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<b>Discworld Cup - Deadline Discworld Cup Final: 18th of February</b>

The Discworld Cup will start soon after.

<b>Discworld Cup Places Earned:</b>
Tsort - Kings of the Golden River, Black Ribbons
Ephebe - Guild Of Fans And Disciples, Psueudopolis City Watch
Djelibeybi - Migrated to Holy Wood, Horsemen of the Apocralypse
The Colour of Magic: Clay Claymores, Mighty Silver Horde

<b>Discworld International Blood Bowl League (D.I.B.B.L)</b>

William Webbellies, a student of the assassin’s guild of Ankh-Morpork, is credited with the invention of the game of Blood bowl. During a game of street football against a team from the neighbouring fool’s guild and facing off against a strapping young clown who was flagrantly cheating by running with the ball in-hands, Webbellies pulled out a dagger and stabbed his opposite number "in a fine disregard for the rules", putting a rather permanent end on the young fool’s career. Rather then penalise Webbellies, the guild master commended the young man for the foresight of having a team-mate officially hire his services prior to the game.

And thus, the sport of Blood Bowl was born on Discworld. Initially an Assassin’s game where all the School Houses put up teams to compete against one another, the appeal of the game spread into the city of Ankh-Morpork at large after a match between Scorpion and Tree-Frog houses was visited by the renowned purveyor of Sausage-inna-bun C.M.O.T. Dibbler. Seeing vast commecial opportunities inherent in the sport, Dibbler hastily registered himself as head of the ‘Blood Bowl Guild’ and even more hastily hired Webbellies himself to oversee the sport, leaving Dibbler free to concentrate on what he saw as the more important side of the business – Broadcast and Merchandising rights!

This is a league for fans of the discworld series, as the name might suggest. Coaches wishing to join should be able to speak English. Similarly, the league is based around the British timezone. Being in the GMT Zone is NOT essential - as long as you are able to play at times suitible for players who are, then you should have few problems in the league. Prior experiance at playing in a FUMBBL league is desired but not essential - as long as you've been around the site for about a month to demonstrate the ability to meet game commitments you should have no problem.

<a class="didyouknowlink" href="http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=16150&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0">Discworld League Thread & List of faction restrictions</a>


Races and teams available on the Discworld do not correspond 100% to those of the Warhammer/Blood Bowl World. Therefore, many teams have been given restrictions of one sort or another to help them conform better to the Discworld setting. Apart from specific examples, hiring of stars is <b>NOT ALLOWED</b>, as the available stars are all from the Warhammer/Blood Bowl world. Likewise, any race not listed below is not yet an acceptable option...


Humans are quite widespread upon the Discworld. Teams that represent humans in the Discworld need not only be from the Human Blood Bowl team. The Assassin’s guild of Ankh-Morpork are best represented by Dark Elves, for example. Teams classified as ‘Human’ are the only teams allowed to hire a Wizard from Unseen University. Below are the following teams that may be taken as Humans, ideas of what they might represent in the Discworld setting, and any further restrictions.

Human Teams might be from a Nation such as Tsort or Lancre, a city-state such as Pseudopolis, a town, a village, a regiment, a guild, a school, a society, or even just an area of a city such as the shades. Humans may hire a Golem (Ogre) to play for their team, and as such have NO RESTRICTIONS. In addition, they are allowed to hire Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson (who is represented on-pitch as Griff Oberwald).

Assassin’s Guild Teams (Dark Elves) have less scope in their origin. Each team MUST represent one of the Ankh-Morpork Assassin’s Guild School Houses. They have NO RESTRICTIONS, and may hire William Webbellies himself (Horkon Heartripper).

Barbarian Hero Teams (Norse) may not take a Minotaur. They may hire Conina (Zara); even if she would rather be a hairdresser, she’s still lethal with those scissors...

The Amazon team may be used to represent teams of Witches, hem-hem-seamstresses, young ladies college or other female-only organisations. For those of you who don't want to think too much, yes, you <u>Can</u> use them as ‘Beautiful Amazonian Warrior Women who seem just too fresh from the Hairdressers, possibly offering potatoes’. Currently no restrictions.

The people of the Seriphate of Al-Ybi (represented by Chaos Dwarfs) are known for being unusually short and bad-tempered due to a misspelled curse in their nation's past. They may not take a Minotaur OR a Troll. In addition, to bring a Camel-rider (Bull Centaur) onto the pitch uses up a two players out of the allowed 11 – for each Camel rider on the pitch when setting up, one player must wait in the Al-Ybi endzone for the entirety of the drive.

Dwarfs are well known for their possessiveness - they must take sure Hands as their first normal skill. If a Doubles or +Stats are rolled as their first skill, then taking sure hands becomes non-essential. Runners are not allowed to take DP. Dwarfs MAY hire an Alchemist.

