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OSBBL - Oceanic Secret League

Group managers: barberfett, Nebula753, Trickey

[b]The Mullet Champions[/b]

Season 1

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OSBBL (Oceanic Secret Blood Bowl League)
What is OSBBL?

The Oceanic Secret Blood Bowl League, is an hilarious, fun filled, open blood bowl league based strictly on secret league rosters, and played to an Australian/New Zealand time zone preference.

Anyone is welcome to join, as long as you can commit to the timezone, fortnightly rounds and league rules (easy).
We are all mates and hold each other in the highest regard, but there is zero tolerance for rude or unsporting behaviour, bullying, racism or homophobia.

How to Join

1. Come say hi! PM Barberfett, and drop by #OSBBL on Discord.

2. Draft your team. Submit a list of races in order of preference to Barberfett.

3. having been assigned your race, create you team using THIS LINK.

4. Play a few builder games, new teams are able to get to 1.2m including treasury (fan factor is free). Only rookie teams may play builders. Teams that have taken part in a league season must trim to stay under the threshold.

5. Once your team is ready submit you team to OBBLS.

6. Thats it you're in!! Welcome to the OSBBL.

League Rules

- From season II there will be two conferences of 7/8 teams. These two conferences will be randomly drawn from all readied and confirmed teams with no seeding.
Each team will play each of the other teams in their division to a predetermined schedule within the normal league season. Once this stage is complete, the top team in each division will playoff for the ultimate award, "Wilkinson's Sword"
Both coaches winner and loser will have the following season conferences named after their teams.
For the bottom-feeders among you (the bottom two teams in each conference) Get to playoff against eachother for the fabled MULLET trophy!
Once this stage is complete and the sword holder announced, there will then be a knockout tournament and league cup (The Silky Sucker Cup) which will pit all available teams against each other to battle it out for the coveted cup. NOTE you may enter ANY team that has completed a full league season of OSBBL as long as the TV exc ff does not exceed 1.6m. This means you may switch out your current league team for one you have used before.

Should there be any questions regarding rules query or other related stuff please PM your lovely league commissioner Barberfett.

- Only one team of each race is permitted.

- Rookie teams may play any amount of builder games against any opposition as long as they are competing against other coaches with secret league rosters, and keep their entry TV and treasury below 1.3m etc.

- Returning teams are maxed at 1.6m including treasury (fan factor also free).

- Teams that have played in the season proper at any stage, may not be allowed "builder games" of any kind or play outside of the league, though they may re-enter the league or cup after absence.

The Sweet 16

Team Name Coach Race
Beards, Beer & Bikinis Geoffro Ironbreaker
DSR Blackcaps Clan Eshin
Front Yarders Nebula Gnome
Green for the Green God Bunder Savage Ork
Shhhh it's a Secret Kinglydon Forrest Goblin
Trembling Tree Huggers Smeborg Kurnous
Trout Mask Replica Trickey Nautican
The Blimp Bluemillionmiles Valkyrie
Cheese Eating Blender Monkees Mrcushtie Clan Moulder
Disgruntled Bus Drivers Union Barberfett Black Dwarf
Banda Sagrada de Magritta Arthurwynn Myrmidia
Delicious Heresy Felix Demons of Slaanesh
Gaen Vale Griffons Fool Avelorn
West Park Squirrelydan Kurgan
Down Unda Thunda D_arquebus Squig
Haka CHibi Hako Siva Tau LictorZ Four Nations

Season IV Schedule:

Round 1 Start: 06/03/2020
Round 2 Start: 22/03/2020
Round 3 Start: 05/04/2020
Round 4 Start:
Round 5 Start: 19/04/2020
Round 6 Start: 3/05/2020
Round 7 Start: 17/05/2020

Mullet Round 1 Start: 31/05/2020

Wilkinson Sword Playoffs Start: 31/05/2020

Sucker Cup Round 1: TBC
Sucker Cup Round 2: TBC
Sucker Cup Quarter: TBC
Sucker Cup Semi: TBC
Sucker Cup Final: TBC

OSBBL History

The Oceanic Secret Blood Bowl League was founded by former WBBL captain of the Tentacles – Silky Wilkinson.

Silky (to his mates) was a top soul singer after his secret pact with a chaos god gave him the gift of a golden voice and silky moves. After going triple platinum with the Tentacles first album (Soft & Silky) Things started taking a huge downward tilt… Silky and the rest of the band started being ravaged with terrible physical hygiene issues, and after a year of developing hideous mutations, bloated pustules and revolting stench, the band started losing their flame. Was it the drugs? The sex with under-aged groupies? The non-stop parties? No, Silky had made a pact with Grandfather Nurgle himself, and now he wanted their souls (and tentacles) for eternity…

Fast forward three decades and the Tentacles had fled from their former lives and were now plying their trade as mediocre blood bowl team after their manager (Damone Le Funk) spotted a gap in the sporting industry for teams cursed with Nurgle’s rot.

