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Group managers: Garcangel, MenonaLoco, Tzalaran

Welcome to the CBFL!

We are a BB7s league with CFL-fluff (canadian football league) using any roster available on FUMBBL. The "professional" league CBFL consists of 10 teams, any additional coaches play in "U-Sports-Bloodbowl".

Defending CBFL Champions: Ottawa REDFARTS https://www.fumbbl.com/p/match?id=4125477

Teams must have CFL-pun-names. Team logos and bios are highly encouraged. Here are the CFL teams the league is based around:
West DivisionEast Division
BC Lions (British Columbia)
Calgary Stampeders
Edmonton Eskimo
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Toronto Argonauts
Montreal Alouettes
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Ottawa Redblacks
Baltimore Stallions

The CBFL is comprised of 10 teams separated into East and West divisions. One round robin session will lead into an 8 team playoff. Teams will be ranked in each division by tournament points: 3 pts for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss, -1 for unjustified forfeit (which at the same time counts as a win when looking for the teams who get to draft a NBFL reject).

Tiebreaker for division seeds works as follows:
1) head to head
2) highest Fan Factor
3) a D20 rolloff.


Who qualifies: The top 2 U-Sports teams and the 3 best teams of CBFL-West and CBFL-East enter. BUT with the crossover rule. So, if a 4th place of one CBFL division is better than the 3rd place of the other division, that 4th place team takes the 3rd place team's playoff spot.

1st playoff round, "divisional round":
- Better 1st place vs. 2nd U-sports team
- Worse 1st place vs. 1st U-sports team
- 2nd vs. 3rd team WEST
- 2nd vs. 3rd team EAST

2nd playoff round, "divisional final":
- divisional final WEST
- divisional final EAST

3rd playoff round: "greycup". It's the grand finale.

2 seasons will be played per calendar year, unless the coaches decide otherwise.

U-Sports-Bloodbowl is our "feeder-division". At least 4 coaches are required to open a U-Sports division. U-Sports-Bloodbowl-teams must have pun names of canadian college football teams and amateur-football-teams. Their best 2 teams get into playoffs. Whenever a coach of the CBFL quits, the oldest member of U-Sports-Bloodbowl will have the chance to fill the slot in the CBFL - he just carries his U-Sports team over to the CBFL and renames it with a pun-name of the franchise he is taking over.

- No CBFL-team nor U-Sports-team can play games during offseason.
- MNGs will be cleared.
- NBFL rejects will be drafted.
- Coaches can drop out, swap races/franchises, new coaches may arrive with new races. The order of the race and franchise choices: The early bird gets the worm. The decision is up to draft commissioner MenonaLoco.

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Rosters for CBFL:

-> All fumbbl-races allowed ("traditionals", bretonnia, apes, khorne, SL, stunty leeg).

--> 7 players on the field and minimum roster size, 11 players max. on the roster. 1000k starting gp.

--> 50% positionals, rounded up (for example, 0-6 Saurus will be 0-3 Saurus in bb7s).
Normal Roster
number allowed
CBFL Roster
number allowed

CBFL Rules:

A Minimum of 2 players must be place on the LOS.
The use of the Piling On skill costs a team-reroll.
2 cards will be provided to each team each game for free.
The Wizard is available for inducement.
The Sneaky Git skill counts like Guard for fouling.
A player may either have MA10, or sprint, but not both.
4 players must be nominated for MVP.
Tied playoff games play overtime.

The "NBFL-rejects-rule": At the end of every season, any team of the West and the East division that missed out playoffs, gets to pick an injured player from the NBFL, that was cut from their roster during the current NBFL season, or the season before. The worst team picks first. It can not be a healthy player, it must be a perm'd one. The NBFL-reject may play as any position in the CBFL (cause if you make it in the NBFL, you make it anywhere). Illegal skills are replaced by a "normal" skill of the coaches choice (for example: a Chaos dwarf may be converted into a war dancer, trading claw against sidestep). Note: If a team misses the playoffs, but penalties from forfeits put them ahead of a playoff team in points, they lose the right to a reject.

How to get started in U-Sports:

- Create a new team with 1000k via link on our group page.

How to get started in the CBFL:

- Upgrading a U-sports team: Change U-sports-team's name to fit the designated city in the CBFL, no other changes.

- Race swap: 1000k for team creation. The coach's new team gets as many skilled players as his former team, but with minimum SPPs. For example, player A of the old team has 50 SPP, player B of the new race then becomes a 31 SPP player with 3 fresh skill rolls.

- Franchice purchase: New coach replaces a coach who dropped, and "purchases" the existing franchise. He gets the exact same team with the same race, players, spp's, record, etc. - he just has to invent a new pun name.