Trolls are bulky creatures made of stone, with brains of silicon that work better in the Cold then in the heat. In Sunshine and Sweltering Heat weather conditions they may <b>NOT</b> use any team re-rolls. In cold conditions they might be able to formulate intricate theories about existance, but they don't play sports any better. They use the Orc team list without Goblins.

<u>Fresh Start Club</u>
Fresh Start Club teams are undead and proud, and demand equal rights! They may only take one Bogeyman (Mummy) - finding even one prepared to come out from behind his door is rare enough. Skeletons or Zombies may NOT take DP unless they’ve been raised from a player who had it in their past existence – though the rest of the team may take it at will!

<u>Überwald (Werewolf)</u>
Überwald teams are run by the Werewolves, but are supported by mad Scientists who, with the assistance of the Igor clan, build Monsters to help play the game. The dishevelled peasents who make up the bulk of the team have the same restrictions as a fresh start team.

You can do anything the FUMBBL Vampire team list allows you to. NO RESTRICTIONS.

<u>Educated Rodents</u>
Educated Rodents use the Skaven list, but MAY NOT take Stormvermin. Rats don't tend to wear much armour, even the educated ones...

Elves are not nice. Elves are BAD. All players on the elf team MUST take Dirty Player as their second skill if they don't have it already, unless the skill is a Stat or Double... in which case the elf has to take Dirty player on their next skill which isn't a stat/double.

Golem teams play to earn their freedom, saving up their wages to eventually buy themselves. Aiding them in this are Imps, who are usually bought or sold as part of magical devices such as the famed 'dis-organiser'. Golem Teams use the Ogre rules in all things.

These may use the Goblin or Halfling ruleset. If you're suicidal enough to try these guys I'm not going to further burden you with further restrictions! In addition, all the Goblin 'weapon' stars are allowed... little guys need access to the Klatchian fire engine, after all!

<u>-New for Season 2-</u>

The numerous beggars of Ankh-Morpork took to begging outside the stadium at the birth of Discworld Blood Bowl, but soon found themselves crowded out by all sorts of Vendor. Then an Enterprising begger discovered that by forming his own team, they could freely beg for coins before, after, and during any game from the pitch itself...

Beggar teams may be represented by Nurgle Rotters, though they have to take Foul Appearence before any other mutation, and aren't allowed to take RSC or Mighty Blow (Though they may take claw to represent a hook replacement for a missing limb). Additionally, though (mostly) human, Beggar teams simply can't gather the funds together to hire a Wizard.

<u>Djelibeybi Teams</u>

The ancient, dead kings of the Djel wanted to form a team for the first DIBBL season, but Djelibeybi underwent many linguistic shifts during the various dynasties and few of the kings were able to understand anyone closer then their immediate mumified relatives. Accordingly, practice sessions frequently collapsed into an interperator's nightmare of heiroglyphic proportions. The problem was eventualy resolved when it was decided to limit each team to a single dynasty of Kings; with only a King and the King who succeeded him taking to the field at any one time.

A Djelibeybi team may therefore have only <b>TWO</b> mummies on the team at any one time, though one may be freebooted if one misses a game for any reason.

<b><u>League Structure</u></b>

The Discworld League season consists of three tournaments. The first of these is <b>'Interesting Times'</b>, a divisional tournament with structured leagues in round-robin style. A win earns 6 points, a draw 3 and a loss 1; forefeiting a game earns a -4 pt penalty.

The Second Tournament is <b>'The Colour of Magic'</b>; a KO tournament played with 8-a-side. The winner of this tournament receives the Unseen University Challenge Cup. The Colour of Magic is Played to 8-a-side rules - Only 8 players from each team are able to be placed active upon the field during each drive, with three more placed inactive upon the central three squares of the player's end zone. These players are inactive and cannot take any actions, or be blocked/blitzed by an opponent with the following exceptions:

If the inactive player finds himself with the ball he must PASS it or HAND IT OFF, provided the team has not suffered a turnover earlier that would prevent this, and that the player does not move.

In the case that these players hold the ball the opponent may Block/Blitz ANY of them, possibly inducing a crowd surf. Note however - the ball CANNOT be purposely passed to these players!

If a member of the 8 man active team is injured (KO, CAS etc) and unable to take place in a drive then they CANNOT be replaced with an inactive player until the end of the drive. Once the next drive starts, they may be set up as an active player as normal, provided the limit of 8 is still maintained.

The last and final tournament of a season is simply known as the <b>'Discworld Cup'</b>, a KO tournament.

The 1st and 2nd Tourney are open for all teams, but only the winners of 'Interesting Times' divisions and high-placing teams in 'The Colour of Magic' get to compete in the famous "Discworld Cup". All teams not invited for the cup will play for the Sto Plains Cabbage Grower's Cup instead.

After the Season is a small break with the possibility of building matches.

Teams applying for membership of the league must be based on or around some aspect of the Discworld series, and must be a rookie [L]eague team with a fan factor of at least 7. Applications are constantly open, however unless a drop out occurs you might not get into the league until the end of a season.