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Group managers: Jeffro
Do you think you have superior taste in music? Do you want to impose your brand of what is the "best music out there" to everyone else because they obviously haven't been introduced correctly to whomever is your version of the "Musical Maestro who-knows-no-equal"?!?... Prove it. Swim through the feces laden sewer that IS every unsigned band's quest for a record contract... <b>the Battle of the Bands.</b>

This is a fluff league. Main rules are: (1) Gotta have pics. (2) Gotta stick to the schedule. (3) No divas.

<b>**RULE DETAILS**</b>

(1) Gotta have pics. No team will be accepted into the league unless they have pictures that are related to their team's band or musical artist. You can't use the same exact pic for all your players, but you are not limited to having each player be a member of the band. (See below re: Variations). You must also have a team logo. If you need help, I am glad to provide guidance and assistance.

(2) You must be able to schedule and keep to that schedule. If you can't or don't schedule things in advance - don't apply. Winging it is for ranked and blackbox... league and tourneys have schedules. If you don't get on the stage when it's your time to play - SURPRISE!!... you're not only not going to win, you don't get to play anymore at this gig.

(3) No divas. You can have divas on your team... they can be part of the fluff. But the coach... the "manager" has to get along with folks. Doesn't mean you can't butt heads... but if there is a close to unanimous informal vote that you aren't cool anymore - your band is gone. Sorry... Battle of the Bands is a bit of a popularity contest. Tortured artists nobody else understands get to play by themselves in the corner...


Games will be played as a combination of open play, "Genre" divisions, and the Battle of the Bands Knockout Tourney for the Almighty Record Contract where the winner gets to imbed a Video of their music on the homepage of every other team in the league. Winner will provide links to YouTube videos (or the equivalent thereof) and everyone will have to post one on their band's page. If you directly beat a team - the winner of the Record Contract gets to pick what video that team has to put on their page.


TEAM NAME: Have it be a performer's name, or the band's name or an album name. Distinguish your team and show your immense knowledge of the cult aspects of their music.

PLAYERS: These photos can be of the band members, they can be album artwork and the players names can be songs on a setlist. You can't have specific duplicates, but if you *LOVE* Justin Beber and want to have your thrower be "NBA Pro-Am Beber" and your blitzer be "Lohan Sunglasses Beber"... you are welcome to provide variations. If you think you know the perfect setlist for Aerosmith and want to have your players be those songs, you can use album artwork or concert footage of whatever.

TEAM LOGO: It has to have the team's name on it. If you want to just have the team name in text, fine. If you want crazy artwork or some photo - as long as the band's name is on it, you are good to go.

*We're sellin' the eye candy as much as the product, folks. Like I said... this is mainly a fluff league for bragging rights. So pictures and the look of the gig are the thing.*