After displaying his silky skills on the gridiron, captaining the Tentacles to numerous small titles, shields, cups and spoons, Silky retired from playing and became a NAF official.

Surprisingly, Silky never paid any tax in his life and managed to stash a lot of cash during his career as an artist, and has now put together his old connections, crossed a few zeros and called a few favours enough to start his own blood bowl league in the furthest reaches of the world.

Nobody knows what further plan Grandfather Nurgle has in store for Silky Wilkinson, but one thing is for sure, it will always be very entertaining.

OSBBL is a virgin league of the most cruel, twisted and outright wrong outfits that any blood bowl league has ever seen, and long may it continue!

Praise Nuffle!

Silky's Insights

Silky's Secret Scout Report – Season II

With a season under his belt, Silky became boulder in his predictions:

1. The Patpong Ladyboys – Barberfett – Kingdom of Ind - Rookie

With only two preseason games under their belt the ladyboys were fairly convincing leading up to season two. With enough cash from the two games to buy a relatively deep bench and the rather intimidating ST5 Tiger prowling the field they look decent. However, as we all know two games doesn’t mean jack, and with AV7 across the board more or less and very little SPP’s gamed compared to some teams, this team is a glass cannon of the highest order!
- Future hall of famer – Cherry Cola – 6/5/3/8 Claw and +ST (PUUURRRRR!)
- Predicted conference finish – 5th/6th

2. Dr. Ratpocalypse’s Minions – Nebula – Clan Moulder - Rookie

Arguably the most killy roster (potentially) in the entire OSBBL league, the minions are going to be utterly hilarious win or lose. A team of Rat Ogres with M access on normal’s is just too much fun to behold. The slaves are very vulnerable but fast moving and can score easily if they survive. Wild animal spam is annoying from both sides for sure as six rat ogres can cover the field with their tackle zones and prehensile tail well enough at times, however I fear that if a rogre or two get injured (which is highly likely in OSBBL and with only AV8) this team is more or less done for already.
- Future hall of famer – Petal – 6/5/2/8 Wild Animal, frenzy, claw, mighty blow, prehensile tail, break tackle. (OUCHHHHH!)
- Predicted conference finish 7th/8th

3. The Grave Rabbits – Plantinglemur – Ethereal – Seasoned

Probably one of the most unique teams in the entire league, the bunnies are back and looking to cause major problems for everyone in season two, with stab and foul appearance spam, and the ability to hit the ball no matter how well you think you have your defense game going on.
The bunnies struggled a little in season one and I imagine they will do better this time around with a few core skills under their little fluffy ears. YOU WILL LOSE THAT BALL against this team, so if you can’t retrieve it or at least smash them to pieces before you do, it will be very hard to get out of trouble.
- Future hall of famer – Fiver – 7/2/4/7 Block, dodge, leap, very long legs, foul appearance, hypno gaze and regen (AWWWWWW!)
- Predicted conference finish – 4th/5th

4. House of the Rising Daughter – Foad – Witch Elf – Seasoned

Another returning team with a point to prove. BOY did they have a bit of a rough season one. I lost count of the amount of players they lost in total, but they got knocked about a bit physically by all the wife beaters of the league. Still, a very good coach who has a master plan and a true passion for the Witch in him, Foad will do well in season two though I’d wager.
AV7 across the board of course, so they will still get smashed, but a severe lack of tackle in the league does make those Witches a fair bit safer FOR NOW. With only two Witches though, it is going to be a struggle for sure… at least one is an excellent killer already mind!
- Future hall of famer – Asuna – 7347 Frenzy, dodge, jump up, mighty blow, block and tackle (PHWOOOAAARRRR!)
- Predicted conference finish – 3rd/4th

5. Maximum Samurai – Geoffro – Northern Nippon – Rookie

One of the best secret league rosters there is, this team have to be strong contenders already. The setback of losing a Sumo in preseason is present but they will still be a strong side even before they recruit a replacement. With a bloodthirtser type big guy who already has claw/mb and four blitzers, this team packs a real punch, and has av8 at least to help them survive the choppy seas of the OSBBL.
- Future hall of famer – Minamoto – 5/5/1/9 Loner, wild animal, horns, frenzy, mighty blow, claw, juggernaut and regen (HEEEEEEEELLLLPPP!)
- Predicted conference finish – 2nd/3rd

