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Group managers: KhorneliusPraxx, Craftnburn
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<i><B>NOTICE</B> Please don't join, play one tournament and then retire your team!</i>

Wedged between the Eastern Steppes and then Northern Waste is the most elaborate Blood Bowl complex ever built. The Mongolian Cluster consist of 20 different pitchs of all different types of playing surfaces, some indoor, some outdoor. There are hundreds of buildings to house all of players and personnel and a special complex to house the current champion team and all of the star-players.

The Mongolian Cluster Cup will usually consist of Knock Out tournaments but nothing is set in stone. There is a competition committee that will decide before each cup exactly how the winner will be determined. There may be some special tourney's seperated by race in the future so hopefully we have plenty of teams from ever race.

Please join with <b>ONE</b> League team. It doesn't matter if the team is new or not. The could already be monsterous or a brand new team. There will be TONS of inducements used in the Mongolian Cluster Cup and Star-Players are all on staff and ready to take the pitch to help the underdogs. Once your team plays its first game at the Mongolian Cluster, please do not leave to play elsewhere and try to come back. Only join with a team that can be devoted to the Mongolian Cluster Cup.

<center><img src="http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/7132/cup200.gif"></center>;

Having problems playing your match due to any reason (your opponent, your time, timezones etc)? Then send a PM to KhorneliusPraxx and let him know, otherwise we may forfeit you unfairly. Unless you tell us, we can't know! If I do not recieve PMs from BOTH coaches, the forfeit will almost always be in favor of the coach that DID send me a PM. I appreciate you letting me know whats going on in the IRC chat, but I NEED PMs TO KEEP ALL THIS STRAIGHT!!