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Team Creation & Management
Coaches may choose to play any of the legal races. However, to keep the league well balanced only 2 teams per race will be allowed. Coaches that choose to carry their teams over from the previous season will have their team’s type counted first. Returning coaches that wish to create new teams and new coaches to the league will then select via draft (see below) from the remaining types.

Please note: The NWFL employs the optional league rule that stunty negates tackle on a block

Carrying a Team Over
You may opt to carry a team over from a previous season. You must inform the commissioner that you intend to do this before the draft is held. When carrying a team over you will be required to adjust your TV so that you are below the required TV cap for the league that season.

The TV Cap
The TV cap based on the current CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is 1750. The CBA sets the TV cap based on negotiations with current owners. The current CBA is set to expire at the end of Season XV. When the CBA expires a new CBA is negotiated by the acting President of the Player's Association and must be agreed upon by a majority of the coaches in order to be passed. All teams are required to "trim their rosters" to the TV cap before the start of the first Pre-Season game.

NWFL Players Association:

In order to appropriately monitor money and prevent teams from stockpiling cash to unload on a slew of new players after cutting back to the TV cap the NWFL has incorporated a "bank" system into the CBA. All teams are allowed to bank up to 100k in their treasury without penalty. Any team with an amount over that sum is required to count the extra money towards their TV cap at a rate of 10TV per 10k of gold. This means that your tournament weight (TW) is allowed to be up to 100 points higher then the TV cap at the start of the pre-season for cash only.

If a coach has any "Miss Next Game" players on their roster prior to the start of the pre-season then they need to account for the cost of that player in their TV. Please do not forget to add up the TV cost of any skills the player has obtained.

Teams with less than 11 permanent players must allocate enough TV to hire on journeymen in order to fill up to 11. However, they do not need to allocate TV for journeymen used to cover for MNG players.

TV bonuses will be awarded during seasons for finishing in the top three of the Preseason, for winning a division during the Regular Season, for winning your conference finals in the Playoffs, and for winning the Superior Bowl. These TV bonuses will be applied to the cap for the next season that team is participating in. Details on bonus amounts can be found in the appropriate section of the main League page.

Teams caught breaking the CBA will be "fined" in a manner left to the discretion of the acting League Administrators as a whole based on the severity of the infraction. Fines can range anywhere from a deduction in standings points to dismissal from the league all together.

The Rookie Draft
For returning coaches wishing to create a new team and new coaches to the league there will be a draft before the start of the season. For returning coaches the draft order will be determined based on the previous season’s standings starting with the coach who was lowest in the standings (after any tie-breakers) and moving up to the coach who was highest in the standings (after any tie-breakers). The new coaches draft order will be determined by the coach's CR, ordered from lowest to highest and they will select after all returning coaches have picked their teams. The draft will be held via group PM.

Team Creation
Once you have drafted your team race you can create your team. You may create new teams in [L]eague Division. Teams are created under the normal team creation restrictions and player limits. Once your team has been created contact OTS; and the invitation to join will be sent. Note: to accept an invitation you need to go to the 'Group Members' tab of the group page.

The only restrictions to the naming convention for your team is as follows: "(Place team is from)(Team moniker)" Please be creative when naming your teams and players. Extra cheesy puns and spin offs on real teams and players is highly encouraged. Creating a team logo and bio is also highly encouraged but not required.

Training Camps
During the weeks heading up to the Preseason, optional Training Camp tournaments will be run. These are intended to aid in team development by giving coaches a chance to earn some SPP and some money, and gain some experience with their new team. They are open to any team that did not make the playoffs in the previous season. The entrants will be sorted into groups by TV, and will play through a single elimination tournament. These are considered exhibition games and the tournament winner does not receive any additional prizes.

Please keep in mind that, while these games are intended to still be competitive, they are being played primarily for the experience. Try to avoid turn 16 fouls, and anything else that may hurt the opposing team without giving you a potential advantage. Also, if you are not sure if you will be able to play all the games, please refrain from signing up for a Training Camp.

Once the Training Camps are over, the Preseason will begin. The TV Cap needs to be observed at the start of the preseason, so please ensure that your team is under the TV Cap after your third Training Camp game is completed.