6. The Tosspots – Smeborg – Centigor – Rookie

Only Smeborg would be crazy enough to fall in love with a team of boneheads and weak linemen and make it all work at the same time. The mercurial talents of Grandmaster Smeborg will help him to beat any opponent on any given day, so those who have faced him will know that you can expect the unexpected and be punished for even the slightest mistake. An unusual team here that I have to say I have been guilty of overlooking. ST2 ghouls (effectively) and bull centaurs (with a negatrait) is not that bad really, and the average MA7 (at least) they can move the ball around pretty darn well.
- Future hall of famer – Cap Glenn Morangie – 6/4/2/9 Sprint, horns, bonehead (OOOF!)
- Predicted conference finish – 3rd/4th

7. Shenron’s Defenders – Pdarbs – Rasetra – Rookie

The winners of the Secret Smack II trophy will be very strong contenders indeed this season. So much strength across the board, this is basically a slower lizardman team with skellies instead of skinks. If only they got an AG increase in preseason… Oh they did! Now they have a fairly reliable ball carrier who will tear you a new one if you try to sack him too. An unorthodox coach, who loves to stick in the flying boot at every available opportunity, Pdarbs will run riot this season unless he suffers any attrition on his big guns.
- Future hall of famer – Piccolo - 6/4/2/8 – Sure hands, pass, regen, +AG (CREEAAKK!)
- Predicted conference finish – 1st/2nd

8. Mercenaries of the Dark Wings – Klazam – Pirates – Seasoned

A very likeable, fluffy and dangerous side, who seem to be able to adapt well to any opponent. A mixture of ogres, weak but cheap linemen, a couple of dwarf slayers, some elves and a rather intimidating “Captain”, they really can mix it up a lot.
Coming off the back of a very strong season one, they should continue to be one of the favorites going into season two, but all that could change with a loss of their lynchpin captain or a skilled ogre. We shall see. An exciting team to watch and play against.
- Future hall of famer – Croaker – 6538 – Leader, block, +ST (ARRRRGGGHHH!)
- Predicted conference finish – 1st/2nd

9. The Southpaw Stormers – Trickey – Squig – Rookie

Star “Henri” (to his mates) is well known in the Centigor stronghold of Gor. Once, while in his circus days, his overzealous performance led to him bowling over the chief’s hut. The Southland Times headline read “He brought the house down”
What can I say about a team of colorful, crazy and downright silly squigs? They won’t win many games (as they’ve already shown in preseason), but my god they will hurt things, and be hurt in the process, by their own players too actually!
- Future hall of famer – Henri – 3/7/1/7 Claw, mb, no hands, ball n chain, grab (SMAASH!)
- Predicted conference finish – 7th/8th

10. The Darkshire Direboars – Bojoaph – Kurgan – Rookie

Solid, is how I would describe this team. Lots of block, a bit of ST, two AG increases already, average MA, AV8 across the board and some thick skull for extra measure… They aren’t very glamourous, but they will get the job done on most teams no doubt. Like a less versatile combination of humans/Norse/chaos but with a fair bit of starting punch out of the box. Coach Bojo, will do well with this team, no matter who the opponent is, and I’d pick them as a bit of a dark horse in the league and expect them to cause a few upsets to the bigger teams on their way to finishing strong too. Without the AG increases maybe not, and with two of them, they have suddenly got a lot more jazz about them.
- Future hall of famer – Kamal & Kobe – 6/3/4/8 – Block, +AG (COOOOOOLLL!)
- Predicted conference finish 2nd/3rd

11. Queen Katarin’s Men – ArthurWynne – Kislev – Rookie

FORGET the awful Slann/Kislev skin abomination that the awful BB2 game has blighted the game with. This is real kislev, with real bears… and lots of wrestle, fend and stand firm. I expect this team to be fully annoying to play against, and definitely a lot of fun to play with. Arthurwynne should have a whale of a time making gaps all over your careful planning and stifling the shit out of you on defense. They are a positioning nightmare to anyone. However, their main down side is that half the team is AV7 and vulnerable, so they won’t be manning up to you, instead they will sit back and laugh as you get more and more frustrated, unless you can remove a player with EVERY blitz you make that is.
- Future hall of famer – Kononovich – 6/3/3/8 Block, dodge, pass block, catch (SWIIIPE!)
- Predicted conference finish – 3rd/4th

12. Those Annoying Gits – Sharper – Dwarf Engineers – Rookie

There had to be a dorf team didn’t there… A fouling, nasty, chainsaw-wielding, bomb-tossing, bazooka-blasting dwarf team with a serious case of “kill em all”
Dorfs in the hands of a very capable coach no less in Sharper.
I think this team will likely pull apart every team in their conference physically, win or lose, and will be the main thorn in the side of any team trying to build on winning the sucker cup too. Not only that, but they now have a bit of speed in their ranks (meaning they can now score if they actually wanted to) only thing they don’t have, where other dorfs do is TACKLE. Abuse it while you can dodgy teams, otherwise be abused…
- Future hall of famer – Kharzgth – 7/3/3/8 sure hands, thick skull, block, +MA (UGH!)

