crueller …

They say that the few men tough enough to live there would think nothing of eating their own mothers to survive …

They say that even daemons fear to set foot there …

They also say, that they play Blood Bowl there …</i>

<h3>Rules</h3><b>Founding Concept</b>

An off-shoot of the White Isle League, Black Isle is intended to run on a faster turn-around with more limited tolerance of missed games. This makes it suited to more experienced FUMBBL coaches.

In contrast to the tiered structure of White Isle, Black Isle is based on an US-style Conference structure in which every team is roughly evenly matched at the start of each season and thus every team should begin each season with a chance at winning the title.


Recruitment is by invitation. All coaches who are group members are encouraged to nominate coaches who can play in the peak 1800-2300 UK time bracket (1900-0000 bb time/CET) to join. Group staff will review the nominations to ensure that nominated coaches are experienced and reliable enough. If a coach is joining an existing Conference, members of that Conference should have the final say on his membership.

To be considered experienced and reliable enough to join, a coach should:

• have played at least 100 games on FUMBBL and been on the site for at least three months;
• have a proven record of reliably and promptly playing matches in other [L] leagues (including, but not limited to, the White Isle League);
• be prepared to keep up with the minimum-7-day turn-around and aware that unexplained missed games may result in kicking from the group.

<b>Roster Availability</b>

All LRB lists are available for play.

The league uses the Rock/Paper/Scissors/(Dynamite) category system common to the SWL and WIL (among other groups).

Category <b>Rock</b> teams: Dwarf; Chaos Dwarf; Orc; Chaos; Undead; Khemri.
Category <b>Scissors</b> teams: Lizardmen; Necromantic; Norse; Skaven; Nurgle.
Category <b>Paper</b> teams: Dark Elf; High Elf; Wood Elf; Elf; Human; Amazon.
Category <b>Dynamite</b> teams: Ogre; Vampire; Goblin; Halfling.

No single category should make up more than one-third (rounding up) of the teams in the league. No single roster should make up more than 15% (rounding down) of the teams in the league.

No Conference should have more than two teams from a single category.

(The above rules may be relaxed as long as Conference members concerned and staff are agreed.)

Beyond these rules, there are no restrictions on available rosters.

<b>Replacement Coaches</b>

As and when teams are required to replace drop-outs, new coaches and teams will be accepted by consent of coaches concerned and staff. To the extent possible and practical, new teams must comply with the TR floor (see below) and the rules stated above to keep Rock/Paper/Scissors balance for the league.

<b>League Structure</b>

The league uses a Conference system (similar to that used in second edition Blood Bowl and in the NFL), leading to play-offs and a grand final:

• There are four Conferences of five teams each;
• In the first stage, teams will be put into cross-Conference groups based upon a random draw;
• In the second stage of the season, all the members of the same Conference will play one another;
• Points from both stages will be added together, and the team from each Conference with the most points will qualify for the end-of-season play-offs.

Scoring: 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a defeat - and 0 points (and likely disqualification*) for a concession or forfeit. Ties will be broken by head-to-head result between the teams, then TD difference. (Then see <a href=http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=4063>White Isle rules</a> for further tie-breaks.)

(* If RL circumstances have arisen, a concession or forfeit may be tolerated - but the coaches involved should do everything they can to find an alternative to this. In-game reasons ('protecting the team') will never be accepted.)

<b>Deadline system</b>

PBI has a round length of 7 days. If a game misses the deadline, the coaches involved will both receive a yellow card warning and a 3 day exension. Should a coach receive a second warning, he will be asked to leave the league.

At the end of the cross-conference stage, as well as at the end of the season, these cards will be reset.

<b>Yellow Cards</b>



During the off-season, coaches may rebuild their teams and new teams may be recruited.

Each season, a TR floor for the next season will be calculated. This will be done at the end of Round 3 of the second stage of the season. The floor will be equal to 90% of the 6th (if 20 teams) placed team's current TR. The current floor is <b>180</b> (yes, we got weaker since last season!).

Any continuing team which is under the floor may play as many friendlies as it can arrange against other [L] teams until its TR reaches the floor (180) (it may not exceed the TR floor unless it plays only one friendly).

Any continuing team which ends the season over the floor may play one friendly only.

Any team which makes the play-offs, but is knocked out in the first round, may play one friendly only.

Any team which makes the play-off semi-finals may not play any friendlies.

Any new team may play as many matches as it is able to until its TR reaches the floor (180) (it may not exceed the TR floor). A new team whose TR exceeds the floor must trim until it meets the floor.

(Note that the idea of this system is that a team may always build up as high as it likes uncapped <i>within league matches</i>. A team which has built itself up to high TR within regular league games is never required to cut. The function of the TR floor is to allow existing lower TR teams and new teams to build up to a competitive level between seasons.)

<b>Current Conferences</b>

<i>Remember that Conference names may be changed at the request of a consensus of member coaches!</i>

<b>Underworld Conference</b>

Black Rock Mountain Lizards
Stampede of the Crazed Grazers
Invasion of the Black Isle
San Andreas Alpha
Black Represents

<b>Citadel Conference</b>

Knights Of Cydonia!
Dark Reef Mariners
Law Enforcers
Black Isle Infections
Red Devil Legends

<b>Phoenix Conference</b>

Hill Runners
suzios sin prepuzios 2
Crappy Heroes
Nagash Army Press Gang

<b>Resident Evil Conference</b>

Auld and Reekie
Deadlier Than the Male
Dead Wringers
Central Adepts

<b>Penguin Conference</b> (Division disolved due to global warming)



Wizards and Stars are allowed.

<b>Play-off Qualifiers</b>

<b>Stampede of the Crazed Grazers</b> (Underworld winners)
<b>Dark Reef Mariners</b> (Citadel winners)
<b>Sauronakt</b> (Phoenix winners)
<b>Auld and Reekie</b> (Resident Evil winners)

(Thanks to BlackNWhiteDog!)

<img src=http://fumbbl.com/teams/208508.jpg>

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