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Group managers: Dunenzed

In the old days bloodbowl was played by travelling teams that would go from place to place and challenge others. While most of the world has adapted to a fixed league structure, the old Empire still plays in the same way they used to, competing for glory in the Empire Open.

Season One
Season Two
Season One
Taking home the inaugral Empire Open Championship were the Aldorf Journeymen's Club, who were also recognised for representing the Empire through the WCS Group stages to reach the Quarterfinals of the WCS Main Event.

The Ostland Blitz came in second place and delivered some of the most brutal games seen during the season, whist in third place were the Spiked Impalers, grinding their way to a top three finish.

Full Season One Scoreboard

Lineman Edgar Dunn (Ostland Blitz) took home the player of the season award, outshining the positional players that are normally the stars of a Human team.

In another shock award, Dwarven Quarterback Turne "The Speed" Bladerunner (Spiked Impalers) takes home the honours for most rushing yards and a share of most Touchdowns.

Full Awards follow:

Completions Dunk Hoffnung (Empire All Stars)6
Touchdowns Turne "The Speed" Bladerunner (Spiked Impalers)
Lucas Ulric (Ostland Blitz)
Lucius Heinz (Ostland Blitz)
Interceptions Gaaisa ([WCS] For The Emperor !!)1
Casualties Lucius Heinz (Ostland Blitz)6
Most valuable player Edgar Dunn (Ostland Blitz)4
Star-player points Edgar Dunn (Ostland Blitz)26
Passer Dunk Hoffnung (Empire All Stars)24
Rusher Turne "The Speed" Bladerunner (Spiked Impalers)83
Blocker William Hardfield (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)
Sylvester Hardtree (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)
Fouler Arthur (Twice A Knight)
Gaaisa ([WCS] For The Emperor !!)

Season Two
The Second Season of the Empire Open saw the transfer in of World Champions Loved by Reptiles. We also welcomed Fantasy Finesse to the competition, and were fortunate to have all of the top three teams from last season return. Numbers are such that the season required two round robin events to enable a 6 game series to be completed.

The first half of the season has been completed, with World Champions Loved by Reptiles taking an early lead in the standings, but not without cost as the Altdorf Journeymen end the career of pomber Blick Mamba. The Spiked Impalers hold second place and have made an impact with their new Deathroller and are the only team carring a positive Cas differential. The rematch between these two teams could be brutal.

Season Two Consolidated Results

1: Loved by Reptiles 7pts with a 2/1/0 record
2: Spiked Impalers 4pts with a 1/1/1 record
3: Altdorf Journeymens Club 3 pts with a 1/0/2 record
4: Fantasy Finesse 2 pts with a 0/2/0
5: Ostland Blitz 0pts with a 0/0/1 record

Dwarves and Amazons go on to represent The Empire in the WCS Group phase.

Slann Slapper Sara ends the season with 17 SPP and the award for most Cas, along with a share of most Touchdowns and Highest Rushing. Sara is clearly the player of the season, however I understand there's a witch king from Naggaroth looking for a certain debt to be paid.

William Hardfield delivers the most blocks for the second season running, whilst Abe "The Lawgiver" Oberstunne is another dwarf runner taking a share of Highest Rushing.
Completions Turne "The Speed" Bladerunner (Spiked Impalers)
William Hardfield (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)
Fredrick Whiterock (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)
Edgar Dunn (Ostland Blitz)
Touchdowns Turne "The Speed" Bladerunner (Spiked Impalers)
Skink Scuttler Susan (Loved by Reptiles)
Slann Slapper Sara (Loved by Reptiles)
Casualties Slann Slapper Sara (Loved by Reptiles)3
Most valuable player Pete "The Player" Rougher (Spiked Impalers)
William Hardfield (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)
Star-player points Slann Slapper Sara (Loved by Reptiles)17
Passer Edgar Dunn (Ostland Blitz)6
Rusher Abe "The Lawgiver" Oberstunne (Spiked Impalers)
Slann Slapper Sara (Loved by Reptiles)
Blocker William Hardfield (Altdorf Journeymen's Club)25
Fouler Snake Hips Helen (Loved by Reptiles)4

Season Two Scoreboard - Part One, Season Two Scoreboard - Part Two