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* * * Did you know? The best blocker is Taku the Second with 547 casualties.
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Did you know?
In the inaugural HUBBA season, Random Vermin achieved a perfect season by winning all 7 games, which saw them score 20 touchdowns whilst conceding only 3. Due to this near flawless performance, 'The Diclon Award' was created, named after the coach who achieved the feat.

To this day this is the one and only time that the award has been earned.....who will be next to lift the trophy?

Did you know?
The Kurgans Sons stadium the Arena of Bones inside Maws Tooth Mountain got it's name when 1,000,000 snotlings were released on baloons during the half time entertainment to celebrate the birth of The Kurgans 100th son.

This led to chaos during the 2nd half as the snotlings started to rain down on the pitch injuring many players as the baloons popped on the jagged rocks above. Nearly all 1,000,000 Snotlings died that day their bones forever embeded into the pitch, apart from 1. Miraculously he remained completley unharmed and he now coaches the current Kurgans Sons squad although he is regarded as more of a good luck mascot rather than an actual coach.

To commemorate the event a statue of a snotling holding a balloon was built at the entrance of the Arena of Bones and an unlucky snotling is released into the sky every year on that fateful day.
Did you know?
Count McBitealot once bit so many whiskey infused thralls that he woke up the next morning in bed with Bertha Bigfist. To this day he claims to have no recollection of the nights events. Unfortunately for him the NBC (necromancers broadcasting circle) caught him in the act and broadcast the horrifying pictures around The World.

Did you know?
The Arkham Sanitarium players are all suffering from various degrees of insanity and a whole host of psychological problems. Some of the worst cases barely function off the pitch.

The most well-known cases are the Bull Centaurs who are known to suffer from multiple personality disorders and schizophrenia. It's hard to imagine; a big bull might believe he is a little Slann girl one moment, and a disturbed Slaanesh cultist the next!
Did you know?
That, despite his name, the death of the Nuzzling Necros zombie player Zero Relevance led to a huge benefit concert to raise money for a Regeneration Training Centre. This nearly caused a split in the team because the ghouls felt left out. An additional concert was organised to find a way for Necromancers to give Ghouls the regenerative ability but no one showed up.
Did you know?
mister__joshua and the_Sage played out a hard-fought draw during HUBBA Season X in the HUBBA Ghoulman Sachs Division 1. Specatators from all over the realms came to see the game, probably expecting lots of casualties in a game where a TV 2330 Chaos team faced a TV 2110 Chaos Pact team.

Coach mister__joshua: "It was a great match. All of my good players in the dugout at half time, for the second time Jacob the goblin (saved from a niggle by the apo) ran clear to score, resisting blitzes along the way. Even with the (mistimed, ill-used) Wizard though I couldn't hold out another 5 turns for the whistle.

What made a great match even greater is that it was played out in front of 44,000 spectators. We speculated that it is most likely a HUBBA record (22 fan factor + 22 on 4d6)"

General Info
League Admin:neilwat / Badoek
Region:European Time Zone
League Structure:Round Robin, followed by an end of season KO tournament.
Discord channel:https://discord.gg/tasgyt
Current Tournament:HUBBA Season 22
Round Length:10 Days
Current Round:1
Round Deadline:Aug 9th Round 7 Deadline
Tournament Length:Approximately 1.5 months

House Rules
Hubba uses the most recent version of the Bloodbowl rules with 3 additional rules proposed by Tom Anders (it used to be four but with the change of piling on, one of these has become redundant) which he had hoped to test out for the next edition of the Bloodbowl prior to the BBRC being disbanded. These 3 additional House Rules are -
  • Sneaky Git - It now works like Guard for assisting Fouls as well as maintaining its original BB2016 function.
  • Right Stuff - Tackle has no effect on players with this skill when they are Blocked or Blitzed.
  • Fouling - When fouling you add an assist for the player committing the foul. This gives you +1 to the AV roll.

League Rules
Group Restrictions:The only restrictions HUBBA places on teams is that no games may be played outside the League.
Group Time Zone:HUBBA is a European based league. All coaches are expected to be able to play
during 1800-2300 server time (GMT+1) but provided both parties agree any time may be scheduled. Only game offers with reasonable times will be taken into account for forfeit decisions
Game Frequency:Games are to be played according to the schedule - 1 game/10 days - though a rolling
schedule is in place, if you are able to play ahead then feel free to do so. Extensions will be given where possible to cover holidays and the like based upon a reasonable amount of time and notice.
Game Etiquette:There are no restrictions placed upon team tactics. Teams may purchase wizards,
hire stars, foul etc...
Season Format: Pre-Season: 1 Friendly may be played (3 for new teams), The season (7 games), Award Ceremony, Hubba Bowl (Ko cup).
League Scoring:3 pts for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. You may also be deducted points for conceding. This is down to admin discretion.

If two teams end the season with the same amount of points then Td-difference will decide their overall finishing position, if the teams are still tied then Cas-difference will also be used. In the event of a tie under all these conditions then head to head record and finally a coin flip will be used
Friendlies:Friendlies will be playable between the Hubba Bowl and the start of the new season, you may only play a friendly once this has been announced by the staff, and the friendlies must be played by the deadline given.
Promotion and Relegation:At the end of each season the two teams with the highest points total are promoted to the division above, the teams in third and fourth place in each league will have a play-off to see who gets promoted. The bottom 3 teams in the top division will be relegated to the division below.

Exceptions will be made for coaches that have dropped out etc...
Drop outs, retirements and replacements:We kindly ask that you do not drop out of the league or retire your team during a tournament (be that league or cup). Drop outs will not be allowed back into this group and potentially others. If a team has become wholly unplayable and must be retired then, if feasible, the coach can create another team - but even so we urge the coach to persevere until at least the end of the current tournament.

Season 1 Qualifier Champions