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Group managers: RawMessiah
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<i>The Stunty World Championship is here again. The fans have had to wait for four years, but it's finally here! An estimated of 800,000 fans are expected, most likely more than that, at the venue during the Chalpionship, and the fans don't expect anything less than fun, blood & more blood! Can your country bring home the greatest trophy of all time? Only time will tell...</i>

<H4>Starting Teams</H4>- 1 coach per country.
- New Stunty (L)eague Team.
- No wizards or star players.
- Max. 2 teams of each race.

<H4>General Rules</H4>You will be representing your country in the SWC, where you will be playing for the world's finest trophy! You can only represent the country your living in.

<i>Example: Gary is an Indian living in Germany. He'll be coaching the German team with his great Indian skills.</i>

<H4>The Championship</H4>The World Championship takes place in a new arena every four years. The ranking system determines in which group your country lands in and here you will be playing in a group stage, and if you play well enough, you'll be going into the final knock-out rounds. Only one winner will go home with the Championship's trophy.

<H4>Ranking Points</H4>Your country earns ranking points after a match. Below you can read how to count the points (don't worry, the group founder will count the points for you). After a tournament the points are re-counted and a list is published with all the teams. This list determines in which group you will be playing during the next tournament. Numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 play each other; Numbers 5, 6, 7 & 8 each other, etc.

You will always count on your <u>opponents</u> TR/Str.

Win = TR + Str
Draw = TR + Half of Str
Loss = TR + Str / 2 (divided by 2)

<i>Example: Gary plays an opponent with 126/126. He gets a draw, so he gets 126+63=199.</i>

<H5>*After a tournament when the Ranking Points have been added together with the old points, all the teams' points are then divided by 2 to get the new Ranking Points.</H5><i>Example: Gary's country had 400 Ranking Points before the Championship. His country gets a total of 800 Ranking Points during the Championship, which are added with the old points, giving his country a total of 1200 Ranking Points. This amount is then divided by 2. Gary's country has 600 Ranking Points.</i>

<H4>THE TOURNAMENT</H4>So, finally your country will play in the tournament itself! The teams are put into groups of 4 where the top 2 (depending on how many teams participate, this can change) teams go to the knock-out rounds. When the final has been played the Ranking Points will be counted and updated and shortly a new tournament will be started.

<i>Example: Gary's 'German Bulldogs' were ranked 2nd before the Championship, so he will be playing in Group A against the other top 3 countries. He wins all his matches and ends top of his group. In the first knock-out round he will be playing #2 from the lowest group whilst the 2nd team from his group will be playing #1 from the lowest group. Gary goes on to coach his team into victory, bringing the trophy to Germany! His team earnt a total of 1000 ranking points, which will be added to their already 800 points. This is then divided by 2 which gives Gray's beloved 'German Bulldogs' a total of 900, bringing him to the top position on the Ranking List.</i>

<i><u><H5>Extra Rules</i></u></H5>If two or more teams end the group stage with the same amount of points, the team that ends up higher and- or goes through to the knock-out rounds is decided by the following steps:

1) The team that won over the other goes through, if they played a draw then

2) The team that has a better TD difference goes through, if this is the same then

3) The team that has the best CAS difference goes through, if this is also the same then

4) The team that may go to the knock-out rounds is decided with a coin toss (this RawMessiah will do in IRC, by throwing a D6 dice with at least one eye witness to see him do this).

<i><H5>Extra's</i></H5>Each player who takes part in a Championship will receive one or more badges; it depends on the amount of matches he takes part in. Below you can see how many matches is needed in order for the player to receive the badge (links to the badge-icons will be PMed to each coach at the start of a championship).


Copper: 1-2 matches.
Bronze: 3 matches.
Silver: 4 or more matches.
Gold: The team won the championship.


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