"Farm Team" rules:
Sometimes dragging a trashed or hopeless team can be no fun at all. Whenever you feel you are in this situation, you can contact draft commissioner MenonaLoco and ask for permission for a race-swap at midseason (after 5+ completed games).
("Trashed" means you are fielding loners and don't think you can get out of this downward spiral any time soon. "Hopeless" means your team doesn't win any games, maybe managed one draw).
If the draft commissioner authorizes the race swap, it would be done as discribed above.

1) Conditions: Team is a mess (no bench/many perms, low funds), coach asks for permission, commissioner sets a goal that has to be reached and gives permission.
2) Start: Coach publishes "Go-Fund-Me" and keeps track of donations during 1 week (wherever the coach wishes: discord, pm, forum). Coaches can donate rerolls, players (yes, also injured players), cash, staff. All donations will be cash (example: a donated 140k reroll = 70k cash, a donated 60k player with 2 normal skills = 100k cash). If the goal will not be reached, no donations are executed and there are no consequenses.
3) If the goal has been reached: After exactly one week, coach sends full list of donations to the commissioner, who executes all transactions.
4) Consequences:
Recieving coach:
- Must coach this rescued team for at least the next season (must not leave, nor swap race or city).
-Modify your team bio: You need a conmemorative plate there, that mentions all generous doners (coach's name and name of the CBFL/U-Sports franchise), who helped saving your team.
-Buy in this order, until you can't buy the next thing on the list. Rest goes to treassury.
I - Buy up to 9 players.
II - Replace permed players.
III - Buy 10th and 11th player.
IV - Buy up to 4 rerolls.
(Any of the new players will recieve the names of donated players and add respective player bios.)
- You can add a doner-badge to your team bio.

CBFL Current divisions
Ottawa RedfartsKhainite AssassinsMenonaLoco
Hamilton Small-LizziesSkinksSalad_Bar
Baltimore RapscallionsSkavenArcayn
Slaaneshreal ClawyouitsSlaaneshTzalaran
Terroronto Fleece SeekersDark ElfWaaghafalga
Calgary Straw HatsHigh ElfAntithesisoftime
Saskatchewan SnakeridersSnakemenRoto
Winnipeg Blue BallersElemental-Aircharlie1331
King Lionard and his BCNorthern NipponGotrekSlayer
Full Edmonty Nose Rubbers 2.0Sisters of SigmarSwampserpent
U Sports Franchises
University of Maple LeapsSlannex-convict
BC CrybabiesWood ElfGarcangel
Montreal Cold BloodsLizardmanNuffinNuffle11
Quebec AnglaisFour NationsNabster
Play CatchElven UnionTimR
Saskatchewan HuskiesNipponKyphexler
Season 3
Slaaneshreal Clawyouits81025
Ottawa Redfarts62120
Baltimore Rapscallions44116
Terroronto Fleece Seekers42314
Hamilton Small-Lizzies32411
Saskatchewan Snakeriders41413
King Lionard and his BC33312
Full Edmonty Nose Rubbers 2.02349
Winnepeng Blue Ballers2076
Calgary Straw Hats0090-9
U Sports Standings
BC Crybabies61318
Quebec Anglais42414
Montreal Cold Bloods32511
Saskatchewan Huskies31610
Play Catch1275
University of Maple Leaps1225
League Established: January 2nd, 2019
Season 1 kickoff: January 3rd, 2019
1st Grey Cup: May 12th, 2019. Winner: Ottawa Redfarts

Season 2 kickoff: June 16th, 2019
2nd Grey Cup: September 21st, 2019. Winner: Slaaneshreal Clawyouits

Season 3 kickoff: November 7th, 2019
3rd Grey Cup: March 1st, 2019. Winner: Ottawa Redfarts

Season 4 kickoff:

Season 1 Franchises
Ottawa RedfartsKhainite AssassinsMenonaLoco
Hamilton Vampire-CatsLahmian VampiresSalad_Bar
Baltimore RapscallionsSkavenArcayn
Slaaneshreal ClawyouitsSlaaneshTzalaran
Waaaghonto OrkonautsSavage OrcsCaptainmalkor
Calgary Friend ZonersDaemons of SlaaneshAntithesisoftime
Saskatchewan WitchridersWitch ElvesRoto
Winnipeg Blue BombarderosBlack Dwarfalarick
King Lionard and his BCNorthern NipponGotrekSlayer
Dread Mountain Seal ThumpersKurnousKzarik

Season 1 Final Standings
Ottawa Redfarts8125
Waaaghonto Orkonauts8125
Hamilton Vampire-Cats6321
Slaaneshreal Clawyouits5318
Baltimore Rapscallions3514
Calgary Friend Zoners5318
Winnipeg Blue Bombarderos3413
Dread Mountain Seal Thumpers2612
Saskatchewan Witchriders1811
King Lionard and his BC1710