13. We’re Scum – Mushoomy – Nurgle Demons – Rookie

Utter scum… Really these guys are just revolting. A slow start is predicted for these chaps, and they have an extremely unique roster. A big guy who is the most potent roadblock in the entire game, a bunch of ST4 plague bearers (who, though have no core skills, will be really good with a few levels) and last but by no means least NURGLINGS!!! Stunties… with guard! Highly annoying, but highly squishable, foul appearance and disturbing presence all over the place too, so similar to regular nurgle rosters, more fun too but just not as good overall. Still, if anyone can win with them it’s the young master Mushoomy and his cunning wits.
- Future hall of famer – Colossus – 5/4/2/9 Block, mb, regen, foul appearance, disturbing pres, thick skull, nurgles rot (EEEWWWWWWWWWW!)
- Predicted conference finish – 5th/6th

14. Wet Blankets – Ramchop – Night Gobbo’s – Rookie

A team of depraved mushroom addicts, some squig hoppers and a troll… They won’t move mountains in the league, but they will cause some shenanigans that’s for sure. A goblin team of any kind in the hands of old choppy boy is enough to make you sick really. It shouldn’t be allowed, but OSBBL is all about equal opportunities and kindness… There are two things in blood bowl that choppy boy loves – Vampires and Goblins… here is a crap hybrid of both hurrrayyyy!! Another team that will foul at every opportunity, and occasionally eat their own players too if you’re lucky. Very fun, very fluffy, look forward to seeing them in the league proper.
- Future hall of famer – Scratchy – 6/4/3/8 block, dodge, bloodlust, claw, leap, very long legs. (WEEEEEEEEEEE!)
- Predicted league finish – 6th/7th
Season I

Being the first season Silky found it tricky to put together his predictions. However, after discussing it with his tentacles he managed to come to a conclusion.

- Gamma Knife look very dangerous with the share volume of stab available. Bruise the Assassin is trying for the most stabbings for the season as he already has multiple block

- House of the Rising daughter will be able to dodge their way around the field. That is until we see more tackle turn up. Asuna and Hinata already look to be the backbone of the team.

- Their Mothers Love ‘Em should be off to a good start. They already have the extra bit of strength thanks to Mister Chuckles. They also have the luxury of a bench.

- Sisters of Castle Anthrax will be no push over. Their star Julia is someone to watch out for, she is the fastest one on her team and can still hit like a brick.

- Jungle Boogaloo will be a team to watch closely. With a large amount of frenzy, a scatter of nice skills and low armour. They will either run wild and hammer a few of the teams or fall apart early in the league if they suffer any injuries.

- Grave Rabbits seem to be on the back foot as they have missed their preseason. They will be hard to lock down but have very few players that can handle the ball. Their defence should be amazing, but they may struggle if they lose any players.

- Mercenaries of the Dark Wings are an unknown. They had a middle of the road pre-season. Having the power of 2 ogres, Shapeshifter and Limper should prove useful. Shapeshifter has already managed to learn block.

- Last but not least, Noranan is looking weak. Having very few skills they will struggle at the beginning of the season but should turn into a glass cannon. Bags, the Keeper of Secrets is one to watch out for, a big guy who can easily move the ball may be hard for some teams to put down.

Wilkinson's Sword

Season 1

Their Mothers Love em

Season 2

We're Scum

Season 3

Mourkain Kings


Silky Sucker Cup

[table=bbcode_default width=100% bg=#3498DB] [tr bg=#85C1E9]

Season 1 Champion

We're Scum

Season 2 Champion

Maximum Samurai


Underhive Vagabonds


Tentacle Smack Champions

Smack II

shenron's defenders
Smack I


The Ocianic Tentacle Smack

Tentacle Smack II Champions

shenron's defenders


Built under the nose of Silky, this unsanctioned tournament was brought together by the legandary Ramchop. Thrown together within a day this small tournament is ment to be used to help build a few of the teams.

The rules are simple:
- Any secret league team can sign up
- TV has to be less than 1,111 k
- Stars are allowed
- Any race allowed