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O[L]C Championship/Challenge

Group managers: koadah, Atari, DrPoods, mike467, Valen

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Heavyweight Swiss- Kick off 28th July
NO TV/TW limit Old or new teams welcome.
Nine days per round.

Heavyweight Challenge - July
8 Team KO. NO TV/TW limit Old or new teams welcome.
Nine days per round.


Heavyweight Championship

This is a combat sports themed challenge. Fight your way through the ranks to become the Open League Challenge Heavyweight Champion.

The Challenge is open to any [L]eague division team that the tournament staff considers appropriate. Teams may be excluded for example if they have been built up by playing only a small number of teams.

Sign up your team here.

(This is NOT a 145 Club event.)

This group hosts the Heavyweight Championship, Heavyweight Swiss and O[L]C Challenges.

Challenges are four(4) to eight(8) team KO events.
The first round lasts 11 days. The other rounds will be 9 days each.

If we get more than 8 teams the heaviest 8 will be selected. If we get 16 or more the next 8 will be selected to another tournament. A coach may enter up to two teams if they can handle playing two events.

House Rules.
1. Fouling +1 to armour roll.
2. Claw does not stack with other skills that modify armour rolls.
3. Piling On allows coach to reroll injury only.
4. Right Stuff prevents the Tackle skill when blocked.
5. Sneaky Git functions like Guard on foul assists.
6. Banned sneaky git players are sent to the KO box instead.

Add your match reports, game previews, trash talk e.t.c to the forum thread

Do NOT be timing your opponent out when they are away from the keyboard. This is against Fumbbl rules.

BRB = Be right back

Wait for the opponent to return. If the opponent does not return close the client and follow disconnection procedures.
PM the opponent. If the opponent does not respond within 24 hours contact the commissioner.

Additional O[L]C rule.

Do not time the opponent out immediately the first time they exceed 4 minutes.
If you wish to time them out post a warning at or before 4:00 but do not time them out before 4:30.

The second time you can time them out on 4:00.

Generally try to avoid timing people out.

The Heavyweight champions defend their titles against the winners of the O[L]C - Free For All, eliminators, or other distinguished O[L]C teams.

Reigning Champions
Heavyweight ChampionsWMD's in OLCBillBrasky

Heavyweight Championship
UnstopaBulls (Cdassak)Too Drunk To Block (koadah)O[L]C XXXI
Too Drunk To Block (koadah)WMD's in OLC (BillBrasky)O[L]C XXX
WMD's in OLC (BillBrasky)Reign of Dust (El_Dude)O[L]C XXIX
Reign of Dust (El_Dude)Too Drunk To Block (koadah)O[L]C XXVIII
Too Drunk To Block (koadah)Wild Bunch I (cdassak)O[L]C XXVII
Wild Bunch I (cdassak)Dark Stones (Gary_Gygax)O[L]C XXVI
Wild Bunch I (cdassak)WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)O[L]C XXV
WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)Reign of Dust (El_Dude)O[L]C XXIV
WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)UnstopaBulls (cdassak)O[L]C XXIII
WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)Gygaxes (Gary_Gygax)O[L]C XXII
Gygaxes (Gary_Gygax)WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)O[L]C XXI
WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)Ninja Tactics (cdassak)O[L]C XIX
WMD's in OLC(BillBrasky)Gygaxes (Gary_Gygax)O[L]C XVIII
Horror Scopes (eldritchfox)Taurineneses (awambawamb)O[L]C XVII
Taurineneses (awambawamb)Smooth inc (Jeguan)O[L]C XVI
Smooth inc (Jeguan)Avengers from the Forest (Bram)O[L]C XV
Smooth inc (Jeguan)Claws of the Night (Toombs)O[L]C XIV
Claws of the Night (Toombs)Taurinenses (Awambawamb)O[L]C XIII
Taurinenses (Awambawamb)[DFFL] Blood Angels (Araushnar)O[L]C XII
Taurinenses (Awambawamb)Da Fall Boyz (Elliott_the_Lame)O[L]C XI
Da Fall Boyz (Elliott_the_Lame)Minnesota Timberelves (Jeffro)O[L]C X
Minnesota Timberelves (Jeffro)Claws of the Night (Toombs)O[L]C IX
Claws of the Night (Toombs)Battleground WMD's (BillBrasky)O[L]C VIII
Washington Plague Skins (Cyric612)True Orcs (Honkie)O[L]C VI
Washington Plague Skins (Cyric612)Horror Scopes (eldritchfox)O[L]C V
Washington Plague Skins (Cyric612)Battleground WMD's (BillBrasky)O[L]C III
WMD's in OLC (BillBrasky)Redgum Rabble (Redgum)O[L]C II
WMD's in OLC (BillBrasky)Queen Vic Belles (Koadah)O[L]C I
Middleweight Championship
Rock`n Roll (Bladten)Sting In The Tail (The_Demon)O[L]C XVII
Rock`n Roll (Bladten)Battleground WMD's (BillBrasky)O[L]C XVI
Red Planet Pirates (Mossbeard)Kr4sh! (xarogobar)O[L]C XV
Red Planet Pirates (Mossbeard)Kitchen Help (Jeguan)O[L]C XIV
Savage Arrows (SavageJ)Lorenz A-tractors (Roland)O[L]C XII
Savage Arrows (SavageJ)145th Lizard Brigade (schlergs)O[L]C XI
Savage Arrows (SavageJ)Battleground WMD's (BillBrasky)O[L]C IX
Savage Arrows (SavageJ)Sea Rovers (numbersix)O[L]C VIII
Savage Arrows (SavageJ)Wroxall Wastelanders (bobafettsmum)O[L]C VII
Wroxall Wastelanders (bobafettsmum)Cascade Mountain Rescue (SavageJ)O[L]C VI
Lightweight Championship
Darkhelm Bloodz FC (albinv)Legends of westeros (Bladten)O[L]C XV
Legends of westeros (bladten)Praise The Ref (The_Demon)O[L]C XIV
Smarty-Pants (Wintergreen13)Fapulous Fighters (Meanandugl)O[L]C XII
Smarty-Pants (Wintergreen13)I Grimororchi (matlor)O[L]C X
Smarty-Pants (Wintergreen13)Savage Buccaneers (SavageJ)O[L]C IX
Savage Buccaneers (SavageJ)Thrice upon a Time (Bullroarer4)O[L]C VIII
Westeros Ladies (Koadah)145th Lizard Brigade (schlergs)O[L]C VII
Westeros Ladies (Koadah)Averheim Juggernaughts (PainState)O[L]C VI
Averheim Juggernaughts (PainState)Volcanoes (PaddyMick)O[L]C V
Averheim Juggernaughts (PainState)Westeros Ladies (Koadah)O[L]C IV
Westeros Ladies (Koadah)V-for-Visitors (Turbinismo)O[L]C III
Mayhemz Houlers (mayhemzz22)CasinĂ² Infernal (LukeNRolla)O[L]C I