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Group managers: PainState
<i>The Lords of Chaos have called for their champions to do battle on the grid iron. Strap on your helmets, get your DP boots all shined up, strap on the spike gauntlets and get ready for some serious Blood Bowl. Choose the Ruinous Power you will support and then decimate all before you so that you can claim the title of Ultimate Champion of the Dark Powers.</i>

Champions Series is part of the <a href=http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=7402>Battleground main group</a>. You do not have to particiapte in the other events that the Battlground group has to offer to play in the series.

Champion Series points are also awarded for Battleground League points to determine the overall winner of the Battleground at the end of the season.
So apply to both the series and the <a href=http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=7402>Battleground Main Group</a>.

Champions Series teams must conform to these standards.
1)Rookie Team...no games played
2)Choose which of the 4 Lords of Chaos your team will represent.
3)Your team name must be clear on which of the 4 Lords you support...you are allowed some latitude on naming but it must be clear.
4)Champion Series teams are only allowed to play in Series tournaments or tournaments in the Battleground....Your team cannot play outside the Battleground league. IF you play your team outside the Battleground group you will get the Ban Hammer droped on your team.
5) You may choose any FFB race to play with.

The Lord of Chaos you represent will allow you to earn bonus points for the current tournament you are competing in.

Khorne: +1 Bonus pt for every CAS inflicted
Nurgle: +1 Bonus pt X 2 for CAS differential. If you have a negative CAS diffrence...well 0 Bonus pts.
Slaneesh: +1 Bonus pt for every TD
Tzeentch: +1 Bonus pt X 2 for TD differential....negative TD differential....0 Bonus pts.

Every race is allowed to choose which ever Lord it will support...even Nurgle could choose to follow Slaneesh as an example.

The format for each tourney will rotate from Open Round Robin to KO style to King of the Hill KO format. We will experiment with this and see which format coaches like to play with.

The format for league point score will follow the scoring formats for those style of tournaments, found on the Battleground main page.....King of the Hill KO will follow the Standard KO scoring format.

The Champions score will represent your normal league points earned + your bonus pts for which Lord you represent.

Champion Series scoring will be kept seperate from league scoring. The winner of the Champions Series will be crowned the ultimate champion of the Dark Powers with all the cred, respect, fear, dread and horror that title conveys.

Also the Lord of Chaos who reigns supreme will be determined by adding up the top 3 scores for each of the teams that represent the 4 Lords of Chaos. Which ever Lord had the best combined score from its top three teams will be the supreme Lord of Chaos in the wastes when it comes to Blood Bowl. Dont let your Lord down or bad things will surly happen...You know NUFFLE and the Lords are on speaking terms.

<b>Let me be very clear on this point...Champion Series teams will be competing for both league points and Champions series points. League points determines the overall winner of the NWL Battleground...Champion series points determines the Ultimate Champion of the Dark Powers. Champion Series teams are not restricted to only playing in the series...they may at a coaches option play in the Standard KO's or the Proving grounds. BUT CHAMPION SERIES BONUS PTS will not be awarded for matches outside of Champion Series matches. Thus if you play in the proving grounds you will be awarded league points only and no Champion Series Bonus points.</b>

<a href=http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=7402>Battleground main group page</a>